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Although it may not have started out high tempo, March certainly ended with a bang as the Timberwolves supported another round of Wolfpack gunnery. Delta Company extends a warm welcome to its newest Platoon Sergeant, SFC Alex Khoonsrivong. SFC “K” is coming from Germany and will be the Platoon Sergeant for Shops Platoon. Also joining the ranks this month is SGT Andrew Hough and SPC Cameron Michael going to Maintenance Platoon and SPC Jonathan Andrzejewski and PV2 Raymond Brown heading over to Armament SPC Gullotti loads a rocket into a Platoon. Another exciting addition to the pack is newborn Bryson Miller. rocket pod of an Apache. Photo Congratulations to SGT Bryan Miller. As we continue to welcome new by 1LT Gossman Troopers, we also pay our goodbyes and best wishes to SPC Samuel Hunter and SPC Lacey Romero, and her new baby Samantha. In the second week of March, the Soldier Readiness Program (SRP) insured that all Troopers’ shots and medical records were up to date, leaving many with sore arms. Also, SPC Abraham Cantu, SPC Arun Ghimire, SPC James Woodward, and SPC Jose Oliveros recently graduated from the three week long Warrior Leader Course (WLC) on March 10th. Congratulations on a job well done! Throughout March, the Timberwolves trained for a twelve mile ruck march, which they completed on 18th. Of the 61 Troopers who attended, a special congratulations goes out to PFC Matthew Cox and PFC Nelson Arroyo who finished first with a time of 2:48. A close third and fourth go to CPL Jeremy Hopper and 1LT Michael Monfreda with times of 2:56 and 2:58, respectively.

Two Troopers have their times recorded as they arrive at the last checkpoint. Photo by SFC Inanod

Our WLC Troopers make their entrance for graduation. Photo by Mrs. Cantu

After the ruck march the FRG sold grilled hot dogs, of which the proceeds will fund the upcoming company BBQ. Finishing the month with gunnery, your Troopers worked hard, many finding

themselves in the field working through the weekend providing aircraft armament and maintenance support. Look forward to starting April with a Delta Company FRG BBQ Delta Company FRG grills hot dogs for at Woodland Park at Pope that the Troopers tired from the morning’s will be held from 1130 to 1500 on 12 mile ruck march. Photo by CPT Alvarez April 2nd. Hopefully everyone will be able to make it out because it

CPT Alvarez congratulates a Trooper as he crosses the finish line. Photo by SFC Inanod

is going to be a great time! Finally, the company APFT will be the first full week of April, so please make sure your soldiers are well prepared and well rested.

April Timberwolves Newsletter  

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