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what does hpl stand for?

for print, for communication, for success

In todays business environment the only way to thrive is to create communications that we stand for stand out. Communications that • service above and beyond • a passion for perfect print are more focussed, that people • innovation all ways - always • best price first time and business really value. It’s • business understanding • the next generation our combination of experience and understanding of business, of print and marketing that means we deliver print that works with your brand, strategy and objectives we’re for standing out harrogate printing

We stand for progress. When we set up in the 80’s Frankie was on his way to Hollywood, luminous leg warmers were as cool as it got and if you had a Capri 2.8i you were the hottest thing on the road (Not much room in the back seat when you pulled though!). Times have changed! They’re all gone – consigned to history. We’re still going from strength to strength. The reason is simple. We combine good old fashioned values like total commitment to quality, to impeccable service and to value with a really forward thinking business attitude.

We’re constantly searching for new ways to communicate. For new innovations and techniques in print. New ways to get your message across in an ever changing world. New ways to bring success to your business. Our HP Indigo digital press is proof that this philosophy works.

We stand for tomorrow. It’s not our planet. We don’t have the right to ruin it for generations to come.

We believe it’s our responsibility to try and make it better. That’s why we’re doing all we can to have minimal negative impact. We’re an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Chain of Custody Certified Supplier. We’re committed to making our business as energy efficient as possible too. We stand for the next generation.

Pure, silky white fabric. Soft, natural make up tones and shimmering sequinned detail create impact for your Summer style collection Sarah.

Go wild Alicia as summer hots up. Psychedelic florals and bohemian styling make up colours that really work with your sense of style and individuality.

Helen, red is hot this summer. You’re right on trend with this vibrant lipstick on black dress. Combine it with dramatic make up for stunning effect.

We stand for personalisation. Why? Because it lifts response. It connects with consumers when its done in an intelligent way. Our state of the art HP 5500 Indigo digital press takes personalisation to the extreme.

The more intelligent your data, the more we can resonate with your target market.

From text message, headline, image style, colours, image and background changes, fonts, cut-outs, text based imagery... you name it, we can really target.

It’s brilliant for direct mail, for brochures, for reports, for customer relationship marketing. Let’s talk about how we can get creative and get some serious results.

Your work’s going nowhere if it’s not fuelled by top quality print. Print that builds on your creative direction and adds an extra dimension to your project or campaign.

When it comes to choosing a stock that makes your print work and feel right, we know our onions (and our lemons).

We stand for value. We won’t compromise on quality, obviously, but you won’t pay through the nose either. We’ll give you the best job for our best possible price. Let’s be honest, we’d like to be your first thought when you think print and we won’t be if we’re not fair!

When the heat is on for you - rely on us. Bring us your challenges, we won’t get hot under the collar. We’ll deliver on time, on budget and with cool, calm quality. We can be your print oasis!

Some things just don’t look right on a smooth stock. Add a little texture and things take on a whole new feel.

Here today, gone tomorrow. Our quality control means there’s no spots on us!

If you think our print is sweet, you’ll love the rest of our goodies!

Be unforgettable. Using spot colour with process is really cost effective when we do it in one pass. It can really leave a lasting impression. Don’t get it on your collar though!

Yes, they do look hairy (so do the boots), but they’re deceptively smooth, just like our press operators.

No matter how old you are, from 4 to 94, a well designed and printed piece makes it much easier for the reader to read and digest. We stand for literacy and legibility.

For some, laying down flat colour can be a challenge. We eat it up. That’s because we have all the ingredients to get it right. Lots of experience, practice and the right equipment. Tempted to try us?

So, do you think we stand for something that could work for you? Give us a call on 01423 523449 (don’t worry, we’ve got proper phones, not tins and strings). Or email You can check out the website too -

Vacuuming and hygiene are an obsession for some. With us it’s print. We love it. So if you’re looking for sparkling, clean, crisp print on carefully folded sheets (of paper) then maybe we’d make a perfect couple!


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