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Client Case Study Industry: Air Conditioning Business Area: Market Research

Background and Problem

The company designs and installs industrial and commercial air conditioning systems. They undertake a design brief, having tendered for a project and carry out detailed design. Unlike others in the industry, who tend to use jobbing installers, the Client retains their own team to carry out this work. Much of their business comes from one customer and, whilst this is expected to continue, the Client wanted to start diversifying its customer base so it became less reliant on them. It was necessary to carry out some market research into target markets. The objectives were to identify trends in the selected markets, to identify market structures and to identify short and medium term prospects. Actions Taken

An Business Advisor from DGBA was called in to carry out this work. The initial stage was to get an understanding of the Client’s business and what they thought their target markets were. The second was to define the terms of reference, so that the Client knew what outcomes he would receive. The research proper started with internet searches to identify key players in each of the markets of interest. Contact was then made by phone to identify relevant decision makers and contact details. Telephone interviews, with as many contacts as possible, were carried out with the help of a colleague from DGBA. A summary of the conversation was recorded and reported. These interviews were not carried out in the client’s name as it could be expected to colour the interviewees’ responses. The Result

The Client received a report covering the main outcomes. It also identified a major trend in most of the markets which the Client was not heretofore fully aware of and the exercise identified two or three important target customers for the company to approach.

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