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S​t​o​p​ C​o​n​t​a​m​i​n​a​t​i​n​g​ t​h​e​ S​e​a By: Paulina Castellanos  

Many dolphins are dying in the coast of Mumbai because of  respiratory infections. In the  past two years these mammals  have washed to shore dead  because of all the sewage  discharge humankind throw at  the sea every day.   A lot of universities have been  studying the cause of death of  this mammals, they came to the  conclusion that all the  contamination we pour into the  sea is causing a severe infection  that kills the dolphins.Many  scientists argued that that  couldn’t have been the problem,  they argue that the old age is of  the dolphin’s is why they wash  to shore. But several studies  showed that the infections were  caused by contaminated waters.   


“Dolphins have high tolerance for turbid waters, but an  infection is mostly caused by  bacterial contamination that  has  

taken place because of pollution”  said E Vivekanandan, a scientist  from the Central Marine  Fisheries Research Institute.  In 2018, only, eight dolphins have  washed to shore dead because of  the infection. Since 2016, there’s  been 89 mammals that have died  and washed to shore due to this  infection. In India and Khar  Danda dolphins have also  washed to shore. Now not only  dolphins are the ones being  affected, the finless porpoise,  various of these animals have  started to wash of to shore dead.  And studies have shown that  they contain the same infection  as the dolphins.  

Most of the studies show that the fair that due to our actions and  dolphin’s organs have  mistakes this creatures are  decomposed when they die, there  dying. Stop contamination the  was also abscess and/or pus in  waters, stop contaminating the  their lungs. This shows that the  animals. There are plenty of  infection is really the cause of  alternative solutions for all of  death.   this mess. So we should all care,  We should start doing something  because we are destroying our  for this animals, all of us. It’s not  planet. g-dolphins-off-mumbai-coast/story-S4lJSWV5kSPV6FR6ISK7WM.html                                            

H​e​l​p​i​n​g m​y​ p​e​o​p​l​e This week’s letter 

Dear editor, I know that this is probably the most common of problems, but I feel  like this is really affecting my life.  There is a person I like in my same grade, and we are good friends.  The thing is I’d like to be more than friends, but cannot find the way to  make this happen.  What can I do?  Regards  Hopeless Romantic   

My Response Dear Hopeless Romantic,  It is one of the most common problems, but because none of us know  what to do about it.   The base for a healthy relationship, any relationship is friendship. Try  to observe if that person might have an interest in you too, if they  tease you a lot or talk about wanting to find someone like you it may  be a sign.   The best thing you can do is be honest about your feelings to them, you  have a chance of them liking you back or not, but always remember  that no matter what happens everything will be okay.   If you are afraid of ruining that friendship, consider the pros and cons  of the situation, and if that person is really a friend, they’ll take it in a  good way.   Maybe try talking about it with a third person to see what they think  about the whole situation. But the only opinion that matters is yours.   If you really like this person just be honest. Live like there’s no  tomorrow.    All , my love    Magazine Helper ;)     

Magazine 2°B #5  


Magazine 2°B #5