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When it comes to insurance, isn’t it time you put yourself first? Just think about all the things you insure as a matter of course. For example, more people have pet insurance than health insurance.1 When you look at the cost of these everyday insurance plans you soon realise that the cost of personal protection is not to be sniffed at:

It costs £4.33 a month to insure a mobile with Talk Cover.2

Boiler insurance costs from £10.50 a month.3

Multi-trip holiday insurance costs £20.94 a month.4

Sources: 1, October 2010. 2, June 2011. 3, June 2011. 4, June 2011. 5 Male, 28 next birthday, non-smoker. Life or Critical Illness Cover, 20-year term, lump sum of £43,558.02, monthly payment £10.00 including £2.60 plan charge. Bright Grey, June 2011.

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A £40,000 Life or Critical Illness Cover plan costs £10.00 a month.5

Insurance - Put Yourself First  

Insurance - Put Yourself First