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Teacher: Paul Challis Date: 28/8/13 Aims: Speaking exercise To present and practice nouns both singular and plural in relation to the body: Arm/s, Finger/s, Leg/s

Level: Beginner Duration: 90 minutes Subsidiary Aims: Get students used to vocabulary and comfortable contributing to class discussions

Anticipated Problems: Unwillingness to participate Pronunciation Differences in plural and singular

Solutions: Maintain an atmosphere of humour. Include a lot of praise to build confidence Drilling: choral and individual Include a lot of visual stimulus: flashcards, drawing on WB etc.

Resources: Flashcards, photocopies and worksheets Head, shoulders, knees and toes song Core textbooks: ABC Land and Big Steps Stage and Aims


Introduction: 15 minutes Introduce myself and get students settles into new class.

Introduce myself to class. Explain who I am and a little about myself. Ask students if they have any questions. Find out the names of the students in the class. Get them to write name badges. Build some rapport between class and myself.

Warmer: 10minutes Introduce the topic. Elicit what students already know.

Talk about parts of the body. Ask students to name body parts if they can.

Pre-teach Vocabulary: 20minutes Present vocabulary through flashcards and work sheets.

Provide students with initial vocabulary. Use drilling to ensure students repeat the phrase accurately and enable them to remember new words.

Feedback: 10minutes Check understanding of subject matter.

Split group into two teams. Point to body parts and ask students to shout out the correct name. Whoever gets the right answer gets a point for their team.

Activity: 15minutes Play head, shoulders, knees and toes to get students familiar with vocabulary.

Announce that this song will help them learn body parts in English, and emphasise they should practice at home as well. Also play the song with some parts missing to see if children can fill in the gaps.

Task: 10 minutes Play Simon says to gauge how well students are coping.

Play a game of Simon says. This will gauge how well students are understanding instructions and vocabulary. It also ensures that they are having fun during the game.

Feedback/Revision: 10 Minutes Test student’s knowledge and try to get them to sing the song at home.

Get students together in pairs and give them post it notes with body parts written on. Then get them to stick the post it note corresponding to the correct body part on their partner. This will see how well they have grasped the lesson.

Lesson Plan  
Lesson Plan  

This is sample lesson plan for the EFL academy Kid Castle