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FAPTurbo is one of the most popular expert advisors for Metatrader today. This software uses an automated strategy to trade the forex markets. Many of people, including ourselves have been struggling lately with making FAPTurbo trade profitably. During summer time in northern hemisphere the Forex markets are often difficult to trade, seasonal patterns can be one explanation to the poor performance many people is experiencing at the moment. However, is there a way that FAPTurbo can be traded with profitability even in these times? We decided to make an analysis of several FAPTurbo accounts to see if these accounts would have been profitable if traded differently. We decided to only look at live accounts since they give the most accurate picture of actual performance. Our first conclusion from this analysis was that, with some brokers, usually Market Makers with relatively high fixed spreads during Asian session, FAPTurbo is unprofitable at the moment. There is however a certain number of brokers that can still trade FAPTurbo with success. We believe a few of these brokers are: Alpari, FXCM and FXCBS. The selected accounts where: Our own Alpari Uk Micro live account 4: Broker: Alpari Uk Donnaforex FAPTurbo account: Broker: Alpari Uk Hakamkaya account found on FAPTurbo members only forum: Broker: Alpari Uk Our FXCBS Live account: Broker: FXCBS In our previous analyses we have stressed the importance of limiting the trading hours to be profitable with FAPTurbo. Usually, the longer into the Asian session we go, the higher is the risk for hitting full SL:s. We also believe that there is a general consensus in the FAPTurbo community that EURCHF and USDCAD is the best pairs to trade. Our hypothesis in this analysis is therefore that: 1.FAPTurbo can still be profitable with some brokers 2.To be profitable, trading has to be strictly limited to the opening hours of GMT 21:00 to GMT 22:59. 3.Only EURCHF and USDCAD should be traded with FAPTurbo What we basically did was that we looked at the trade statements and filtered out the EURCHF

and the USDCAD pair only, and then we filtered out the trades done between GMT 21:00 to GMT 22:59 only. The results are quite striking. In all four cases the accounts was in loss during June and July. Losses where about -7% to -41 of account balance in beginning of June. However if traders traded as outlined above, it would have meant that accounts instead would have grown with about 16% to 31% without taking any compounding effects into regard. Since the same pattern appears for all accounts analyzed. We have strong reasons to believe that this pattern could be the way forward with FAPTurbo. We will apply this strategy to our live accounts over the next few weeks. To summarize the strategy again: Trade only EURCHF and USDCAD Trade only between GMT 21:00 and GMT 22:59 If you are interested in the numbers behind this analysis can be found on our blog. Good luck with your trading!

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==== ==== Fap turbo - Forex Exchange Investing Software link Below: ==== ====

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