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Because HEALTH is POWER!

COMPANY PROFILE Hinode Int’l Marketing Inc. is a stock corporation duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on May 19, 2008 with Registration No. CS200807304. It is a direct selling company that is actively engaged in distributing international and domestic health care products nationwide.

VISION Our Company philosophy isfocused on customer satisfaction with uncompromising integrity.

MISSION HinodeInternational Marketing Inc.’s mission is to be known and trusted by our customers to deliver top quality Japanese Health Food Supplements.

Because HEALTH is POWER!


Takahashi RyosukeJapan counter


Pastor Lauro “Jun” Matundan Prof. / Event Organizer/ Adviser Francis George Lucas M.D.

Medical Consultant

Because HEALTH is POWER!

Challenges We Face Today 1 HEALTH

Because HEALTH is POWER!



WHAT IS FREE RADICAL? On the molecular battlefield of our bodies, we have billions of Oxidized FREE RADICALS out to destroy our cells and alter our Genetic material.

FREE RADICAL in Layman term is like a termites o Anay

These FREE RADICAL are contributing causes to more than 60 diseases. Because HEALTH is POWER!

This result caused by FREE RADICALS

Because HEALTH is POWER!

FREE RADICALS have an unnatural molecular structure that is caused by unnatural forces such as:

• •Pollution Pollution • •Cigarette CigaretteSmoke Smokeincluding includingpassive passivesmoke smoke • •Radiation (including from computers, Radiation (including from computers, Televisions, Televisions,Microwave MicrowaveOvens, Ovens, X-rays, X-rays,even evenradiation radiationadministered administeredin incancer cancertreatment treatment •Fried •Friedfoods, foods,Cured CuredMeats, Meats,beverage beveragewith withAspartame Aspartame • •Stress Stress(Mental, (Mental,Physical,& Physical,&Emotional) Emotional) • •Pesticides Pesticidesand andother otherToxic ToxicChemicals, Chemicals, Additives, Additives,Preservatives Preservatives

Because HEALTH is POWER!

HUMAN IMMUNE SYSTEM Our immune system has a means of defending against free radicals, but it is very easy for these defenders to find themselves outnumbered. We can take in more than one million free radicals in one breath. To defend against this massive onslaught of free radicals. We need an ample supply of antioxidants nutrients. Our immune system uses antioxidants to stabilize and eliminate free radicals. Because HEALTH is POWER!

WHAT ARE ANTIOXIDANTS? Antioxidants-are certain phytonutrients that neutralize free radicals. Anti-oxidants neutralize these free radicals before they can do any harm and thus assist preserve usual performance of the cell.

ANTIOXIDANTS - are able to give free radicals an electron, which becomes a companion to their unpaired electron, thus eliminating the threat of that free radical. Because HEALTH is POWER!


the Source of Powerful Antioxidants Green Power from Young Barley Leaf imported from Japan has the most excellent source of Powerful Antioxidants and ORAC Value. By: Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara Japanese Scientist

What is ORAC? ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) is a standardized test adopted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to measure the Total Antioxidant Potency of foods and nutritional supplements. ORAC provides an excellent method of determining the overall antioxidant potency of foods.

Because HEALTH is POWER!

Young Barley Leaf ORAC Test VS different Fruits & Vegetables 1,275

ORAC VALUE=(umole TE/5g) 5 grams=.18 ounce which is about 1 tablespoon of GP young barley leaf and has about 1275 ORAC units.



10 10 11





34 37 38

142 42 45

47 49

Because HEALTH is POWER!

61 63





102 120

The chart shows the fruits and vegetables found to be highest in antioxidants. ORAC numbers shown are for 5 grams, the higher the ORAC number, the greater the amount of antioxidants in the food.

ACCORDING TO EXPERT YOSHIHIDE HAGIWARA M.D. BARLEY has been well-studied for almost 13 years by a Japanese physician, businessman and scientist Yoshihide Hagiwara, M.D. and concluded that “of all 150 different green plants and grasses all over the globe, Barley has the most excellent source of nutrients the body needs for growth, repair and well-being!”. Dr. Hagiwara reflects upon the “marvelous vitality of the earth, which expresses itself most profoundly in the cycle of the green leaf…I cannot but feel that man has overlooked the power of green in favor of science and technology and modern rationalism…Indeed it is no exaggeration to say that since the beginning of life on earth, no animal has been able to live without green.” Dr. Hagiwara believes the prevalent lack of health plaguing modern society is due to a shortage and imbalance of minerals , enzymes and vitamins in our artificial diets , along with chemicals , inorganic drugs and other pollutants . Before devoting his research, and his life, to natural health, Dr . Hagiwara was the owner of the largest pharmaceutical company in Japan . But he came to realize that despite the increasing number of synthetic drugs his profession was mass-marketing, cancer, heart disease and other serious illness are on rise.

Because HEALTH is POWER!



Director for the Institute of Preventive Medicine in Washington, D.C.

“Barley grass is one of the most incredible products of this decade. It improves the skin texture and the dryness associated with aging."


Biologist from University of California, La Jolla

He found in barley grass a substance called P4D1. This substance not only has strong anti-inflammatory action but was shown to actually repair the DNA in the cells of the body.

Because HEALTH is POWER!

WHAT IS GREEN POWER (FROM YOUNG BARLEY LEAF) GREEN POWER (Young Barley Leaf) is a health supplement which is made from 100% Pure Young Barley Leaf imported from Japan. Organically Grown, No Pesticides, Additives or Preservatives Added. When the Leaves of young Barley reaches the height of 20 to 30 centimeters, it has been found and proven that it contains a wide spectrum of ; protein (amino acid), vitamins, minerals, enzymes (SOD) fiber, p4d1, alkaline, phyto-chemicals, chlorophyll. Because HEALTH is POWER!



Aspartate aminotransferase Catalase Cytochrome oxidase DNAse Fatty acid oxidase Hexokinase Malic dehydrogenase Nitrate reductase Nitrogen oxyreductase Peroxidase Peroxidase catalase Phosphatase Phospholipase Polyphenoloxidase RNAse Superoxide dismutase Trans Hydrogenase P4D1

Beta carotene Folic acid Vitamin A Vitamin B1 Vitamin B2 Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 Vitamin C Vitamin E Vitamin K Niacin Choline Chlorophyl Biotin Pantothenic acid

MINERALS Calcium Zinc Iron Potassium Sodium Chloride Iodine Magnesium Manganese Phosphorous

Selenium Sulphur Nickel Boron Chromium Vanadium

Because HEALTH is POWER!

AMINO ACIDS NONESSENTIAL Alanine Aspartic Acid Cysteine

Glumatic Acid

Glutamine Glycine Proline Serine Tyrosine Arginine


Soluble Insoluble

Isoleucine Leucine Methionine


Threonine Trytophan Valine Lysine

Without Vitamins & Minerals People Are Weak, But Without Enzymes People Are Dead‌.


25X the Potassium in Banana

7x the Vitamin C in Raw Orange

21,333x the Folic Acid in Cow’s Milk

4x the Iron in Wheat Grass

23x the Vitamin B2 in Salmon

Because HEALTH is POWER!

480x the Vitamin H in Spinach

113x the Protein in Raw Apple

HISTORICALLY,SCIENTIFICALLY & BIBLICALLY PROVEN! HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE: Barley was used as a Food Staple and source of Energy by the Roman Gladiators, Athletes in Greece, and laborers in Egypt.

BIBLICAL SIGNIFICANCE: Barley was mentioned more than 32 times in the Bible. Barley Bread was used by CHRIST to feed the Multitude (John chapter 6 verses 1-15); Barley as medicine for poison (2king chapter 4 verses 38-42);

KORAN SIGNIFICANCE: •The Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) recommended talbina for the sick and grieving (Khan p.1). He is quoted as saying, "At-talbina gives rest to the heart of the patient and makes it active and relieves some of his sorrow and grief" (Bukhari 7:71#593). * Talbina is a meal made from satoo (BARLEY).

Because HEALTH is POWER!

BARLEY IN JAPAN Omugi Wakaba (barley), a drink that has been around in Japan for ages, is a commonly prescribed nutritional supplement in Japan.

Shigechiyo Izumi of Isen on Tokunoshima, an island 820 miles Southwest of Tokyo, JAPAN, lived to be 120 years 237 days old

BFAD Approved with Food Registration # 65516 for Capsule and 65517 for Powder.

Endorsed by US Food and Drugs Administration (US FDA) and they allowed Barley Products like GREEN POWER to CLAIM Reduction in Risk of Coronary Heart Diseases.

Because HEALTH is POWER!

Another Quality Product of HINODE

1. Young Barley Leaf 2. Spirulina 3. Agaricus Mushroom 4. Korean Ginseng 5. Gingko Biloba 6. Mangosteen Extract 7. Grape Seed Extract 8. Coffee 9. Sugar 10.Creamer

Because HEALTH is POWER!

GREEN POWER YOUNG BARLEY LEAF FROM JAPAN IS GOOD FOR: Pagkahilo (Dizziness) Suggested dosage to intake for capsule Abnormal na Pagbabawas (Constipation) Pangangasim ng Sikmura (Hyperacidity) For health maintenance - Take 1 capsule 3x a day Pananakit ng Ulo (Migraine) For not severe ailment - Take 3 capsule 3x a day within 3 months for fast recovery Paghina ng Panunaw (Indigestion) For severe ailment - Take 7 capsule 3x a day within 6 months for fast recovery. Pananakit ng Kalamnan (Cramps) Panunuyot ng Balat (Wrinkles/Dryness of Skin) Suggested dosage to intake for Powder Paglabo ng Paningin (Blurred Vision) Pananakit ng Buto (Arthritis) For health maintenance- Take1 sachet 2x a day Pagtaas ng Presyon (Hypertension) For not severe ailment - Take 1 sachet 3x a day within 3 months for fast Pagtaas ng Blood Sugar (Diabetes) recovery For severe ailment like cancer - Take 3 sachet 3x a day within 6 Sakit sa Puso (Coronary Diseases) months for fast recovery. Lakas ng Sexual (Sexual Stamina) Kulang sa Dugo (Anemic) Pagkakaroon ng Cancer Pangkalahatang Lakas ng Katawan Prostate Problem Paghina ng Memorya Pamamanas Menopausal Syndrome Panghihina Bad Breath Sakit sa Bato Myoma * Take Green Power 30 minutes before each meal. Asthma Pampatalino Plus! regular medical check –up , proper diet & Goiter Pampapayat exercise. & Other Diseases Caused by Free Radicals

Because HEALTH is POWER!

TRUTHFUL TESTIMONY Thanks to Green Power! Name: Elmer Concepcion Address: Malolos, Bulacan Ailment: Diabetes

Name: Medardo Arañas Address: Malabon, Caloocan City Ailment: Skin Cancer

Before – Sugar Count (193) Clinic : Caritas Clinic Malolos After – Sugar Count (93) Normal! After 2 Weeks Taking Green Power Young Barley Leaf from Japan. Amazing !

NAME: DOLORES GOROM ADDRESS: SAN ROQUE, MILAOR, CAMARINES SUR. AILMENT (SAKIT): ARTHRITIS “The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind." -- Philippus Aureolus Paracelsus Sixteenth-century Swiss physician and chemist

Because HEALTH is POWER!

1 Week

TRUTHFUL TESTIMONY Thanks to Green Power!

DodieMacaraeg Stroke

Gunday Ramel Cough

Gunday Delia MarianeDelos Reyes Migraine, Ulcer, Kidney Failure, Constipation Heart Disease

JosueCombes Tumor

Marven Napao Stomach Ache

Henry Demellites Sr. Highblood, Arthritis

VicenteFrencisco Highblood

Jerilyn Maguinda Heart Disease

Norma Sajul Anemia, Insomia, Arthritis

Elizabeth Deasin Tumor

Alfredo Laceda Stroke

RosalieAbapo Asthma

Because HEALTH is POWER!

Eunice Mulay Heart Disease

Dunday Felipe Asthma, Tumor

Segundina Besas Myoma

Juanita Calinawan Weak Lungs

Elmer Conception Diabetes


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Imported from JAPAN Made from 100 % Natural Organically Grown No Pesticides No Additives No Preservatives

Because HEALTH is POWER!

Green power barley  

What is Green Power ? GREEN POWER is a health food supplement made from 100% Pure Young Barley Leaf imported from Japan. Organically grown w...

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