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A Check-list You Can Use Before You Buy So you are ready to take the plunge and buy in to a money system or home business opportunity......Good for you. It takes real strength to try new things and the better systems out their can be a very rewarding hobbies as well as a possible source of second income. But i wont lie to you.. like any thing new in life it is very easy to get caught up in those wonderful sounding sales pitches or flashy videos and find your self signing up for a real useless piece of junk product or even worse a money sucking Scam........ it is also a sad fact to report that in over 80 product reviews i have written on my original site knowl8dge less that 15% of them actually have any real value to the buyer That said the experience of buying a testing so many over the years has taught me a lot...these days I very rarely find my self even looking at the sales pitch before i buy a system and soon neither will you. Instead I developed a set of rules that i check each product against ......A check-list And if you follow it correctly even the slickest of all on-line scams just don't stand up to it

Push Button You will here this term around the web on various sales pages often in reference to website building software .......Put simply nothing that describes it self as push button ever works.... There is no way to just buy something and with out any effort earns money just does not exist..... If it did why would you want to sell it ? if you wanted to build a website people would actually visit and not just bounce straight off you would at the very least need to invest time. Even the best systems i have tested will require some of your time .....And the quickest of those also require money

Free Software This can be the most alluring of all push button systems ....whether it be casino betting software or binary trading robots...Before you try anything like this consider what's in it for the creator ?........if this software could double money or place bets that do not lose.... it would have massive sale value right ? And factor in that websites and advertising costs money every product has a cost even when you just give it away ...... They don't work in fact they are normally marketed by casinos or trading brokers.......they are the ones that really profit

Contact Details If you were planning to rip people with some wild get rich quick scheme you will happily add a contact email address I Imagine.......emails are pretty easy to ignore... but would you be happy to add your name, address or other business information like tax details to the footer of your site .......most scams don't.......if it is there though its worth checking it with a Google search and by using a who is lookup search engine to check its the same as the registrar of the website...Honest systems have nothing to hide

Social Media It is very easy to find a good review about anything....but you can also find bad reviews too so which ones can you trust ? well its almost impossible to decide. The worst scams and junk share money with affiliates to get good promotion and the best systems all have competitors too looking to destroy good reputations... I look to social media pages like Facebook and twitter is after all harder to fake. Find the "official fan pages"....and see what the MAJORITY of comments are like ...

Website Reviews You already know that people often have a motive for what they write. This is true of everything you read on-line. But when it comes to a money system's or extra income stream s look for something that can actually tells you how a system will earn money. This may sound stupid but it is something i pride my own reviews on ........Forgive me here I am not just trying to plug my site .....Besides i have only really scratched the surface when you consider the amount of systems out there ..... My point is i have read reviews about products that talk about the money that is achievable or that the writer made ...but they don't really actually tell you what it does ? this if for two reasons either they don't know .....or the product earning idea is just stupid instead they are just vague about the details................I would avoid both.. If you can find out what the system looks to achieve then you can decide for your self it that is realistic. Their are many trust-worthy sites out there so find one that actually gives you some facts ....You will find that the more knowledgeable sites know their products inside out...Often this means they probably bought the product. and if that is true then there are not many people that will speak highly of something that lost them money......

Product Launches How can anyone independent of the Creator tell you how great a product is before its been released ?....whether that be from a website or more commonly by email ... leave it for a few months and get some real opinions will not miss the boat. I promise ...if it is a good opportunity it will be around forever

Payment Details It is true that digital products have different laws around the world regarding refunds .....But you are spending hard earned money....Plus even the best systems are not for everyone . if you want a refund and you have bought through click bank you have 60 days on everything regardless of what ANYONE else tells you. follow the link on your receipt to return it....So don't settle for less......everytime a new payment provider pops up scammers exploit their lax rules on refunds check before you use any one else

Who Endorses a Product Ever See the Google logo? Bing, Yahoo, hell even Oprah...These are all scams put simply that approval is a lie..and if they lie everything else is too They are trading on your trust for that brand and Google and the others do Not give out endorsments

If you stick to these rules you may just find a system that could earn you that extra money your looking for....thanks for reading

Copy Rights Paul Caskie

The scam spotting checklist  

A complete list of all the checks any money making product should pass before you buy....This is the check-list I developed after 2 year of...

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