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Brief History Of Javascript Narrated By JS Specialists

JavaScript is being around for more than two decades and is considered one of the most popular programming languages for creating interactive single page applications. But in the first ten years since its inception in May 1995 it was one of the most disparaged languages. Let us take some to dive into its brief overview of JavaScript’s history.

Overview Of JS History  JavaScript was written in only 10 days by an engineer at Netscape known as Brendan Eich under the name Mocha.  It was then named as LiveScriptin next beta release of Netscape Navigator 2.0 in September 1995.

Overview Of JS History ď ś After that, in a marketing ploy to leverage the popularity of Sun Microsystem's Java language, it was released as JavaScript with Netscape Navigator 2.0 beta 3 in December 1995. In spite of having very little in common with Java this misnomer have been a source of confusion since then.

Big breakthrough ď ś In its early years, being considered as the choicest language of amateurs, it was denigrated by professional web development specialists. In the year 2004 a major breakthrough was achieved by this highly underrated programming language when a web application, popular as Gmail, was launched that first revealed to the world the potential of this client-side language.

Big breakthrough ď ś While its competitors like Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail that used server-side rendering featured very slow interfaces, Gmail could immediately respond to user interactions.

Other Milestones  In 2005, Google transformed online maps into an interactive experience by launching Google Maps which utilized Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) in which JavaScript was the foundation.  With Ajax JavaScript experts could create web applications wherein data was loaded in the background without requiring full page refreshes.

Other Milestones ď ś Google launched Chrome browser in 2008 with a faster JavaScript engine, V8, to support web applications that was not possible for its contemporary browsers.

Other Milestones ď ś In 2010, Twitter made a major breakthrough in JavaScript was introducing a new architecture wherein both server-side and client-side code were entirely built in JavaScript but it resulted in some performance issues. Twitter addressed those issues in 2012 with a revised architecture that used server-side rendering and minimized client-side JavaScript consequently reducing page load time by 80%.

Other Milestones ď ś In 2013, Airbnb provided the technological world the concept of entirely reusable rendering system by introducing Node.js framework which can be equally executed on client-side as well as server-side.

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Do you think JavaScript is a subset of Java? Read the brief history of JavaScript retold by JavaScript experts to understand this mistaken l...

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