Page 1

1 click on the comic life button at the bottom of the

this window should pop up

click on blank and then press choose

before you start remember its very important to save as you go in comic life because it crashes sometimes. Go to file save or press squiggly and S

click here to change colour

the green things let you stretch it

select gradient fill to get the cool colours

the purple thing swivels

any picture you drag up has

click the front button to bring something to the front

pictures are here. just drag them over

you can click isight to turn on the camera

if you want titles drag one up.


you can add speech bubbles from here. just drag them up

the paint brush lets you do detailed effects

you can add another page from here. just drag one over


im going to show you how to cut somebody out of a picture now

click on the paintbrush in the top corner of a picture

this window should pop up. it has a lot of options which you should mess around with if you get the chance click on cut out at the top...

...then click magic snip

you should now see these buttons on the side


draw on the thing you want to keep with the green keep tool you dont have to go right to the edge. magic snip works out the edges by using the colours

now draw around the object you want to keep with the red discard tool. magic snip will start working out what bits it reckons you want to cut out

the red lines around my head are th elines i drew. the see-through red bits are what magic snip reckons i want cut out. when you're happy click done.

keep putting green on what you want and red on what you don't want until magic snip has it worked out perfect.

now you have a cut out shape. remember to not go near the edge of your shape to get the best results

now you can drag your picture on top of another. you might need to use the "front" button to place it on top.

click file export when you are finished

there are a lot of features in comic life. have a mess around with some of the others

choose pdf and click export. it will then ask you what you want to call it and where you want to save it. choose something memorable


Using Comic Life  

How to use Comic Life

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