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May 4 ~ May 11

Ministry Architects Building a sustainable ministry for children & youth May 29 — June 1 Veteran church professionals from Ministry Architects ( will be with us May 29-June 1 as we help develop a plan and vision for a more sustainable ministry to and with children and youth. Christ Church has a long tradition of great ministry to children and youth, and we want to continue building on that tradition. Ministry Architects will spend the majority of their time on May 29-June 1 listening to a variety of groups within the church through focused listening groups. We hope to see participation in those groups from a broad spectrum of youth, parents, volunteers, staff and people who just love our young people. We want your insights, your frustrations and your dreams to be heard. After spending 3 days in these listening groups and taking copious notes the Ministry Architects team will hunker down to write a report, sharing with us what they’ve heard about the youth and children’s ministries – including assets, challenges, and how we compare to children’s ministries around the country – and where it seems that God might be taking us next. The report will be presented on Sunday afternoon, June 1, laying out specific recommendations and a blueprint for how to move forward. If you would like to be a part of the listening sessions, please contact Leslie Jandrain at If you have questions or want to know more, please contact the Rev. Paul Canady ( or Ann Bustard ( or call them at 633.2109.

TODAY Sunday May 4th

Foyers Groups Spring Kick Off In the recent "Listening in Lent" series there was a big cry for more ways to get to know fellow parishioners and two of the best ways are Coffee Hour and Foyers. Foyers is open to ALL adults at Christ Church who are interested in meeting for informal meals. We try to have at least four dinners in the next six months when groups will change again. The kick-off for the upcoming series is today Sunday, May 4th, at 5:00, at the home of Jim & Martha Ross at 216 Johnson Street. This time you're being given a chance to sign up for whatever size group suits you - 6, 8, 10, or any number. If you haven't already signed up, there is a sign-up sheet in the reception area . You can e-mail Delle Curry at or if you have any questions, call Delle at 634-1863.

Serving Today

ECW Spring Dinner Meeting

7:30 Celebrant: The Rev. Dr. William Carl Thomas Verger: Hal Stirling Eucharistic Ministers: Chip Curtis, Jack Painter Greeters: Nancy Blease, Dorothy Crute 8:45 Celebrant: The Rev. H. Paul Canady Presider at the Liturgy of First Intentional Communion: The Rev. Dr. William Carl Thomas Verger: Hal Stirling Eucharistic Ministers: Rosie Wood, Geoff Wood Acolytes: Abby Garman, Gregory Hall, Kirby Smith Ushers: Jesse Garman, Ed Childs, John Childs Greeters: Bill Brubaker, Terry Brubaker Musicians: Mark West, Alesron Lancaster Guest Organist: Cheryl Kite 11:00 Celebrant: The Rev. Marquita L. Hutchens Verger: Hal Stirling Eucharistic Ministers: Ken Chance, Bill Rivenbark, Nancy Mansfield Acolytes: Maddie Jandrain, Philip Buffa, Tillie Jandrain Ushers: Bill Anderson, Wright Shields, Ed Latham, Lee Knott Greeters: Rae Cowan, Beth Jones Guest Organist: Cheryl Kite Altar Guild: Carolyn McCulley, Ann Hiller, Nell Hudson, Margo Skaggs

All are invited to join us on Tuesday May 13, 2014 for the annual ECW spring dinner. Social starts at 5:30pm in the ministry center. The evenings speaker will be David Leahey, Director of Music. Cost is $20.00. Please make your reservation and dinner selection with Judi by Wednesday May 7, 2014.

Men are welcome to attend. New Sunday School Class for Adults: Bible 101

Join the conversation for all the things you didn’t know about the Bible. Today we’re going to look at how the Bible got from its original languages into English. ! You are welcome to bring your own Bible, but we’ll have plenty in case you forget. Facilitated by the Rev. Paul Canady, Sundays at 10:00am in the Pelletier Room.

Camp Hope Needs Sponsors!

We have many campers without sponsors at this time and we hope YOU will be able to contribute to their Camp Hope opportunity! The cost per child is $350 but you can give any amount (more or less) and it will help cover the expenses. Make your check out to Christ Church and be sure to get it in by May 30th! Our local campers will be holding a car wash on May 17th (raindate May 24th) at Miracle Wash 1209 Hwy 70E from 10-2, and they hope you will purchase a $10 ticket and let them help you get your car SQUEAKY CLEAN! Tickets are available from adult volunteers, campers and at the church receptionist desk. For more information call Terry Brubaker at 514-9550.

Christ Church Clergy Interim Rector ~ The Rev. Dr. William Carl Thomas ~ Mobile 252.876.6841 Associate Rector for Pastoral Care ~ The Rev. Marquita L. Hutchens ~ Mobile 252.639.0606 Associate Rector for Youth & Young Family Ministries ~ The Rev. H. Paul Canady ~ Mobile 252.571.6892 Christ Church Staff Director of Music ~ David Leahey Operations Manager ~ Nancy Przybylko Director of Children’s Ministries ~ Ann Bustard Receptionist ~ Judi Dorn Nursery Staff ~ Stephanie Hawkins & Megan Uihlein Sexton ~ Bill Marshall Christ Church Vestry Term thru 2014: Ellen Chance, David Cook, Kathy Mansfield, Ray Tait Term through 2015: Jane Merritt, Senior Warden, Mike Power, Junior Warden, Mark Johnson, Charles Smith Term through 2016: Ross Beebe, Terry Brubaker, John Harper and Jettie Pelletier Christ Church welcomes information concerning church events and ministries. All items submitted for publication must be received in the office by no later than noon on Wednesdays, and are subject to editing based on the date (if applicable), content and available space. Submit items to

In peace we pray to you, Lord God Names on the list of families and friends remain on the prayer list for three months. If there is someone that needs to remain on the prayer list, please call the office to have their name placed on the list again. For our ill and recovering parishioners: Art and Diane Vance, Fred Latham, Barbara Willis, Norma Doane, Edna Bearnes, Doris McDougal, Herb Parker, Elliott Hudgins, Gary Derck, Margaret Hornby, Percy Thackston, Pat Chandler, Janet Stevens, Marge Trubiano, Lois Besanko, David, Jackie Barney, Dru Nichols, Linda Lore, Ralph Cowan, Jeanette Armour, Vance Harper Jones, Eddie Eddleman, Mike Pridgen, Ellen Maguire, Chris Thackston, Baker, Donna Johnson, Muriel Latham, Steve Dembickie, Kay Gariepy, Dottie Parker, Sonja Doran, Kim Huddle, Sue Hartley, Jean Reichenbach, Jay Valentine, Steve O’Brien, Mort Geller, Cooper Kunkle, Rip Taggert, Alice Winters

For our families and friends: Bella, Natalie, Natalie, Baby Alice, Holt, Karen, Virginia, Jim, Zachary, Arianna, Phyllis , Carolyn, Steve, John, Frances, James, Anna Mae, Jan, Andrew, Travis, Paul, Cynthia, Josh, Ruth, William, Derek, Tina, Bernie, Hudson, Donna, William, Carol, Michael, Jan, William, Mariya, Martin, Bob, Marcia, Biagio, Kris, Beth, Judith, Eve, Yvonne, Bill, Shirley, Frank, Kirby, Melinda, Ed, Mike, Susan, Tuckie, Rosie, Ethel

For our students away from home: Moe Andreiev, Whit Barnes, Kelsey Bennett, Lawrence Bowers, Amanda Buffa, Cory Connell, Brittany Ferrell,

Will Cook, Virginia Dutton, Anna Louise Flanagan, Kate Flanagan, Malia Guidage, Sarah Hancock, Mary Harper, Victoria Hooper, Campbell Huddle, Jacques Jandrain, Sarah Jeske, Ashley King, Jay King, William Little, Tyler McClimon, Dana McLaughlin, Samantha Miller, James Robinson, Claire Shields, Ray Shields, Branham Talton, John Thomas, Eli Turner, Ian Turner

For our deployed military: Capt. Jason White, Cpl. Jason Church, Sgt. Bill Jarvis, Capt. Paul Truog, LCPL Ross Drury, SPC. Tyler Joseph, LT. Daniel Miller, PO1 Michael P. Gormley, Andrew Konzen, LT. Col. Chris Richie and family Michele, Hannah and Kate, Capt. Delbert R. Patton, PO James Hartley, SSG Andrea D. Eubanks, 1st LT Andrew Bonell

Diocesan Cycle of Prayer: Episcopal Campus Ministry St. Christopher’s, Havelock Iglesia San Marcos, Haina, Dominican Republic

Thank you for our First Intentional Communion participants:

Trent Adams, Betsy Beebe, Tayleigh Carpenter, Emily Childs,, John Childs, Gregory Hall, Mary Stewart Knott, Lily Lentz, Evan Misner, Victoria Pastor, Zack Thuringer, Helen Underhill, Sarah Jane Underhill

Christ Episcopal Church 252-633-2109 320 Pollock St., PO Box 1246, New Bern, NC 28563 Visit us on the Web Christ Church website <http://>

Men’s Breakfast Schedule Change Due to the Bishop Election at Christ Church on May 17, 2014 the Men’s breakfast has been rescheduled to Saturday May 24, 2014

in the Ministry Center at 8:00am Called to Serve... C-TV 10 (Channel 10), Rick Seybert, West Vanceboro Church of God, will share his testimony of how the Lord opened the doors for him to serve in Prison Ministry, and how his son has been instrumental in bringing him to faith. Sunday, May 4 at 6:30 pm and Thursday, May 8 at 7 pm, or at

Rector’s Class—LAST TWO WEEKS Wednesdays at 11:00 AM in the Library. With two weeks to go, The Rev. Dr. William Carl Thomas continues his deeper look at Acedia (“traditionally called sloth but better understood as boredom or apathy that leads to despair” - Dr. Diogenes Allen). Come and engage practical reflection -in-action exercises that counter Acedia’s impact on our ability, with God’s help, to over come the other Deadly Thoughts.

Sunday, 5/4 Join us in the Parish House for coffee after each service. Church Periodical Club Sunday 10:00am Sunday School for all ages 5:00pm Spring Foyers Kick-Off off-site Monday, 5/5 6:30pm Stephen Ministry 6:30pm Men’s Bible Study 7:00pm Daughters of the King Tuesday, 5/6 8:00am Holy Eucharist 10:00am Women’s Bible Study; Philippians (Women’s Connection Room) 2:00pm Order of St. Luke Wednesday, 5/7 10:00am Holy Eucharist 11:00am Rector’s Bible Study “A Deeper Look at Acedia ”

3:30pm 6:00pm 6:15pm 7:00pm 5:00pm

7:30am 8:45am 9:45am 10:00am 11:00am

Listening in Lent Group Reports The members of the Vestry greatly appreciate the willingness of the facilitators to share their expertise in leading the Listening in Lent sessions, as a preliminary step in our Rector Search process. We are most grateful to Janet Peregoy for training the facilitators and the Vestry, and to the facilitators who devoted so much of their time to the process in their groups: Vanessa Asterman, Ashley Carpenter, Amy Derck, Bob Emory, Harry Gormley, David Greenwald, Rob Jutras, Mary Lynn Linton, Nelson McDaniel, Janet Peregoy, Gay Stuart and Sims Wayt. Thank you all for your faithful support!

Wednesday, 5/7, cont’d. Women’s Grief Group (Pelletier Room) EfM Program “Came To Believe” AA Parish Choir Thursday, 5/8 Rescheduled St. Frances’ ECW Picnic off-site Friday, 5/9 Saturday, 5/10 Sunday, 5/11 MOTHER’S DAY UTO Sunday Holy Eucharist: Rite I Holy Eucharist: Rite II Teacher Appreciation Reception Last Sunday for Sunday School Holy Eucharist: Rite II

“Gracious and Merciful Father, keep us mindful that the past is where we have come from; our future is where we are headed; and the present is where we reside. May we preserve the legacy of our pasts, accept today’s gifts given by your grace and look to the future with hope.” An ingathering of the UTO will be held Sunday, May 11. Your money and prayers have The Post-it notes have been typed under the affiliation catebuilt churches, made needed renovations, fed gories the which the groups assigned them. There will be the hungry, clothed the poor, and provided two Master Folders with all the reports available for check shelter for those with physical, mental and out at the Reception Desk for those who are interested in emotional problems. It is important to note, reading the raw data reports. If you would like to receive ethat all monies contributed to the fund are mail copies of the reports, please contact the following Vestry used for charitable purposes only; all overmembers who will forward them the reports generated from head expenses are covered by a separate trust their sessions to you: fund. So, please return your UTO offering at Group Vestry Member one of the three services on Sunday, May 11, or Sunday 12:30pm Group Kathy Mansfield mail it or drop it off at the reception desk. Pelletier Room Make your checks payable to Christ Church Sunday 5:00pm Group Terry Brubaker Ministry Center Riverbend Koinonia Monday, 1:00pm Group Ross Beebe Pelletier Room Please join us for a cookout and boating (opt.) Monday, 7:00pm Group John Harper on Sat. May 17, 3-5pm at the home of Mike & Fairfield Harbour Marty Power, 242 Shoreline Dr. all are welcome. Tuesday, 7:00pm Group Mike Power Please bring a lawn chair. RSVP by May 12 to Pelletier Room Connie Whitney at 633-1931 or Mike Power at Thursday, 7:00pm Group Jettie Pelletier 638-5086 River Bern Jane Merritt, Senior Warden

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