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CC Happenings 4-4-13

This Sunday April 7 8:15am Sunday Breakfast 10:00am Parish Choir 10:00am Teacher’s Appreciation Reception ~ Sunday School for all ages following the reception 5:00pm EYC

7:30am Holy Eucharist: Rite I 8:45am Holy Eucharist: Rite II 11:00am Holy Eucharist: Rite II

Adult Education ~ Session 6 April 7 ~ May 19

(Check the poster in the Reception Area for more information) New Class: At the Intersection of Scripture & Prayer, the Rev. Paul Canady Pelletier Room

The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective , the Rev. Marquita L. Hutchens, 2nd Floor Living Room Synthesis, CB Evans, Library Karen Bible Study, Jane Ashford, Karen Classroom

Sunday, April 7 ~ Sunday Breakfast ~ Join us for breakfast this Sunday at 8:15am in the Ministry Center. Proceeds from the breakfast go into paying down the Building Loan. ~ Session 6 of the Adult Education Program begins! ~ Spring Foyers kicks-off at 5pm at the home of Jim and Martha Ross.

Just Ahead

Sunday, April 14 The 11am worship service will be Morning Prayer: Rite II with Holy Eucharist. Sunday, April 21 ~ RCS Ingathering Sunday Religious Community Services (RCS) In-Gathering Sunday is April 21. RCS Food Bags will be handed out after each service next Sunday, April 14. Please return the filled bags to the Narthex or the chancel on the following Sunday, April 21. The RCS food pantry is running very low right now, and is needed to ensure that no one in our community goes hungry! Suggested items for the food bags are: canned chicken cereals juices soups/stews canned fish chicken/hamburger/tuna helpers pastas spaghetti sauce canned fruit dry beans peanut butter stuffing canned sausage instant potatoes ramen noodles canned vegetables jam/jelly rice The Food Offering for the month of April is “Hamburger Helper”. ~ Sunday Breakfast at 8:15am ~ Walking the Labyrinth in the Ministry Center at 5pm ECW Grant Requests Reminder; *ECW Grant Requests must be returned by April 30, 2013.

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CC Happenings 4/4/2013  

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