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January 12 ~ January 19

Baptized in Christ We are honored that you chose Christ Church as your place of worship today! Today is a special day in the life of the Church as we celebrate the Baptism of Jesus by his cousin, John the Baptist. Baptism marks the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, and in the Episcopal Church, it marks our full initiation into the life of Christ and the beginning of our ministry as well, no matter how young one is baptized. This is one of four days our Book of Common Prayer calls “most appropriate for Baptism,” though Baptism on other Sundays is certainly appropriate, too. We welcome Aly Cole Heffington into the life of Christ at our 11:00 service, and we hope you will take the time to sign one of her large Baptism certificates (in the Reception Area or on the Front Porch). The Baptismal Covenant, a core of our calling and our identity as people of Christ, will take the place of the Nicene Creed at the 7:30 and 8:45 services as well. As an example of living out our Baptismal ministry, we will commission the 2014 Vestry during the 8:45 service. You may also notice a different Eucharistic prayer at our 8:45 service. It is from an Episcopal resource called Enriching Our Worship. This Eucharistic prayer reflects the majesty and mystery of God being revealed to us in the form of Jesus Christ. It fits incredibly well with the Christmas and Epiphany seasons. We will be using this prayer at 8:45 until the end of the Epiphany season (March 2). May the Light of Christ shine on your path,

Adult Faith Formation Opportunities The Rector’s Study Beginning Wednesday January 15th at 11:00 am in the library The Rector’s Study will feature a discussion of THE EIGHT DEADLY THOUGHTS. All are welcome! Sunday School Class for Parents (and others) Beginning January 26, parents of children of all ages are invited to a study of the book Taking the Plunge: Baptism and Parenting by Anne Kitch. The class will meet in the Second Floor Living Room at 10:00am. The book is available as an ebook and in paperback at the Reception Desk ($10). For more information, contact the Rev. Paul Canady at 252.636.2109 ext 102 or Women’s Bible Study The Rev. Marquita L. Hutchens begins a new series on the St. Paul’s letter to the Philippians. Tuesdays at 10:00am in the Women’s Connection Room.

Epiphany: How will the Light of the World be revealed to you?

Those Serving Today 7:30 Celebrant: The Rev. Dr. William Carl Thomas Verger: Hal Stirling Eucharistic Ministers: Chip Curtis, Jack Painter Greeters: Margaret Burns, Harriet Milde 8:45 Celebrant: The Rev. Dr. William Carl Thomas Verger: Hal Stirling Eucharistic Ministers: Jettie Pelletier, Bill Dorn Acolytes: Jakwaun Squires, Kirby Smith, John Childs Ushers: Terry Bell, Luke Asterman Greeters: Jay and Linda Barnes Director of Music: David Leahey 11:00 Celebrant: The Rev. H. Paul Canady Eucharistic Ministers: Nancy Mansfield, Bill Rivenbark, Dick Matthews Acolytes: Jack Huddle, Randall Hudson, Philip Buffa Ushers: Joe Mansfield, Rob Overman, Carl Huddle, Ed Campbell Greeters: Rae Cowan, Beth Jones Director of Music: David Leahey Altar Guild: Barbara Odderstol, Rena Knott, Becky Kafer, Lindy Emory

From Junior Warden Mike Power Recently, you may have seen some advertising pertaining to the Director of Music position. Here is a very brief explanation. Our current Director of Music, who is a citizen of the United Kingdom, is employed by Christ Church on a temporary work authorization. Christ Church has now begun the process of securing him a permanent visa. This requires conducting a recruitment to reexamine the availability of U.S. candidates and Christ Church’s need to hire from abroad in order to fill this important position on a permanent basis. If you have questions, please contact me: Junior Warden, Mike Power.

Mike's contact info: 252-638-5086 -

Join us for worship this week! Tuesday, January 14, 8:00am Hilary, Bishop of Poitiers Wednesday, January 15, 10:00am Richard Benson & Charles Gore

Christ Church Staff Interim Rector ~ The Rev. Dr. William Carl Thomas ~ Mobile 252.876.6841 Associate Rector for Pastoral Care ~ The Rev. Marquita L. Hutchens ~ Mobile 252.639.0606 Associate Rector for Youth & Young Family Ministries ~ The Rev. H. Paul Canady ~ Mobile 252.571.6892 Director of Music ~ David Leahey Operations Manager ~ Nancy Przybylko Director of Children’s Ministries ~ Ann Bustard Receptionist ~ Judi Dorn Nursery Staff ~ Stephanie Hawkins & Amy Watercott Sexton ~ Bill Marshall Vestry Term thru 2014: Ellen Chance, David Cook, Kathy Mansfield, Ray Tait, Term through 2015: Jane Merritt, Senior Warden, Mike Power, Junior Warden, Mark Johnson, Charles Smith Term through 2016: Ross Beebe, Terry Brubaker, John Harper and Jettie Pelletier Christ Church welcomes information concerning church events and ministries. All items submitted for publication must be received in the office by no later than noon on Wednesdays, and are subject to editing based on the date (if applicable), content and available space. Submit items to

In peace we pray to you, Lord God Names on the list of families and friends remain on the prayer list for three months. If there is someone that needs to remain on the prayer list, please call the office to have their name placed on the list again. Will Cook, Virginia Dutton, Anna Louise Flanagan, Kate Flanagan, Malia Guidage, Sarah Hancock, Victoria HoopArt and Diane Vance, Fred Latham, Barbara Willis, Nan Baughman, Norma Doane, Edna Bearnes, Doris McDougal, er, Campbell Huddle, Jacques Jandrain, Sarah Jeske, AshHerb Parker, Elliott Hudgins, Gary Derck, Margaret Horn- ley King, Jay King, William Little, Dana McLaughlin, Saby, Percy and Legare Thackston, Pat Chandler, Janet Ste- mantha Miller, James Robinson, Claire Shields, Ray vens, Marge Trubiano, Lois Besanko, David, Jackie Barney, Shields, Branham Talton, John Thomas, Eli Turner, Ian Turner Dru Nichols, Frank Sheffield, Linda Lore, Ralph Cowan, Jeanette Armour, Vance Harper Jones, Eddie Eddleman, For our deployed military: Mike Pridgen, Ellen Maguire, Rae Cowan, Chris ThackCapt. Jason White, Cpl. Jason Church, Sgt. Bill Jarvis, ston, Ann Baker, Donna Johnson, Muriel Latham, Steve Capt. Paul Truog, LCPL Ross Drury, 2nd LTJG Bryan R. Dembickie, April King, Kay Gariepy, Dottie Parker, Sonja Vaughn, SPC. Tyler Joseph, LT. Daniel Miller, PO1 Michael Doran P. Gormley, Andrew Konzen, LT. Col. Chris Richie and family Michele, Hannah and Kate, Capt. Delbert R. PatFor our families and friends: Addison, Katherine, Thomas, Bella, Natalie, Natalie, Kath- ton, PO James Hartley, Lt. Col. Anneliese Steele-Skaggs, SSG Andrea D. Eubanks, MSSG, D’Jon Johnson erine, Edward, Patrick, Michelle, Mary Lou, Derek and Tina, Arthur, Carol, Jason, Angie, Carl, Matthew, Jimmy, In thanksgiving for… Richard, Julia, Geneva, Pauline, Mike, Bill, Sally, Mark, Ed, the baptism of Aly Cole Heffington Sandy, Jean, Baby Alice, Heidi, Alison, Bobby, Shirley, Virginia, Becky, Virginia, Stella, Susan, Brenda, Caliana, Col- For those who mourn… the family and friends of Samuel Wyman, brother-in-law leen, Charles, Hank, Evan, Karen, Holt, Deb, Karen, Virginia, Paul, Jim, Zachary, Arianna, Phyllis, Carolyn, Steve of Kathy Blake

For our ill and recovering parishioners:

For our parishioners in boarding school and college: Moe Andreiev, Whit Barnes, Kelsey Bennett, Lawrence Bowers, Amanda Buffa, Cory Connell, Brittany Ferrell,

Diocesan Cycle of Prayer: St. Thomas, Bath San Jorge, Azua, DR

Christ Episcopal Church 252-633-2109 320 Pollock St., PO Box 1246, New Bern, NC 28563 Visit us on the Web Christ Church website <>

Called to Serve... C-TV 10 (Channel 10), Sunday, 1/12, Thea Kinkaid, of Temple Baptist Church, 6:30pm and on Thursday, 1/16 at 7pm,or at ~

Buy Coffee. Support RCS. It’s a “win-win.” Grab a pound of coffee for Religious Community Services of New Bern! A 1-lb bag is $15 (ground or whole bean). For each pound, RCS gets $5 and 1-lb of food. The coffee is produced by Javesca, a Charlotte-based company ( For more information, or to make a purchase, see Stephanie Hawkins in the nursery or call Shannon McQuade LaQuire (252.671.0211).

Sunday, 1/12 Join us in the Parish House for coffee after each service. 8:45am Installation of the 2014 Vestry 10:00am Sunday School for all ages 1:00pm EYC (Meet at Accidental Artist) Monday, 1/13 10:00am St. Elizabeth’s ECW 5:15pm Stephen Ministers 6:30pm Men’s Bible Study Tuesday, 1/14 8:00am Holy Eucharist 10:00am Women’s Bible Study Philippians 2:00pm Order of St. Luke Wednesday, 1/15 10:00am Holy Eucharist 11:00am Rector’s Bible Study; 8 Deadly Thoughts 1:00pm Men’s Grief Group 2:00pm Women’s Grief Group 4:15pm Cherubs and Choristers

6:15pm 6:30pm 7:00pm 10:00am


7:30am 8:15am 8:45am 10:00am 11:00am

Wednesday, 1/15, cont’d “Came To Believe” AA EfM Program Parish Choir Thursday, 1/16 Sterling House Service Friday, 1/17 Saturday, 1/18 Men’s Breakfast Sunday, 1/19 RCS Sunday Holy Eucharist: Rite I Sunday Breakfast (Ministry Center) Holy Eucharist: Rite II Sunday School for all ages Holy Eucharist: Rite II

Adult Education Classes: Session 4 January 19 ~ February 16 The Bible Mini Series (produced by Roma Downey), with Mark West, Facilitator, Pelletier Room Synthesis with CB Evans, Library Taking the Plunge: Baptism and Parenting, with the Rev. Paul Canady, 2nd Floor Living Room (Begins Jan. 26) Faith Connection Faith Connection will meet on Tuesday, January 14, at 1pm, at The Seventh Day Adventist Church, 2404 Rt. 70 East (the former location of Peace Church). The speaker is Mark Best from Craven Community College, speaking on “Jobs in New Bern.” Monday, January 20 The Church Office is Closed

LGBT Ministry LGBT will meet on January 23 meeting at Christ Church at 7 pm. We will finalize plans for our table at Diocesan Convention and also taking some time to share with each other what it is that brings us to this ministry.

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