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Talk Business magazine Talk Business is a monthly magazine for entrepreneurs and SMEs. I currently hold the title of Designer/Art Director here. W W W . T A L K B U S I N E S S M A G A Z I N E . C O . U K



December 2013 £4.50



Cover design The cover for Talk Business magazine’s ‘Hospitality Issue’ uses manipulated stock illustrations and a strong understanding and focus on typography.

Fire and knives

He’s brash, he’s bold, he’s brilliantly talented and he’s just 20. Meet Britain’s hottest new chef

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Breaking the chain

How indie restaurants are taking on the big boys, and winnning

03/01/2014 11:19

Talk Business magazine continued... W W W . T A L K B U S I N E S S M A G A Z I N E . C O . U K



September 2013 £4.50

W W W . T A L K B U S I N E S S M A G A Z I N E . C O . U K


w w w . t a l k b u s i n e s s m a g a z i n e . c o . u k


August 2013 £4.50

For the entrepreneur

by the entrepreneur

March 2014 £4.50

‘SMEs are the lifeblood of our economy ’

‘The social

enTerprise revoluTion’


James Caan on start-ups, fame and how his business was built on love

The future is flexible Three decades of office evolution

Untitled-1 1

Campaign catastrophes Remember these promotional fails?

Melody Hossaini on her passion for people and why kindness is the ultimate power

Enter the dragon

Meet the Den’s newest hotshot

30/08/2013 10:44

Life of Pi

Protect your rep

First impressions

Eben Upton on changing the world with the Raspberry Pi

The companies who can clean up your online identity

We cover hot spots and fashion in our new image section

Untitled-1 1

Going global SMEs can’t be lazy with language

31/07/2013 10:04

Cover design The covers for August 2013, September 2013 and March 2014. I commissioned the illustrations for the September issue from a foreign agency.

Reward your staff

Increase salaries through tax perks

000 1

28/02/2014 13:38

Talk Business magazine continued... TALK STRATEGY MORE THAN SHOPPING


here’s no doubt that e-commerce has changed the retail landscape in the UK. It’s the fastest growing market in Europe, according to the Centre for Retail Research (CRR), and especially so in the UK. The online retail market share in the UK in 2012 was the highest at 12.7%, with Germany just below at 10%. But what does this mean for the high street? Simon Baldwin, director at Destination CMS, online communications specialist for the high street and shopping destinations, and a former member of Mary Portas’ pilot scheme, says naturally online shopping has changed the high street. ‘Around 20% of all retail purchases are now online; you can’t remove £1 in £5 from a traditional shopping landscape and it not have an impact,’ he says. ‘But the impact has been exacerbated by the economic woes of the last five years, continued out-of-town development, a distillation of retail offer by the largest supermarkets, and most importantly, the dramatic increased access to online that we all have through smart phones and tablets.’ Shortly after our last retail feature was published [Death of the high street, June], a new statistic was revealed by the CRR. It predicts that by 2018 the percentage of customers shopping online will rise from 12.7% to 21.5%, forcing the closure of one in five high street shops. But can we really imagine a life without the high street? Simon Baldwin says no. ‘We are, by nature, a habitual bunch. We like to get together, to meet family, friends and work colleagues to socialise,’ he says. ‘For far longer than living memory, that has been centred around our high streets.


Go to town Empowered consumers with higher expectations: products are not enough. Dawn Murden explores what retailers must do to adapt and survive on the high street



056_059 STRATEGY Shopping as 40-41

Our high streets are changing. But change is an unstoppable force - it is history in the making

‘Our high streets are changing. But change is an unstoppable force - it is history in the making.’ Physically, our high streets will always be here. Of course some retailers will disappear and go online, others will appear; the important point that we want to address is survival and success, and how retailers and businesses can achieve it. To become an important part of the future, retailers need to learn how to adapt, and at the centre of this is customer expectation. O2 is a service provider to 23 million UK customers, and with 462 retail stores around the country it understands the challenges of serving customers in the digital world, and in a traditional retail environment.


Feilim Mackle, sales and service director at O2 said: ‘In order to survive in such a competitive marketplace, businesses must find innovative ways of engaging with their customers. ‘The rise of social and mobile technologies has empowered consumers, and their expectations continue to increase.’ Empowered consumers expect more, but it’s not enough just to meet their expectations, every retail expert I questioned said “differentiation” is key. Retailers can’t simply offer products; they need to offer more to compete with the convenience, value, and speed of online shopping, and their competitors online and offline. Face-to-face shopping can’t just be shopping anymore. It needs



03/01/2014 12:13

Editorial design I created a composite graphic for the opening page built up of illustrations from a stock image site. The article is about the future of the high street and uses photos of high street shops with illustrated people to tie in with the concept.

Talk Business magazine continued... TALK MARKETING PUBLIC RELATIONS

5 steps TO save time hat would you do with a free halfday every week? Visit the galleries and museums you fly past on your daily commute? Go to the playground with your children? Or tackle another important part of your business that you keep putting off. Let’s face it; none of us would be stuck for fun things to do with an extra half-day. And yet for most of us the idea is little more than an idle fantasy. One day we will have time for culture, exercise, family and so on. Until then the UK’s PR professionals are stuck on an endless treadmill of client meetings, press release writing, media sell-ins, and AVE calculations. Here are five things every PR professional, and business owners, can do today to save time. Some involve a new (but free or inexpensive) technology or service; others simply require a shift in mindset. Why not pick one and start doing it today?


1. LIBERATE YOURSELF FROM THE INBOX Studies have proven just how addictive email can be. Dr Thomas Jackson of Loughborough University found that it takes an average of 64 seconds to recover your train of thought after an email


What would you do with a spare afternoon? Hisham El-Marazki, CEO of media analysis firm PR Gym, reveals how PR professionals and business owners can claw back hours interruption. So if you check your email every five minutes that is 8.5 hours a week you spend trying to remember what you were just doing. It is time to take action. Turn off notifications so email no longer invades your space. Resolve to only look at your email twice a day, and let people know that is what you are doing – set up an autorespond message if necessary. And surprise people by responding to their email with a phone call. It cuts down the number of back-and-forth email exchanges, and will encourage some people to call you next time they need to make contact.

It takes 64 seconds to recover your train of thought after an email interruption

2. GET SOMEONE ELSE TO DO YOUR AVE CALCULATIONS (CHEAPLY AND ACCURATELY) There are many services out there. Ours at PR Gym offers a simple online system. Users input their coverage, detailing publication, page position, sentiment, use of key messages and so on. The system then calculates AVE and PR Value, and compiles it all into a professional-looking report, which the user can generate as and when they need it.

The most obvious benefit of using our service is the time saving. You no longer need to spend days collecting all this information on AVEs, circulation numbers, CPMs and so on. Although technology may be able to gather explicit terms, implicit coverage may be missed as automated machines cannot understand a writer’s wit, style, or a double entendre. 3. WORK OUT WHAT STEALS YOUR TIME For anyone who has worked in an agency, to hear timesheets mentioned in the same breath, as time saving might seem odd. For agency staff they are the irritation at the end of the week that stops them completing client work or going home. Yet, is a tool that allows you to quickly track what you are spending time on and essentially to produce your own timesheet. Try doing it. You may be surprised at what actually takes up your time. Once armed with this information it should be easy to trim an hour off one of the many time-stealing unimportant activities.

4. ACCEPT THAT NOT EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE PERFECT Everybody wants to do their best at work. No one likes producing work, which is just good enough. Yet, this constant striving for perfection can be highly damaging, not only to our work-life balance, but also to our performance. If we aim for 100% on everything we do there is no scope to prioritise the most important work or the most urgent tasks. We would be far better off refocusing on what truly matters at work. So, resolve to assign a priority to each task that lands on your desk. Consider whether it is important or urgent. If both then put it near the top of your to-do list. If neither put it towards the bottom. If one but not the other think about when you need to do it.

save days of online searches. Which one of those five ideas will you take away and start doing? Each one alone will save you at least an hour a week. Do all five and you should easily find yourself with an afternoon a week to spare. Then comes the really difficult part of working out how you will spend it! Contact:

Talk Business Tip We tried out Toggl and IFTTT for ourselves – check out our verdict online here: timesaving

Very few of us use the internet as time-effectively as we could 5. PUT THE INTERNET TO WORK FOR YOU Very few of us use the internet as time-effectively as we could. We spend hours scanning shopping sites, opening and reopening banking apps, refining our Google search terms and flicking through irrelevant social media updates from people we barely know. If This Then That – ifttt. com – is an ingenious platform that allows you to set up a series of rules so that what is interesting to you on the internet comes to you rather than you having to go out and find it. For example, you can set a rule so if a photo of you is posted to Instagram you receive a text message. It sounds simple but it can literally


074_75 MARKETING Save Time.indd 40-41

13/01/2014 16:55

Editorial design A double page spread featured in the February 2014 issue.

Talk Business magazine continued... CAPITAL ALLOWANCES



TALK TECHNOLOGY ONLINE REPUTATION n the current economic climate, it’s no great surprise that small businesses like yours are striving to keep costs to a minimum each year and make every penny count. After a heady and glorious summer last year with the Jubilee and Olympic celebrations giving a much-needed cash injection, the UK is still heavily reliant on an economy that has been stretched to breaking point by the financial crisis and inflation. While times are undoubtedly tough for SMEs, that may be sacrificing staff, technical equipment and even office space, it does not have to spell disaster. Why? Due to unclaimed capital allowances, small to medium-sized businesses could be due a significant tax rebate from the Inland Revenue. And after the UK narrowly escaped a triple dip recession, a windfall could be just the ticket for them in these straightened times.


You don’t need to create the next viral YouTube hit, but video will boost your brand, says Briarley Van Zyl, video production specialist at Render Positive our business likely already has a snazzy website to catch people’s attention, a Facebook page to garner social interaction, and a Twitter profile so you can keep your customers up to date every tweet of the way. If you’ve not considered video yet, why not?


Having video content can help your search visibility while simultaneously promoting your website and brand

NOT EVERYONE NEEDS A VIRAL VIDEO You don’t need a viral hit on YouTube to be seen and heard in the vast jungle of the internet; just having video content can help your search visibility while simultaneously promoting your website and brand. Videos are online 24/7 and work even when you are not. So even if you cannot be there in person, an online video can.

Sitting on a fortune?

1. MAKE YOUR BUSINESS AN AUTHORITY FIGURE WITHIN YOUR INDUSTRY Creating regular content, which people can subscribe to and expect every week or month, is key to making you look like an expert in your own field. A good example of this type of video is AO’s product reviews ( ch?v=MSGaIlqdbCw&list=TLDx DSm39l86A). AO has used high production values, allowing its audience to feel like the information they are about to hear is as sound as the set itself. The information they do give is not only technical, but personable. In this video she admits it isn’t the best looking tumble dryer but it does the job and she shows you how, in a way that

Mark Tighe, managing director of capital allowances company Catax Solutions, reveals why you might have thousands of pounds in unclaimed tax rebates

099_100 TECHNOLOGY Viral 99


03/01/2014 14:19

040_041 MONEY Capital 40-41

Editorial design A selection of designs featured in Talk Business magazine. These designs highlight my graphic design, picture research and layout skills.

WHAT ARE CAPITAL ALLOWANCES? In short, capital allowances are a form of tax relief available to anyone who incurs capital expenditure buying, building or refurbishing commercial property. Put simply, they are a means of reducing your tax bill. Research carried out by chartered accountant Deloitte has shown that more than nine in 10 UK commercial property owners will be owed a significant tax rebate in the region of thousands, or even tens of thousands, of pounds. Here at Catax Solutions, we have estimated the amount of capital allowances that is currently sitting unclaimed within commercial property to be in the region of £70 billion.

business owners, are completely in the dark about what capital allowances are. That’s largely because they are an incredibly obscure area of tax, and with an £11 billion deficit, it’s not surprising that the Inland Revenue hasn’t been going out of its way to promote them! In addition, it simply isn’t the area of expertise of the trusted accountants of small businesses to investigate the unclaimed capital allowances that can be found in these properties. In fact, it can be incredibly difficult to identify qualifying items within commercial premises, such as office blocks, car showrooms and dental surgeries. Rather, accountants enlist the help of capital allowances specialists to carry out in-depth forensic surveys of properties, using thousands of detailed matrices to uncover qualifying assets and their value. In a typical office, this might include heating systems, lighting and security systems, pipework and drainage, among other embedded features, which capital allowances specialists like to call the “intrinsic fabrication”. Privately owned businesses will be only too familiar with the cost of fitting these items, given the need for extra electronics, lights, sprinkler systems and plumbing on each office floor. GETTING RESULTS Put into practice, acting on

Capital allowances are a form of tax relief available to anyone who incurs capital expenditure buying, building or refurbishing commercial property

electrical fittings and more than £20,000 for fixed internal fittings. So clearly there are significant savings to your tax bill to be made. Better still, Catax Solutions will only charge a fee if it is able to identify a sizeable amount of unclaimed capital allowances. All in all, it’s worthwhile investigating to find out whether you have a claim. Catax Solutions has worked with a number of different businesses in a variety of different sectors. Another recent example of a successful sector case study was in the hospitality industry, with Catax Solutions successfully uncovering a staggering £400,000 in capital allowances in an independent hotel of 74 bedrooms.

The erasable era

YOUR RIGHT Whether you’ve considered investigating them or not, capital allowances are your right and not a privilege; if you own your business premises and/or have made significant improvements to it, you deserve the tax benefit. And for owners of businesses, such as hotels and private or independent schools, who have dealt with the effects of the recession for the last few years, a tidy sum from the Inland Revenue would be a great advantage. Contact:

behalf of a privately owned Think of it as adding some veryone, from a street school, Catax Solutions recently uncovered almost in of virtual Tipp-Ex to your life. gangster to a£150,000 captain > Capital allowances are a form of tax relief capital allowances. And to give to anyone who incursfamiliar capital already with industry, has a rep to availableWe’re an idea of the items identified expenditure buying, building or refurbishing and where rebates were owed, the property. carefully cultivated protect. Without it, youcommercial this was broken down to > Nine in 10 UK commercial property owners will LinkedIn profile page, or the have Protecting include nothing. £6,000 for disposal and be owed a significant tax rebate in the region of drainage installations, or even tens of thousands, of pounds. meticulously stage-managed your good name is an £20,000 essentialthousands, WHY ARE CAPITAL ALLOWANCES for water installations, £59,000 > Capital allowances are your right and not a Facebook profile. Online rep doing heatingbusiness. installations, NOT ON THE RADAR OFpart MOST of for privilege; if you own your business premises and/ £31,000 on ventilation SMALL BUSINESSES? or havemanagement made significant improvements – takes ittoaitstep But we live in an era installations, £14,000 for hire a specialist to help you unlock this money. Most people, let alone small further, to Google’s page one, where everything has been altering it so that only positive logged. There is no escape 41 things about you appear there. from mistakes, with every In some ways, this altering transgression, however 03/01/2014 of the past so we can no longer slight, noted and reported. discern what is and isn’t true Almost all of us have some feels like the stuff of dystopian form of digital shadow, easily William Gibson science fiction, accessible to anyone via or George Orwell, but it’s search engines. Which begs the question; just how clean is happening now. ‘If you’re in the spotlight, your virtual reputation? then you should be investigating For those with a less-thanyour online reputation,’ spotless record, there is a Simon Wadsworth, founder growing army of people who of reputation management are taking your reputation company, Igniyte said. 70% very seriously. In fact, their of his of client base comprises business and their livelihood high net worth individuals, from is dependent on ensuring company CEOs to TV presenters, your name remains solid. This politicians and Government mysterious dark art has been officials. This isn’t just about dubbed online reputation cleaning house, though. management, and it’s one Wadsworth’s team will often of the digital world’s fastest look to cut off the offending growing businesses.




110_111 TECHNOLOGY Online 40-41

Do you know what people are saying about you online? James Kirkham, global head of social and mobile at Leo Burnett, explores the rise of cleaning up virtual reputation

Quick read

There is no escape from mistakes, with every transgression, however slight, noted and reported

material at the source, contacting the blog or site responsible for the offending material and looking to influence them through copyright infringement or libel law. ‘We can quickly ensure your social presence is intact and up to date, as the influence of


James Kirkham

the right kin LinkedIn, w to “blasting” attention fro platforms,’ h This is par to those clie “career shat – something defining the their workin to accusatio have been m identified in accused alm with a full p age does not the link-buil Google mea become stro Alternativ are looking f help them a This is often billionaire b may not wan pointers to t looking to sa identity frau This is the internet too managemen the old scho can keep cel stories out o Wadsworth’ encompassin He talks o who wanted through eve currently re clean up tho “looking coo a sort of van session – or who had nak from her pa case, Wadsw the images d listings, givi confidence w career oppo I took the to examine m footprint. O name, the fi that my sear

Creative Compendium Creative Compendium was created for my MA Publishing studies, for which I was awarded a distinction for both the project and my degree. I designed the branding and layouts and sourced all content for the publication.

Cover design The cover features a portrait of Yolandi Visser from the South African band Die Antwoord. The photograph is from a series of work by Roelof van Wyk which has been exhibited at the V&A Museum in London.

Creative Compendium continued...

Editorial design A feature on contemporary South African artists.

Creative Compendium continued...

Editorial design A feature on the musician and fashion stylist Lindiwe Suttle.

[PIAS] Recordings During my internship at [PIAS] Recordings I created various design assets for the label and its artists.

Social Media During the build up to the Editors’ fourth album, I created the graphics, using unreleased album artwork, for their social media and record label’s website.

Website Landing Page I was asked to develop a new landing page design for [PIAS] Recordings that would established it as a label and also as an umbrella brand for two additional labels. By rolling over the selected label the other labels will then grey out in order to highlight the selected label’s artists.

Personal Work By continually pushing myself both creatively and professionally, I actively look for ways to expand my design skills and versatility for this dynamic industry.

Poster design & illustration A design and illustration that I created as a personal project.



Design Portfolio | Paul Christopher Daniels  
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