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Wealth does not bring happiness Essay writing


Wealth does not bring happiness By Paula A. Debenedetti

Does wealth bring happiness? Many people believe that the fact of having a lot of money is a synonym of happiness. Having a lot of money has some pros and some cons.

To begin with, having a lot of money might allow people to buy many things and fulfill their material aspirations. Furthermore, they can pay people to do things for them; therefore they will have time to do things for themselves, for example travelling all around the world. Finally they can help people that they could not help before.

Nonetheless, it also has some disadvantages. Having a lot of money might be unsafe. In addition people respect rich people more than poor people, so they would just respect them because of their money and not for their thoughts, values or opinions. Moreover, rich people finally realize that money does not buy everything they want.

All things considered, wealth does not bring happiness. Rich people might have fulfilled all their material aspirations but they cannot buy love, happiness or friendship. After some time of buying all the things they want, they do not realize about what really matters. Wealth also transforms them into a person who just values material things.

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