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An internet search engine is a web-based application that allows people to find information on the web. Well-known types of search engines are Yahoo, Bing! & Google. Search engines employ intelligent applications known as spiders, robots, or bots that crawl over the World Wide Web following links from website to website. The data compiled from the web by robots is utilized to generate a retrievable index of a Website. Each time a person enters a keyword into a search engine, the search engines displays results according to the order of the significant keyword. The display of results differs from search engine to search engine.

Search Engine works in 3 Phases: 1) Crawling. 2) Indexing. 3) Retrieving.

Crawling is nothing but discovering the World Wide Web what exactly it is. This method is carried out by a piece of software, referred to as a crawler. Spiders follow links from a single web page to another and index every little thing they discover enroute. Having in mind the volume of webpages on the internet it's impossible for any search engine spider to visit a website every day just to find out if a whole new web page has appeared or maybe a current web page is modified, in some cases spiders won't end up visiting your website for a couple of months.

Indexing means displaying the content in a particular webpage . The indexed web page is stored in huge databases from where it will be retrieved later on. Fundamentally, the method of indexing is identifying the words and phrases that best describe the web page and delegating the web page to specific keywords and phrases.

When a search request is sent to the search engine, it analyzes the search keywords and phrases in the search request with the indexed webpages in the databases. Where the databases contain millions of web pages with significant keywords and phrases, the search engine executes computing algorithm for the relevancy of keywords and phrases in every web page, Once classified in accordance to the algorithm criteria, the results are returned to the user through the search engine results pages, or SERPs for short.

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