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We provide training, coaching, mentoring, and consulting for Agile Training and lean software development.

These agile training workshops are also available in virtual preparations; therefore, you will come to know that your employees are putting this education for the betterment of your business, themselves, and you. Anyone who wants to take their business or themselves to the next level can enroll into these training seminars. This training seminar lasts for 4 days, and the goals of this seminar are to give your employees the consideration of the agile deliverables that they require so as to effectively and properly integrate scoping, collaborative analysis, iteration planning, and requirements gathering. This training is very useful when it comes to business systems investigation in the areas of testing and requirements.

Agile training  
Agile training  

Tortillis Group has been assisting organizations adopt an agile approach and we practice the best in class teachings including training, co...