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The Crown News from Christ Church, a worshipping community in New Bern, NC, and the Episcopal Diocese of East Carolina since 1715

April 2014 March 24, 2014 Dear Fellow Parishioners,

After much discernment and prayer, the Vestry has selected the Rector Search Committee members. The Vestry has clear responsibility for the entire process with the Search Committee working on behalf of the Vestry as written in the Charge to the Search Committee (see page 2). The initial phase of the Search will begin with telling the story of Christ Church’s past, present and hopes for the future, along with a description of what our parish is seeking in our next rector. “Listening in Lent” is providing an opportunity for all parishioners to listen as well as share the ways God is calling Christ Church. We sincerely ask for your daily prayers for each member of the Search Committee as they embark on this journey of discernment together. May the collective wisdom of the committee members be guided by the Holy Spirit in their deliberations and discussions. Rector Search Committee Members Letha Ricks Ashley Carpenter David Cook John Harper Susan Husson Betsy Jutras Alex Norwood Jettie Pelletier Jason Thuringer David Ward

Chair Vestry Vestry (ex officio) Vestry

Sincerely in Christ,

Letha Ricks Chair of the Rector Search Committee

Jane Merritt Senior Warden

April 2014

The Crown

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With God’s help, Christ with us, and empowered by the Holy Spirit… The Vestry of Christ Episcopal Church, New Bern, North Carolina, charges the Search Committee to the following: required in a priest to partner with us in the lead1. Prayerfully and purposefully conduct a process of ership of this community and enable the mission discernment in consultation with the Office of the and ministry of Christ Episcopal Church to be Bishop of East Carolina, to articulate the mission, met, and together reach our visions of the future. vision and ministry of Christ Episcopal Church, 7. Interview and communicate respectfully with and search for an individual to present to the Vescandidates who demonstrate capacity to equip us try for possible election as Rector. for our ministries. Observe respect and maintain 2. Revise the Prayer of Discernment currently in use confidentiality when considering specific candias appropriate. This prayer is encouraged for use dates for Rector. Serve as ambassadors of our parby all members of the congregation and for regular ish that we may be clearly and accurately presentuse during the time of searching. ed to the candidates. Arrange for visits to Christ 3. Develop a budget for travel and other expenses of Episcopal Church and, optionally as appropriate, the Search Committee to be approved by the Vesvisits to final candidates. try. 4. Provide the Vestry with regular reports and keep 8. The Vestry expects the Search Committee to work with the Office of the Bishop of East Carolina to the people of Christ Episcopal Church informed complete formal background checks and due diliregarding the search process with the exclusion of gence on finalists. The Vestry will not expect specandidates’ names and profiles. cific information identifying candidates until the 5. With Christ Episcopal Church parishioners, disfinal candidate is presented. The Vestry does excern an accurate awareness of the current life of pect to be updated on the interview process and Christ Episcopal Church. Articulate a description to receive general information about the progress for those who might consider candidacy as Rector of the search process. that reflects the ministry (using, with the help of 9. Having elected to adopt the Diocesan targeted the Canon to the Ordinary, tools like those prosearch process, the Vestry charges the Search vided by the Office of Transition Ministry and the Committee to develop a timeline to track progress Transition Ministry Conference) and vision of the and goals for the completion of the search process. parish through “Listening in Lent” and other The Vestry prefers to receive the recommended sources. The Vestry expects to review and apname of a final candidate for Vestry interview and prove this Profile. election as the next Rector by November 1, 2014. 6. Discern the characteristics, ministries, and gifts

April is Child Abuse and Sexual Assault Prevention Month Look for the banners!

Originating in 1978 as the Craven County-sponsored Council for Women, Promise Place has a mission to build safer communities free of sexual violence and its impact through advocacy, education, and therapeutic support. For more than thirty-five years, Promise Place has been the only agency specializing in advocacy and therapy services for child and adult victims of sexual violence in Craven, Jones, and Pamlico Counties. Our programs focus on victims’ advocacy services, community outreach/ prevention, and mental health services. We offer comprehensive support for victims, including medical and legal advocacy, community resource referrals, educational presentations, and individual and group therapeutic counseling. We also provide a 24/7/365 crisis line operated by trained advocates. The crisis line makes available support and care coordination to victims, their family member(s), and other professionals who respond to abuse and/ or assault cases. Our office hours are 9am-6pm, Monday through Friday, with other times available by appointment. Contact Monica Kazan, Promise Place - Telephone # 252-636-3381, Crisis Line 252-635-7096

April 2014

The Crown

Important Dates to Remember in April ... Tuesday, April 1 6:00pm Greeter Gathering in Parish House 7:00pm Listening in Lent in the Pelletier Room

Wednesday, April 2 12noon Lenten Concert Series Performer David Leahey, Director of Music 12:30pm Lenten Luncheon ($5.00) provided by St. Elizabeth’s ECW in the Ministry Center

Thursday, April 3 2:00pm St. Francis ECW in the Parish House 7:00pm Listening in Lent in River Bend

Friday, April 4 5:00pm Stations of the Cross in the Chapel - enter at reception door

Sunday, April 6 Ingathering of RCS food bags 12:15pm Acolyte Training in the Sanctuary 12:30pm Listening in Lent in the Pelletier Room 5:00pm Listening in Lent in the Ministry Center dinner will be served & babysitting will be provided during the program 5:00pm First Intentional Communion for grades 2- 5 in the Parish House

Monday, April 7 1:00pm Listening in Lent in the Pelletier Room 7:00pm Listening in Lent in Fairfield Harbor

Tuesday, April 8 7:00pm Listening in Lent in the Pelletier Room

Thursday, April 10 7:00pm Listening in Lent in River Bend

Friday, April 11 5:00pm Stations of the Cross in the Chapel - enter at reception door

St. Elizabeth ECW Ken Capps, local author, will present his latest novel,

”Forgiving Waters”

at the April 14 meeting at 10:00am in the Parish House. For more information, visit his website

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April 2014

The Crown

Holy Week: A Jewel of a Revival By The Rev. Dr. William Carl Thomas Interim Rector

There are Christian groups that put a great deal of time and effort into a one week revival. Typically a guest preacher of some renown is selected and brought to town. Beginning most often on a Sunday evening, the preacher delivers a series of sermons that reflect the theme of the revival over four or five nights. Music, an altar call, and a collection surround the preacher’s message. When asked why The Episcopal Church does not offer revivals, I answer, “But we do, we call our revival Holy Week.” I then add, “And we have a weekly altar call when people leave their seats and come forward for Holy Communion.” To quote The Rev. Dr. Louis Weil, my Liturgics professor while in seminary, Holy Week is a time “where instead of looking at a magnificent jewel as a whole, we come up closely and look at its facets, one at a time.” The image of whole and facets needs an historical underpinning. During the first three centuries of the church, people worshipped Sunday to Sunday and celebrated a little Easter each week. Egeria, a nun of the 4th century, used the freedom to travel to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. This was a blessing of the Roman Emperor Constantine’s recognition and support of the Christian church. Here she found Christians following the actual path of Jesus to the cross on the ground he walked. Egeria kept a diary that when rediscovered in the late 19th century explained what had become the custom we now know as Holy Week. Are you ready for the revival, then, that is coming to Christ Church beginning on April 13th? What follows is really an invitation to come and look closely at all or as many of the facets as you can during Holy Week 2014. Sunday, April 13th The Sunday of the Passion: Palm Sunday Two jewels fit awkwardly into this setting as two traditions of the church are presented on the Sunday before Easter. As the knowledge of the Holy Land customs spread, some parts of the church kept to the Sunday-toSunday tradition and placed what we call Palm Sunday two weeks before what was accepted as The Great Sunday, or Easter. What we remember on Good Friday, the Passion of Jesus Christ, was placed on the Sunday before The Great Sunday. Consequently, we have two different worship experiences competing for our attention at literally the same time! Palm Sunday will have early prominence in our worship this year at Christ Church as we move the reading of the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ to after we share Holy Communion. The Passion Gospel will be presented in a ‘Reader’s Theater’ style with six readers standing on the chancel steps. Be prepared to get just a little wet as

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the palms will be blessed as you hold them. We begin our worship with the Liturgy of the Palms in a location that allows us to join the joyful crowd that welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem (7:30 in the Parish House, 8:45 and 11:00 weather permitting at the outdoor historic church). Sunday, April 13th – Passiontide Concert at 7pm The story of Jesus’ death and resurrection will be sung by the Parish Choir. Monday, April 14th – Morning Prayer at 9am The Education for Ministry class invites you to join them for a lay-led expression of our faith in the Chapel. This jewel is a meditative expression that uses silence to prepare us for the events of our Holy Week. Tuesday, April 15th – Holy Eucharist at 8am The jewel that is our regularly scheduled Tuesday Holy Eucharist will seem different yet the same when placed in its Holy Week setting. It will be like a prayer in the Book of Common Prayer that you’ve recited many times and then all of the sudden find it jumping off the page with new meaning. There will also be clergy from the Diocese of East Carolina on our grounds as Christ Church hosts at 10:30am the Service of Collegiality & Renewal of Ordination Vows at the request of Bishop Lee. The chrism for the coming year will also be blessed by Bishop Lee at this time. Wednesday, April 16th Holy Eucharist at 10am As was the case with the Holy Eucharist on Tuesday, the Wednesday 10am Holy Eucharist with prayers for Healing will be enveloped by our Holy Week journey with Jesus. Tenebrae at 7pm The name Tenebrae (the Latin word for "darkness" or "shadows") has for centuries applied to the ancient monastic night and early morning services (Matins and Lauds) of the last three days of Holy Week. This jewel, from the Book of Occasional Services, is held on Wednesday evening only in order that the proper liturgies of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday may find their place as the principal services of those days. We come to the Chapel and begin our worship with 15 lit candles. These are slowly extinguished as we read scripture, psalms, and offer prayer in this very ancient form of worship. There is no communion at this liturgy which is very much a microcosm of our revival week. The single candle that is returned to view at the end of Tenebrae recalls Christ’s victory over the absence of love called Hell. Thursday, April 17th – Maundy Thursday (Holy Eucharist with Footwashing) at 7pm One jewel that is found at Christ Church is the commitment to care for others. We recall the teaching of Jesus by joining him in washing feet. The English word "maundy" is derived from the Latin word mandatum, which is the Vulgate's translation of Jesus 'words in John 13: 34: "I

April 2014

The Crown

give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another." We also recall the institution of the Holy Eucharist by vesting in white. There is an expression of a Maundy Thursday tradition that I would like to present as a trial jewel in the Christ Church Holy Week array. As we do not have an Aumbry or Tabernacle in public view in which to keep the reserve sacrament, I have placed a red encased sanctuary light behind the altar on a special stand, beginning on The Fifth Sunday in Lent, for use through Easter. A light such as this is used in churches to recall Exodus 25:8-9 and John 1:14 (God has pitched God’s tent among us = The word became flesh and dwelt among us). In common use, the Red Sanctuary Light, or what I call The Light of the Presence, burns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until the moment on Maundy Thursday when we process the consecrated Body and Blood of Jesus Christ out of the church for placement on the Altar of Repose in the Chapel. The Light of the Presence is extinguished on Maundy Thursday as process singing “Now, my tongue the mystery telling.” Be sure to tell me how this experience affected your Holy Week devotion. The Stripping of the Altar that follows recalls preparing the tomb. For a brief moment, the silent and necessary work of the Altar Guild finds public view. We then leave the church in silence to join Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane and Calvary. The Nightwatch: Thursday, April 17th 8pm to Midnight and Friday, April 18th 8am to Noon The Nightwatch at the Altar of Repose in the Chapel is an opportunity for profound reflection on what it meant for the human Christ to be ready to encounter the pain of death. Jesus asked his disciples to stay awake with him yet they fell asleep to which Jesus said, "Could you not stay awake with me one hour?" A sign-up sheet is in the Reception Area for you to choose the hour you wish to spend with Jesus during Thursday night and Friday morning. Friday, April 18th Good Friday The Liturgy of the Hours Noon to 3pm Many jewels come into view now. The prayerbook liturgy for Good Friday is the basis of the first hour. We hear The Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ, pray The Solemn Collects, venerate the cross with three anthems and conclude as we consume the Sacrament of Christ’s Body and Blood from Maundy Thursday. This hour includes hymns and our Parish Choir. The second and third hour is very much a come and stay for as long as you can to as many of the reflections on The Last Seven Words of Christ as offered by members of our larger New Bern community. Our Director of Music, David Leahey, will offer a musical response to many of these reflections. Friday, April 18th Good Friday The Stations of the Cross 4pm and 5pm There are up to fourteen stations that teach in picture form Jesus’ passion from the time he is condemned

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until he is laid in the tomb. A version for children will take place at 4pm and the adult expression from The Book of Occasional Services starts at 5pm. Saturday, April 19th Holy Saturday As If We Were Outside Jesus’ Tomb at 9am The Holy Saturday prayerbook liturgy is brief, powerful and illuminating. Imagine sitting outside the tomb with Mary the mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and the other Mary as they mourned his death. There is no Holy Eucharist, just scripture and a reflection. Saturday, April 19th The Great Vigil of Easter at 5pm The Great Vigil is the first service of Easter and is designed to be accessible for children. This year this liturgy has four jewels in its setting: 1. The Service of Light (including chanted Exsultet). 2. The Service of Lessons (three Old Testament). 3. Holy Baptism(s) and Renewal of Baptismal Promises. 4. Holy Eucharist including Easter communion. Having appropriated the Jewish understanding that the day begins at sundown, we prepare to celebrate the Paschal Mystery, namely Christ's resurrection from the dead, during the Great Vigil of Easter. We start in the darkness of a world that has seemingly lost hope only to be propelled by the light of the Risen Christ and our joy therein. The Exsultet, an ancient prayer that praises the Light of Christ, will be chanted. We recall the record of God’s saving deeds in history through the reading of scripture and the praying of psalms. Jackson Viet will be brought forward for Holy Baptism. Then we walk in the footsteps of Christians who centuries before proclaimed, "Alleluia, Christ is risen, the Lord is risen, indeed, Alleluia." With voices raised in thankful praise and song, we remember that by Christ's resurrection from the dead, indeed, with God all things are possible! We hear scripture and a sermon. Finally, within The Great Thanksgiving we taste and see that the Lord is good as bread and wine are brought forward to be consecrated and become for us the Body and Blood of Christ: The First Eucharist of Easter! Bring small bells to ring (we’ll have extra at the church) or jingle your car keys to share your joy when we proclaim ALLELUIA! Sunday, April 20th The Sunday of the Resurrection: Easter Day 7:30am, 9am (Contemporary Music), 11am (Traditional Music) This Easter will be different from any other Easter! This is because we bring the experience of our faith into the enactment of the Paschal Mystery and see with new eyes what God has done in our lives during the past year. Decorating a cross with flowers is a favorite Christ Church tradition as well as the Easter Egg Hunt at 10:15am. The small bells you bring to ring or the jingle of your car keys share our joy as we proclaim ALLELUIA. Such joy adorns our Holy Week / Easter crown of jewels!

April 2014

The Crown

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Opportunities to use your gifts/ talents in & around Christ Church ... Opportunity #1: Funeral Team Invitation This is an invitation to welcome new members to the Funeral Team list, or the “Bakers-on-call” list when a funeral is being planned. We currently have 8 teams of 4 people to a team. Mary Tait and I would like to expand that to 10 teams, with a Substitute List for when a member is away. It is a wonderful ministry of Christ Church that reaches out and touches our church families, with sharing and caring in a warm and loving atmosphere of friendship, good food and beverage at no cost to the family. Please consider joining us in this most rewarding and loving ministry. Please contact Bev Fawcett252-638-4598 or Mary Tait 252-288-5316.  Opportunity # 2: Volunteers & Organizational support are needed for Camp Hope. If you would like more information about this support, please contact Terry Brubaker at: or 252-514-9550 

Building a sustainable ministry for children & youth May 29 — June 1 Christ Church has a long tradition of great ministry to children and youth, and we want to continue building on that tradition. We have engaged the services of Ministry Architects ( to help us develop a plan for a more sustainable ministry to and with children and youth. Ministry Architects will spend the majority of their time on May 29-June 1 listening to a variety of groups within the church through focused listening groups. We hope to see participation in those groups from a broad spectrum of youth, parents, volunteers, staff and people who just love our young people. We want your insights, your frustrations and your dreams to be heard. After spending 3 days in these listening groups (still to be organized) and taking copious notes the Ministry Architects team will hunker down to write a report, sharing with us what they’ve heard about the youth and children’s ministries – including assets, challenges, and how we compare to children’s ministries around the country – and where it seems that God might be taking us next. The report will be presented to the congregation at a later point, laying out specific recommendations and a blueprint for how to move forward. We are still in the process of developing the schedule for Ministry Architects visit and will announce that after Easter. Leslie Jandrain will be coordinating the listening sessions. If you would like to be included in the process, please drop her an email at If you would like to be part of this process and have your voice heard, please contact the Rev. Paul Canady, Associate Rector for Youth & Young Families ( or 252.633.2109) or Ann Bustard, Director of Children’s Ministry (252.633.2109 or ).

Question &Answer Sessions 

The best way to meet and hear from the nominees is to attend at least one of the Q&A Sessions. These events are open to everyone in the Diocese. For those who might not be able to attend, the April 30th event will be recorded and posted to our YouTube channel. Each session begins at 7:00 pm. Monday, April 28 - St. Paul’s, Greenville 401 E 4th St., Greenville, NC 27858 Tuesday, April 29 - Christ Church, Elizabeth City 200 S. McMorrine St, Elizabeth City, NC 27909

Wednesday, April 30 - St. Andrew's, Morehead City 2005 Arendell St., Morehead City, NC 28557 Thursday, May 1 - St. John's, Wilmington 1219 Forest Hills Dr., Wilmington, NC 28403

Friday, May 2 - St. John's, Fayetteville 302 Green St., Fayetteville, NC 28301

April 2014

The Crown

Spring Foyers

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Cookie Walk 2013 Report

The Kick-Off for Spring/Summer Foyers begins with a gathering on: Sunday, May 4 at 5:00pm at the home of : Martha & Jim Ross, 216 Johnson St. Foyers is a Christ Church ministry whose purpose is to promote fellowship among parish members, while enjoying a great meal together. Everyone is invited to join! Your Foyer Group assignments will be distributed at that time. Please bring finger foods to share -- beverages are provided. If you would like to participate, contact Delle Curry, 634-1863, or

The reservation deadline is Sunday, April 27

On January 22, the ECW Board was given the final report for Cookie Walk 2013. Receipts totaled $6501, including $510 from the cafe and $352 from the craft table; their highest numbers to date and proof that Cookie Walk at Christ Church is much more than just cookies! In the six years spanning Cookie Walk 2008 through 2013, Christ Church has raised $36,872 for outreach such as MERCI Clinic and RCS. Plans for Cookie Walk 2014 are already in the works. To insure that this popular ministry stays vigorous, Cookie Walk co-chairs Hazel Campesi and Claire Newsome would like to find two or three persons to shadow them this year, with the plan that they would take over for 2015. Excellent outlines are in place, but new ideas are also essen-

tial. Newcomers to Christ Church are welcome!

Operating Fund - January 2014 INCOME

Annual YTD 2014 Jan. Budget Budget YTD actual

YTD 2014 Jan. variance Monthly

2013 Jan. Monthly Actual

Pledges Non Pledged Income Other Income







70,000 28,050

4,417 2,479

2,711 1,565

(1,705) (914)

2,711 1,565

4,846 1,890

Total Income







12,050 22,000

1,713 1,596

1,188 821

524 775

1,188 821

721 559

104,300 8,125 23,350 2,846 92,288 4,399 59,000 4,917 51,900 3,742 357,512 38,912 196,178 19,211 918,578 85,459

8,125 2,619 1,701 4,273 2,150 47,756 24,095 92,727

0 227 2,698 644 1,592 (8,844) (4,884) (7,268)

8,125 2,619 1,701 4,273 2,150 47,756 24,095 92,728

7,875 3,324 11,268 1,007 1,683 36,219 14,735 77,391

8,472 (9,480)


EXPENSES Worship Education Outreach/Diocesan Pledge Parish Support Bldgs & Grounds Utilities Office Clergy Staff Total Expense NET INCOME



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