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Parsons School Of Design

Hello! My name is Paulina Caspar and I am a

The key factor that is driving me to learn

Tel: +1(917)5250790

fourth year undergraduate at Parsons School

passionately, is the endless and ever growing


of Design, majoring in Architecture.

curiosity I have to further discover the deep connections between man, nature, and

This book contains a collection of projects I have worked on during my time at Parsons School of Design. Aside from my curisoities in Architecture and Design, I continue to expand my creativity through fine arts, music and reading.

architecture. So far, I believe I have a deep understanding of the importance of the integration of architecture within space, within history, and within nature. I hope to explore the different physiological attachments to space, in an environment that celebrates meaningful techniques and responsibilities that help the individual, and the work become truly exceptional.

Address: 101w 15th st,10011, New York, NY USA Home Adress: Dorfstrasse 27, 8835, Feusisberg, Switzerland

Curriculum Vitae Paulina Caspar



2016_2020 NEW YORK, USA

INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE, LYCEUM ALPINUM ZUOZ, SWITZERLAND // Boarding house Captain at Chesa Arpeglia, Lyceum ALpinum Zuoz // Tennis team Captain // Final Project was chosen to serve as example to other classes and grades

PARSONS SCHOOL OF DESIGN, THE NEW SCHOOL BFA in Architectural Design // Dean’s Honour’s List // Excellent academic standing






// Assistance with business development strategies, marketing plans and social media strategies // Using my software knowledge to create marketing pieces, pitches, brochures and newsletters // Writing and summarizing marketing copy for various purposes

// AutoCad, ArchiCad, Rhinocerous, 3Ds Max, Sketchup // V-ray, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premier Pro // Team work, Curiosity // Model Making, Laser cutting, Wood working, CNC, Wet lab // English, Spanish, Catalan, Swedish, Italian, German // Music, Reading, Painting, Photography, Yoga, Piano, Singing, Golf, Horse Show jumping



ST. MORITZ, SWITZERLAND // Participated in design process meetings // Responsible for drafting given designs // Provided input during the design process phase.

VOLUNTEER WORK Volunteer at Refugee Camp in Ristona, Greece

// English teacher to young kids in the local school // Helped bring food and donations to the camp // Spent time with families, organizing fun activities SUMMER INTERN AT XUCLA DESIGN

Student Volunteer at elderly home, Samedan, Switzerland // Organized weekly activities for the elderly // Spent time and took care of them // Helped them with gardening and chores in the home Volunteer at Media Agency at Showjumping Nations Cup Final // Served as a translator between the athletes and the media agency // Helped construct interviews based on each language.

2019.06_ 2019.08 BARCELONA, SPAIN

// Responsible for drafting designs and producing renderings for lighting design office // Provided constructiong administration support including model making, material organization and office maintenance. // Participated in design process

Academic Projects A collection of projects from my previous university terms

TRANSPORTATION HUB - THE LOOP This Design Studio was tasked with de-

Currently, however, this double edge is

signing a transportation hub located in the

acting as a separator between the commu-

northern tip of Manhattan, on the intersec-

nities as a result of the city and state being

tion that

separated. Furthermore, the experience of

separates Manhattan from the Bronx.

the site is fragmented, disconnected and

From a geo-topographical perspective, the

generally dissnonant.

site is located at a special and unique frag-

By bringing a large variety of program to

ment of the island of Manhattan, as it is

the project, this area becomes another “go

located at one of the two extremities. As

to� spot in the city and diffuses that current

such, it is

edge condition, by bringing both communi-

characterized by the precense of a double


edge condition.


To explain this condition, one can look at it as two intense bodies. On the north edge is the south mos extremety of NY state, which represents the rural, suburban condition. The south edge of the site represents the north most extremety of NY city, which represents the industrial, city life.

Term: Fall 2019 Advisor: Carlo Frugiuele Site location: 225th Street, Marble Hill, NY Skill Set: 3Ds Max, Rhinoceros, Autocad, V-ray, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Laser Cutting, Model Making.


The form of a loop helps break the endge condition that the current site presents. This form elegantly interconnects both edges of the site. The form allows the user to be able to have a full day in the building. There is a combination of building space but also allows for a large quantity of pathways and parks that could be used for recreational purposes.

The switch is where the user goes from a very commercial area into a whole nature experience. It is where more and more natural elements come to life. It is where the user feels at peace. A space where he/she feels inspired. This part offers resting places and a cafe to allow the user to sit and enjoy doing what inspires them.

The switch

Industrial vs the natural

Circulation and entrance points

Community garden

Food Market

Core program The switch

Commercial area with shops, restaurants and museum

Site Plan

Main Tranportation center


The long pathways that cover the site allow for long walks and for people to do all kinds of sports such as cycling and running. Section A

Section A Section B Section C

The river allows for fun activities such as kanoeing in the summer or iceskating in the winter. Section B

Section D

Section C

Section D

A rendering looking at the cafe located at the tallest point of the building. It overlooks the whole Manhattan side of the site. The green wall reduces the noise levels in the building andincreases interior air quality.

The food market located at the end of the site allows the tourists and the poeple from both cumminities to come together and enjoy fresh food. A small garden in the back gives a sense of community to this space.


This Design Studio was tasked with careful-

My project aims to bring the village

ly exploring and studying a traditional Thai

community together by allowing different

community living.

generatons to come together and teach each

We traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand for two

other about traditional and modern bamboo

weeks in January 2020. We engaged with

crafts of all scales.

the villagers and studied their relationship

Taking advantage of a site next to an old

to their architecture and how it influenced

wood factory shed, the bamboo community

their way of living.

compound allows people to get a sense of the process of bamboo crafts since they are exposed to several stages of the process, from harvest to construction.

Term: Spring 2020 Advisor: Bryan McGrath Site location: Chiang Mai, Thailand Skill Set: Environmental Technology, Rhinocerous, Autocad, Vray, Adobe Photoshop, Model-Making, CNC, Laser Cutting

The form of the building was kept very original to the architecture in the valley. The buildings are raised by columns so that the day activities can take place in the lower level, where there is shade and air circulation. The upper level is used for sleep and night activities.

Site Plan

Collection of rain water

Presence of water for cooling


Garden for cooliong

Growing bamboo for cooling

Covered Workshop area

The growing bamboo on the south side of the building and the garden on the north side of the building allow for shading and cooling. The cut bamboo in the middle of the building act as a showroom to the visitors, and therefore can be used for the workshops in the lower level.

The user enters the building and is directly exposed to nature. The waterfalls at the entrance give the space a serene, natural experience. The presence of plants and trees allow for cooling. The continuous presence of bamboo throughout the building allow the visitor to understand the material at various levels in the process.

Market space to sell bamboo crafts



Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Setion A

Rendering view of the cut bamboo showcased at the heart of the building


Setion B

Rendering of the market space adjacent to the road

A THERMAL MACHINE This Design Studio was focusing on using

My building is a curation of a shift between

Term: Fall 2018

the site’s climatic conditions in order to

two extreme conditions. Allowing this shift

Advisor: Arta Yazdanseta

maximize their potential.

to become a palette cleanser and involve

I paired many different passive cooling

thermal bliss in transition.

methods in order to adapt to the drastic

I play with the user’s daily routines to


create moments of thermal bliss, when the

The whole idea of this project was to work

occupant moves from one exteme to

with nature and with the site, instead of


against it. Making the user aware of nature

The building adapts local materials in order

and it’s thermal capabilities. I aimed to

to provide that self cooling system

bring nature and its benefits back indoors,

throughout the house.

and make the user and nature one.

Site location: Phoenix, Arizona Skill Set: Environmental Technology, Climate Consultant, Rhinocerous, Autocad, V-ray, Adobe Photoshop, Model-Making

Building model




By using nature, one is able to accomplish micro climates throughout their house. These were initial studies that would eventually lead me to my final design.

Initial ideas



Summer Azimuth: 120 Equinox Azimuth: 90 Winter Azimuth: 60 The drastic, unbearable heat in Arizona is a perfect way to play with nature and create microclimates that cool the space. By shifting/guiding winds, using the presence of water and plants, one can reach a large variety of thermal qualities in one hot climate.

Daily Routine and thermal qualities




The walls surrounding the water are placed carefully to guide the southern wind through on to the living room. At the same time, the water absorbs most of the heart coming form the wind, allowing for a cool temperature.




The outdoor nature and the thermal properties in each room drives and controls the user. The position of each room is carefully located so that the user seeks for that thermal bliss, leading them right into the next room, where they can reach it.


The tilted roof with the opening in the top, allows for the warm air to rise up and leave the space. Also, the double height will make the level on the ground much cooler. The lower level, which is the living room, is tucked undergound so that it its cooler.

The walls next to the water are placed on the left side so as to block all of the southern light. It also, like mentioned before, guides the wind from the south and pushes the wind into the kitchen space.

The lower level is tucked undergound so that the spaces feel cooler. The dinning room, looks toward a large pool that cools the building. Same method happens where the roof is tilted so that the hot air can rise and escape the room. The circulation for the lower level is in a small tunnel under the earth so as to keep it cool. A smal slit in the earth allows sunshine to enter.

Rendered view from dining room

Model view from lower level towards dining room

Model view from ground floor looking towards the lower level

Personal Projects A collection of my personal art projects

Charcoal on paper

Charcoal on paper

Charcoal on paper

Charcoal on paper

Acrylic on Canvas. 40cm x 40cm

Acrylic on Canvas. 40cm x 40cm

Acrylic and Oil on Canvas.

Oil on Canvas.

For more, visit @paulinasdrawings on Instagram

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas