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Introduction The Alserkal Arrows are exactly what they sound like, giant arrows created and placed in Alserkal Avenue as a means of wayfinding. They guide artists and visitors of Alserkal towards the grand opening of the new half of the venue, created as an expansion of the venue to accommodate the rapid growth in residents.


PenguinCube is a design firm founded in 2004, with offices in Dubai and Beirut. Specializing in branding, interaction, and spatial design, this award winning team strives to bring innovation, impact, and positive energy to their clients. 4

Tammam Yamout | Project Director Tammam co-founded PenguinCube in 2004. He seeks to grow an interdisciplinary team of enterprising individuals to create the best solutions. He also enjoys going on long runs. Elsa Abi Aad | Project Design+Manager Elsa, or Looss, is the Senior Art Director at PenguinCube, but wears many hats. She’s experienced in Graphic Design and has worked with Mind the Gap in the past. Mia Azar | Creative Director Mia specializes in Spatial and Product Design. In both her work at PenguinCube and in life, she aims to see how design can influence social and cultural environments. 5

Alserkal Avenue was used to store marbel, but now is the region’s foremost art hub. Created in 2007, this community encourages and supports the region’s contemporary art scene. This place is home to artists that collaborate, encourage open dialogue, and share creative ideas and bring them to life.


Photo by Alserkal Avenue

“In all that we do, our mission is always to expand our horizons and provide the opportunity to discover different forms of creative expression, uncover new perspectives and learn about different cultures.� -Alserkal Avenue 7

Upcoming events at Alserkal Ave Film Screening: Work in Progress Farah Al Qasimi: It’s Not Easy Being Seen Sony World Photography Awards Lawrie Shabibi at GPP Photo Week 2017 Karim Sultan: Different Air Ammar Al Attar: Plaza Cinema Film Screening: A Hard Day’s Night Art101 8Photo by Alserkal Avenue


These arrows needed to direct visitors to the new expansion, while tieing in both the old and new venue. It needed to be highly visible, cheap, simple, and temporary, as it needed to be moved around. The team created steel, rustic arrows with fluorescent tubes attached, powered by fuses. For a contemporary feel, nothing was polished, the wires were all exposed, and only standard materials were used.


H: 1,650mm D: 600mm W: 2,930mm

Cost: $5,600 11

Conclusions The Alserkal Arrows were a huge hit, gaining social media traction, and guests had no problem finding their way around during the event. In fact, they were so successful, they’ve been brought out for future venue wide events. PenguinCube created the whole wayfinding experience at Alserkal Avenue, and the arrows became the “gift that kept on giving”. 12


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Alserkal Ave Wayfinding  

Alserkal Ave Wayfinding  

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