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the crazy cult of

Texas Country Artist

Janie Balderas

TONY DANZA After all these years Danza proves he’s still the boss with a brand new movie and a dedicated legion of ‘Fanzas’


appease the Cowgod

2nd Annual South Texas Underground

Film Festival

Bee County • Karnes County • Live Oak County • McMullen County • Nueces County

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SEPT. 28-OCT. 11, 2013

The Obliteration

recording, playing shows around town and traveling as far as Austin for gigs, but this still may be one of their biggest shows, and it’s located in their backyard of Corpus Christi.

of Green Jellÿ


he band Green Jellÿ (pronounced Green Jello) formed way before any of the Beeville local punk rockers Obliterates’ members were even born.

Adan Gonzales, singer/ guitarist, also recalled, “The earliest I can remember listening to them is probably when I was four or five, honestly. About 21 years a go.”

But that didn’t stop In 1995, Green them from becoming huge Jellÿ was nominated fans in their very early for a Grammy, did the years. soundtrack for the Super Singer/guitarist Albert NES and Sega Genesis Salazar remembered, video game Spider-Man “I’ve been listening to & Venom: Maximum them since I was a little Carnage as well as kid. I think my brother appearing as themselves had given me a cassette in the Fantastic Four anitape of them around the mated series. time that there MTV hit So, needless to say, the (“Three Little Pigs”) was band’s been around for on TV.” a while and have a huge

editor: Paul Gonzales email: phone: (361)358-2550 website: twitter: @stxscene facebook: Published bi-weekly by Beeville Publishing Co.

cult following. They also have one of the most outrageous live stage shows, complete with crude puppets and costumes. Gonzales said, “When we first saw them, they were really cool. It’s a crazy live show; it’s not like anything you’ll ever see. “There’s only one original member right now, which is Bill Manspeaker, the founding member. He’s been on tour with his wife and son, and they go around and put on what they call a punk rock puppet show. “You’ll get all the characters from all their videos and all their comics.” Salazar added, “It’s probably the most insane live show you’ll ever see; I guarantee it.” And the audience is invited to participate in all the on-stage antics. Gonzales said, “Last time, I was Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains lead singer) with a big Jerry Cantrell head. A friend of mine was The Bear from ‘The Bear Song.’ It’s really cool. You get to jump around and pretty much be a kid again. It’s a lot of fun. “And Bill’s basically a big kid himself. It should be really interesting.” So how did a punk band from a small town get to open up for not only one of the most recognized

“I’d say it’s the biggest show because it’s the first time we’re opening up for a Grammy-nominated group,” Gonzales said. So with the show already on the horizon, the guys have been promoting the show and practicing. “I drew up a flyer. I’ve always wanted to do that,” Gonzales said of his nearly infamous poster. “And I actually got comments from the lead singer, and he said it was the most impressive flyer he’s seen. “Ever.

bands around but also we should throw a show their heroes? together,” Salazar said.

“So that was an ego boost. A lot of people like the group. Once they hear they’re coming, most people are down. There’s not too much of a young crowd into that group, it’s more of a nostalgia factor I guess.”

Determination, luck Obliterates did have to and a few well-placed con- come up with sponsorship nections. money to pay Green Jellÿ’s “They played in Corpus traveling expenses, but in last year, and the promot- the end, it seems worth it Obliterates will be er who books most of our to share the stage with a opening for Green Jellÿ shows in Corpus stayed band they’ve admired for Saturday, Sept. 28, at the in contact with the lead so long. House of Rock, 511 Starr singer, Bill, and decided They’ve been busy St. in Corpus Christi.

CALL (361)358-2550 TO ADVERTISE


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2 Annual South Texas Underground Film Festival heads back to Corpus Christi

STUFF will also host a Pub Crawl at 9:30 p.m., which will end up at The House of Rock, 511 Starr St. in Corpus Christi, for the opening night after party. Friday, Oct. 4, the films begin rolling at 10:30 a.m. with movies from Turkey and Finland amongst others. The entire day is chock full of events, films, filmmakers’ showcases, sneak previews of upcoming films from both local and worldwide presenters. At 5:30 p.m., there will be a mixer at the Art Center of Corpus Christi where you can meet new friends or just catch up good place to network and with old ones. This is a pitch ideas for a film to already established filmThe South Texas you can get your badges, makers. meet some of the fesUnderground tival organizers and Saturday, Oct. 6, Film Festival get all the info the films begin unspooling at 10 (STUFF) is at it and maps you need to make a.m., and the again in Corpus the best of the day will feature a screenChristi Oct. 3-6. fest. writing class And for their second At 6:30 at noon at the annual film festival they p.m., there Art Center have even more great will be a barof Corpus films, filmmakers and fes- becue held C h r i s t i , tivities for the entire fam- as well for all where you ily to enjoy (though some f ilm m a k e rs, can finally figfilms do have mature con- sponsors and ure out how to tent). badge holders, get your ideas Registration for so you can mingle, to the screen. The the event will kick off network and enjoy class will be taught Thursday, Oct. 3, at a few brewskis and by screenwriter Michael noon at the Art Center barbecue before the films Canales. of Corpus Christi. There, begin at 7:30 p.m. Afterward, at 1 p.m., a Filmmaking Essentials class will take place, led by NALIP-SA and producer/filmmaker Veronica Hernandez. You’ll learn everything you need to learn about pre-production, production and postproduction. More events and films will take place throughout the day in downtown Corpus Christi. Sunday, Oct. 6, the films will roll from 10:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. to close

First Days


out the fest. There will be tons of talent and films from around the world, so anyone interested in the filmmaking process or maybe just enjoying new and groundbreaking films should attend. If it’s anything like last year’s, it

should be a blast. For a full schedule of events and to check out trailers for some of the films screening visit and follow STUFF at

SEPT. 28-OCT. 11, 2013

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Texas’ country sweetheart Janie Balderas I hear is that he loved country, and maybe that’s where I got my country roots from. It’s kind of funny because no one really listened to country music except me.”

‘I’ve just always wanted to be a part of country music.’

Janie Balderas is relatively new to the Texas Country game, but that doesn’t seem to be slowing her down one bit. Born and raised in Austin, Balderas started out singing in her church, but says she’s always had a passion for music. She’s volunteered at SXSW and numerous other music festivals as well. “I grew up in a really religious home, and we were only allowed to listen to certain music,” Balderas said with a laugh. In high school, Balderas played trumpet for the band, joined the choir and was in a mariachi band.

But, slowly, she put aside the trumpet to learn her way around a guitar and began listening to country music. “I don’t even know how country music came into my life; I just always wanted to hang out with the cowboys at school. I’ve just always wanted to be a part of country music.” Upon learning that Balderas had a biological father whom she had never met, the puzzle pieces of her love for country began to put themselves together, albeit in a strange, almost metaphysical fashion. “We never got to know each other, but from what

So, after joining a country band – where she had auditioned to sing backup but was immediately brought up to sing lead vocals on some of the tunes – she left to do her own thing and formed her own band with a handful of songs she had written. Her original songs have been described as raw and real and just plain country. Her live shows include a number of surprises, and she loves to change it up from a little country twang to rocking it out to even getting down with some blues. She’s played the Austin Rodeo for two years straight and will return again in 2014. She’s been featured on the cover of Southern Music Scene Magazine and even gotten her own day from the Austin mayor on March 28, which is know known as Janie Balderas Day. Her first radio single, “Sweet Memories,” came out earlier this year and can be heard on Texas country music stations across the state.

Balderas mentioned that being an independent artist is pretty tough. She’s always perusing the Internet, finding more venues, booking more shows and playing sometimes at local mic nights just to get the word out. And that’s a full-time job in itself.

exploding across the Texas scene and always ready to play in a new venue and in front of new, soon-to-be fans. She’ll finally make here way down to South Texas Nov. 7, 8 and 9 in South Padre Island at Laguna BOB’s, 2401 Laguna Blvd. But when she does get “Kevin Fowler writes a spot of spare time, she’s about ‘Beer, Bait and usually spending it with family and friends. Not to mention she likes kickboxing and going out to the local shooting range.

Ammo,’ which I love, but I write about ‘Bullets, Bling and Camo.’” And if she keeps at it, maybe she’ll start writing about “Cadillacs, fame and fortune” instead. You can follow Janie Balderas as she travels across the state at JanieBalderasMusic.

“I am also in a women’s pistol league in Austin called the Austin Sure Shots, and when I do get a chance to attend class or tactical courses, it’s really a great feeling knowing you are able to defend yourself if needed.” Balderas



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Tony Danza stars in the new movie “Don Jon” but it’s his devoted fans that are stealing by Paul Gonzales the show.

Tony Danza is perhaps best known for his role in the 1984 TV show “Who’s the Boss”, where he played retired baseball player and single father Tony Micelli trying to raise his daughter. He’s been nominated for the Golden Globe numerous times, an Emmy, a Razzie and has his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

But somehow during all that, his cult status was slowly growing into a strange beast all its own. More on that in a bit. Right now, he’s back in the spotlight acting in Joseph GordonLevitt’s directorial debut “Don Jon.” Danza plays Levitt’s father in the film, which also stars Scarlett Johansson (with whom he shares a kiss in the

P. 5 movie) and Julianne Moore and hits theaters Sept. 27. “Don Jon”, which was also written by Levitt, is about a young man from New Jersey who cares about his family, friends, a little too much about himself and a whole lot more about porn. He meets a couple of women, one his age and the other older, who teach him about life and love. And why he needs to ditch his dirty-moviewatching habit. It’s not the first time Levitt and Danza have been in a film together. A then 12-year-old Levitt and Danza both starred in the 1994 Disney hit “Angels in the Outfield”, so it’s a pretty interesting reunion. And sure, he’s been working on Broadway and TV and even some small films since his “Who’s the Boss” heyday, but this marks his return to the big screen, from which he’s been absent since 2004’s “Crash” in which he had a small part. But somewhere along the way, people began to fall in love with Danza’s quirky persona and goofy, everyman charm all over again, which caused a website to be launched in his honor. is described as the following: “Every year Tony Danza makes a vow to master a new craft. Danza Did It! (DDI) is an online performance art project that celebrates the many talents of Tony Danza. The goal is to create a world that satirically, seriously and artfully promotes the pursuits of the everyman and encourages creativity... all in the name of Tony Danza.” And his fans are known as “Fanzas” and have been rapidly growing in

Don Jon numbers thanks to the “Propadanza” campaigns that have taken over most of the U.S. as well as Peru. The site is chock full of hilarious images of famous film posters or iconic imagery with Danza’s face replacing the original’s. There’s the “Danza with Wolves” Blu-Ray cover, “Call of Danza: Boss Ops” video game cover and tons of other great Danza spoofs. There’s also a trivia video game called “Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza” and a Danza Did It hotline where you can call and leave a message and possibly get it put on the site. There’s a ton of other stuff on there, too, which should make your workday go by a little faster and your day a little brighter. But the thing that I find most rewarding about the movement is that it’s all positive. No one is making fun of the man; they’re using him as inspiration and laughing along with him, not at him. But I’m sure it helps that Danza really is a charming guy. So, what if you want to help pass along the

message and become a kinds of posters, a variety of stickers and tons more. Fanza? Well, that’s probably And it’s all free. the coolest part about the website. Send an email with your address to danzadidit@gmail. com, and in a few days you’ll receive a manila envelope filled to the gills with Propadanza: Danza face cut-outs on sticks, all

So whether you’re a newbie or a used-to-be Fanza, it’s never too late to revel in the glory of the man known as Tony Danza. You can follow all the Fanza madness at

SEPT. 28-OCT. 11, 2013

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Beeville Diner 2503 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 362-9724 Burger Depot 515 E. Houston St. (361) 362-2400 Chili’s Grill & Bar 400 E. FM 351 (361) 354-5600 Church’s Chicken 611 N. Washington St. (361) 358-9256 Dog & Bee Public House 119 N. Washington St. (361) 354-5871 Domino’s Pizza 414 N. Washington St. (361) 358-6871 El Charro Restaurant 601 E. Houston St. (361) 542-4572 El Jardin Restaurant 806 W. Corpus Christi St. (361) 358-2922 Gasthaus Berliner Bear 2510 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 354-5444 Golden Chick 2305 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-5525 Hensley’s Cafe 307 N. Washington St. (361) 358-8414 Hong Kong Palace 301 S. FM 351 (361) 358-2861

Jalisco Mexico Taqueria 1401 W. Corpus Christi St. (361) 362-0841 KFC 200 E. Houston St. (361) 358-7222 Little Caesars Pizza 420 E. FM 351 (361) 358-9555 The Lodge at Shorty’s Place 702 S. Washington St. (361) 358-7302 McDonald’s (Walmart) 502 E. FM 351 (361) 358-9255 2301 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 354-5215 Mi Familia Restaurant 2017 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-9255 New China Super Buffet 2003 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-8889 O’Daddy’s 901 W. Corpus Christi St. (361) 358-5945 Pantry Stores 3803 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-4965 911 S. Washington St. (361) 358-8477 1720 E. Houston St. (361) 358-8602 Pizza Hut 1103 N. Washington St. (361) 358-2970 Sammy’s Burgers & Brew 2144 Ellis Road (361) 358-1067 Scores Sports Bar & Grill 1502 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-5055

Stars Restaurant 2403 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-0020 Stone Creek Grill 4402 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 354-5189 Subway 710 E. Houston St. (361) 358-6200 1700 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-6000 Taqueria Chapala 1805 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 354-5945 Taqueria Guadalajara 622 W. Corpus Christi St. (361) 358-1971 Taqueria Jalisco 2020 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 354-5803 Taqueria Vallarta 1611 S. Washington St. (361) 358-5948 Whataburger 1710 N. Washington St. (361) 358-8454

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118 Texas 123 (830) 780-3350 The Market Sat. & Sun. only 208 E. Calvert Ave. (830) 780-3841 Partner’s BBQ 204 S. Hwy. 123 (830) 780-5121 Polak’s Sawsage Farm Restaurant 2835 U.S. 181 (830) 583-2113 Taqueria Vallarta 202 Texas 123 (830) 780-2465


The Backyard Grill 496 N. Sunset Strip St. (830) 583-0438 Barth’s Restaurant 445 N. Sunset Strip St. (830) 583-2468 Church’s Chicken 110 N Sunset Strip St. (830) 583-9030 Jerry B’s 4531 U.S. 181 (830) 583-2500 Lucita’s Mexican Restaurant 500 W. Main St. (830) 583-9455 Pizza Hut 106 N Sunset Strip St. (830) 583-9864 R J’s Hamburgers 420 W Main St. (830) 583-2344 Rodriquez’s Tacos 205 Texas 72


Agave Jalisco Restaurant 403 Nueces St. (361) 449-8899 Burger King 4059 W. Hwy 59 (361) 449-3014 Church’s Chicken Highway 281 at Burleson (361) 449-1864 Dairy Queen 1350 U.S. 281 (361) 449-1822 Nueces Street Grill 206 Nueces St.

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Fri. Sept. 27 • GREEN JELLŸ... Jet Set Tour in CC at The House of Rock: Come out and experience Punk Rock Puppet Chaos provided by Mr. Bill Manspeaker and company! Beeville punk rockers Obliterates will be opening the show for them, so don’t miss out! The doors open at 7 p.m. 511 Starr St. in Corpus Christi.

Sat. Sept. 28 • “Lightning in a Jug” Music Documentary Filming at 7 Brothers Saloon: Filming continues on the South Texas Music documentary “Lightning in a Jug,” so head out and have a good time and maybe even make it into the finished film! 7961 Hwy 181 N. in Tuleta.

Sat. Sept. 28 • My 361 Live Presents High Bred Roots at Gators: Reggae Roots and Rock


(830) 583-9800


Fri. Oct. 18

with High Bred Roots on the Gator’s Patio. Come enjoy some great music, awesome drinks and incredible food by the Dog Father. No Cover!!! Rain or Shine, this party is on. 4610 S.P.I.D. in Corpus Christi.

Thurs. Oct. 3

Trevino & Stephen Rushlow starting at 6 p.m. Opening night films will start at 7:30 p.m. in the Devary Courtyard. PubCrawl starting at 9:30 and ending with an After Party at the House of Rock. 100 N. Shoreline Blvd. in Corpus Christi.

• South Texas Underground Film Festival Opening Night at the Art Center of C.C: STUFF 2013 will open with registration starting at noon and Texas beer, BBQ & music by Buddy

• Dirty River Boys CD Release Party at Brewster Street Icehouse: The Dirty River Boys are releasing their new album and will be playing with Pake Rossi. Tickets are $15

Thurs. Oct. 3

at the door and $10 presale. 1724 N. Tancahua in Corpus Christi.

Sat. Oct. 5 • The Moods at Schroeder Hal: SCentral Texas’ favorite 50’s & 60’s rock and roll band! Doors open at 7:30 p.m., music starts at 8 p.m. Tickets $10 at the door. All ages welcome. 12516 FM 622 in Goliad.

Thurs. Oct. 10 • H.A.R.D. Roller

Derby Idea Party at the Art Museum of South Texas: Come

hear more about the Roller Derby phenomenon from the girls with Hurricane Alley Roller Derby! This one will make you want to lace up your skates and get out there...or maybe get out of their way. If you haven’t seen Roller Derby yet you’re in for a treat as you get to meet the baddest girls in the land. 1902 N. Shoreline in Corpus Christi.

Sat. Oct. 12 • Jeff Woolsey & the Dancehall Kings at Schroeder Hall: Just

• The Wikkd of Oz - Panty Party at Revolution Bar & Grill: Declared as the Hottest Panty Party in Texas, there will be live music, free Playboy energy drinks and drink specials. The party goes until 3 a.m. and pre-sale tickets are $10 and $15 at the door. The dress code? Lingerie, panties, PJs or costumes. 2306 Airline Rd. in Corpus Christi.

Need your awesome event listed? Drop us a line at Info@stxscene. com with all the details, and we’ll be glad to gently place it on this page.

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Pizza Hut 106 N. Sunset Strip St. (830) 583-9864 R J’s Hamburgers 420 W. Main St. (830) 583-2344 Rodriquez’s Tacos 205 Texas 72


good ole traditional country music! Jeff Woolsey & the Dancehall Kings will keep you on the dance floor all night long! Doors open at 8 p.m., music starts at 9 p.m. Tickets $12 at the door. 12516 FM 622 in Goliad.

19th Hole Patio Cantina 3601 N. St. Mary’s St.

(361) 358-2837 B.O.B.W.E. 1308 S. St. Mary’s St. (361) 542-4551 Chili’s Grill & Bar 400 E. FM 351 (361) 354-5600 Club 59 1610 W. Corpus Christi St. (361) 362-0591 Dog & Bee Public House 119 N. Washington St. (361) 354-5871 The Grand Dancehall 2461 U.S. Hwy 59 (361) 358-1185

Papi’s Place 1517 W. Corpus Christi St. (361) 358-7160 The Riverbend Sports Bar 1603 N. St Marys St. (361) 362-0471 Roadside Tavern 2503 S. Washington St. (361) 362-1720 Scores Sports Bar & Grill 1502 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 358-5055 Stone Creek Grill 4402 N. St. Mary’s St. (361) 354-5189

T’s Honky Tonk 209 N. Washington St. (361) 358-1411 Tejano Highway 1205 S. Washington St.


Schroeder Dancehall 12516 FM 622 (361) 573-7002


Bar Tonik 102 N. Market St. (830) 780-5255


Coyotes Sports Bar 116 W. Main St.

(830) 583-9243 Desperado Saloon 312 S. Sunset Strip St. (830) 583-0371 Jerry B’s 4531 U.S. 181 (830) 583-2500


Chasers Bar & Grill 10620 CR 535 Hwy. 181 (361) 287-3340


Al’s Friendly Bar 517 County Road 619 (361) 287-3326


Bar @ 3 Rivers Bar & Grill 201 N. Harborth Ave (361) 786-2020 Beckett’s Dugout 800 N. Harborth Ave. (361) 786-3600 Pepe Boudreaux’s 3145 Texas 72 (361) 786-4938


7 Brothers Saloon 7961 Hwy, 181 N. (361) 318-5250

SEPT. 28-OCT. 11, 2013

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Friday Night Fights Bee County Expo Center Sept. 20, 2013

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