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March 23 ~ March 30

Directories for your geographic regions will be made available this spring to help you know the Christ Church neighbors closest to you. The directories are rolling out one at a time. Your patience is appreciated. These Koinonia directories are a work in progress. With your help they can become a helpful tool in times of celebration and in times of concern. What you can do to help: 

Check the information listed to verify that it is correct. Email Nancy Przybylko with corrections,, or call 252633-2109.

If you have a cell phone and do not mind sharing your cell phone number, it will be helpful to your neighbors when the power goes out during a storm. Some will want to check in with you or you may want to check in with others to verify that everyone is okay. Having a phone charger in your car can help keep the phone charged during power outages. If we do not already have your cell phone number you may send it to Nancy Przybylko.

Interestingly, we find some addresses outside their logical Koinonia boundary. At this time I am working with a team to realign some of the boundaries. The lines and labeling were created years ago and in some cases, with new neighborhoods and roads, it seems a little tweaking may be helpful.

Some Koinonia areas that are geographically adjacent are being combined into the same directory for your convenience. Mailing labels are Continued on page 2

Those Serving Today 7:30 Celebrant: The Rev. Dr. William Carl Thomas Verger: Hal Stirling Eucharistic Ministers: Kathy Evans, Chip Curtis Greeters: Nancy Blease, Dorothy Crute 8:45 Celebrant: The Rev. Marquita L. Hutchens Verger: Hal Stirling Eucharistic Ministers: Geoff Wood, Rosie Wood Acolytes: Sarah Kate Childs, Michaela Carlisle, John Childs Ushers: Terry Bell, Buddy Carpenter Greeters: Jay Barnes, Linda Barnes Musicians: Mark West, Alesron Lancaster Director of Music: David Leahey 11:00 Celebrant: The Rev. Marquita L. Hutchens Eucharistic Ministers: Ken Chance, John Grady, Rip Taggart Acolytes: Jack Huddle, Sydney Kitchen, Paden Kitchen Ushers: Ed Campbell, Carl Huddle, Eric Polese, Helena Polese Greeters: Glenna Davis, Tom O’Connor Director of Music: David Leahey Altar Guild: Pat McCotter, Mary Parrish, Susan Rivenbark, Ginny Borowicz

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available from Nancy Przybylko if you would like to invite folks over for a birthday or some other celebration. Please give Nancy plenty of lead time. 

The directories will be hand carried to you by folks in your neighborhood. Please welcome them.

Debt of gratitude So many have done so much with Koinonia over the years it is impossible to thank everyone. I would like to thank Terry Brubaker and April Adams over the last many years for their leadership and care. They spent countless hours calling for leadership volunteers in each area, communicating needed information and coordinating activities and meetings. Also, there are the many leaders throughout New Bern who have coordinated care and helped newcomers get acquainted. We are grateful to all of you for your dedication and help! A New Face With this directory Koinonia is taking on a new face. Some things we’ve done in the past have worked well. Some things need tweaking. With this directory we are counting on your creativity to find ways to have fun. Yours in Christ,


The Rev. Paul Canady is serving as Spiritual Director this weekend at New Beginnings.

Christ Church Clergy Interim Rector ~ The Rev. Dr. William Carl Thomas ~ Mobile 252.876.6841 Associate Rector for Pastoral Care ~ The Rev. Marquita L. Hutchens ~ Mobile 252.639.0606 Associate Rector for Youth & Young Family Ministries ~ The Rev. H. Paul Canady ~ Mobile 252.571.6892 Christ Church Staff Director of Music ~ David Leahey Operations Manager ~ Nancy Przybylko Director of Children’s Ministries ~ Ann Bustard Receptionist ~ Judi Dorn Nursery Staff ~ Stephanie Hawkins & Megan Uihlein Sexton ~ Bill Marshall Christ Church Vestry Term thru 2014: Ellen Chance, David Cook, Kathy Mansfield, Ray Tait Term through 2015: Jane Merritt, Senior Warden, Mike Power, Junior Warden, Mark Johnson, Charles Smith Term through 2016: Ross Beebe, Terry Brubaker, John Harper and Jettie Pelletier Christ Church welcomes information concerning church events and ministries. All items submitted for publication must be received in the office by no later than noon on Wednesdays, and are subject to editing based on the date (if applicable), content and available space. Submit items to

In peace we pray to you, Lord God Names on the list of families and friends remain on the prayer list for three months. If there is someone that needs to remain on the prayer list, please call the office to have their name placed on the list again. For our ill and recovering parishioners: Art and Diane Vance, Fred Latham, Barbara Willis, Nan Baughman, Norma Doane, Edna Bearnes, Doris McDougal, Herb Parker, Elliott Hudgins, Gary Derck, Margaret Hornby, Percy Thackston, Pat Chandler, Janet Stevens, Marge Trubiano, Lois Besanko, David, Jackie Barney, Dru Nichols, Linda Lore, Ralph Cowan, Jeanette Armour, Vance Harper Jones, Eddie Eddleman, Mike Pridgen, Ellen Maguire, Chris Thackston, Ann Baker, Donna Johnson, Muriel Latham, Steve Dembickie, Kay Gariepy, Dottie Parker, Sonja Doran, Kim Huddle, Sue Hartley

For our families and friends: Bella, Natalie, Natalie, Baby Alice, Holt, Karen, Virginia, Jim, Zachary, Arianna, Phyllis , Carolyn, Steve, John, Frances, James, Anna Mae, Steve, Jan, Andrew, Travis, Paul, Cynthia, Ima, Josh, Ruth, William, Derek, Tina, Bernie, Hudson, Donna, William, Carol, Michael, Jan, William, Mariya, Martin, Juliet, Bob, Marcia, Biagio, Kris

For our students away from home: Moe Andreiev, Whit Barnes, Kelsey Bennett, Lawrence Bowers, Amanda Buffa, Cory Connell, Brittany Ferrell,

Will Cook, Virginia Dutton, Anna Louise Flanagan, Kate Flanagan, Malia Guidage, Sarah Hancock, Victoria Hooper, Campbell Huddle, Jacques Jandrain, Sarah Jeske, Ashley King, Jay King, William Little, Tyler McClimon, Dana McLaughlin, Samantha Miller, James Robinson, Claire Shields, Ray Shields, Branham Talton, John Thomas, Eli Turner, Ian Turner

For our deployed military: Capt. Jason White, Cpl. Jason Church, Sgt. Bill Jarvis, Capt. Paul Truog, LCPL Ross Drury, SPC. Tyler Joseph, LT. Daniel Miller, PO1 Michael P. Gormley, Andrew Konzen, LT. Col. Chris Richie and family Michele, Hannah and Kate, Capt. Delbert R. Patton, PO James Hartley, SSG Andrea D. Eubanks, 1st LT Andrew Bonell

For those who mourn…. ...the family and friends of Elizabeth Hanna ...the family and friends of Fay Garman, mother of Jesse Garman, grandmother of Abby Garman

Diocesan Cycle of Prayer: St. Philip’s, Southport San José, Andrés Boca Chica, Dominican Republic

Christ Episcopal Church 252-633-2109 320 Pollock St., PO Box 1246, New Bern, NC 28563 Visit us on the Web Christ Church website <http://>

Called to Serve... C-TV 10 (Channel 10), Rev. Sandy Quinonez, Executive Director of Eastern Pregnancy Information Center, host of the Kingdom Vision TV program, and leader of a new church plant, Kingdom Impact, will share where the Lord is leading her at present. Sunday, 3/23 at 6:30pm and Thursday, 3/27 at 7pm, or at

Sunday, 3/23 Join us in the Parish House for coffee after each service. 10:00am Sunday School for all ages 12:30pm Listening in Lent (Pelletier Room) 5:00pm Listening in Lent (Ministry Center) 5:00pm First Intentional Communion (Pelletier Room) Monday, 3/24 10:00am Prayer Shawl Ministry 1:00pm Listening in Lent (Pelletier Room) 5:15pm Stephen Ministry 6:30pm Men’s Bible Study 7:00pm Vestry (Pelletier Room) 7:00pm Listening in Lent (Fairfield Harbour) Tuesday, 3/25 8:00am Holy Eucharist 10:00am Women’s Bible Study; Philippians 2:00pm Order of St. Luke 7:00pm Listening in Lent (Pelletier Room) Wednesday, 3/26 10:00am Holy Eucharist 11:00am Rector’s Bible Study; 8 Deadly Thoughts 12:00pm Lenten Concert (Church)

12:30pm 1:00pm 2:00pm 6:00pm 6:15pm 7:00pm 7:00pm 5:00pm 7:00pm

7:30am 8:45am 10:00am 11:00am 12:30pm 5:00pm 5:00pm

Adult Education Classes: Session 5 February 23 - March 23 Synthesis with CB Evans, Women’s Connection (Please note the change of location for Synthesis) Q&A About the Bishop Election with The Rev. Dr. William Carl Thomas, Library

Wednesday, 3/26, cont’d. Lenten Luncheon (Ministry Center) Men’s Grief Group Women’s Grief Group EfM Program “Came To Believe” AA Parish Choir Thursday, 3/27 Listening in Lent (River Bend) Friday, 3/28 Stations of the Cross (Chapel) (Please enter at the reception door) David Leahey & Ian Lane Free Concert (Sanctuary) Saturday, 3/29 Sunday, 3/30 Holy Eucharist: Rite I Holy Eucharist: Rite II Sunday School for all ages Holy Eucharist: Rite II Listening in Lent (Pelletier Room) Listening in Lent (Ministry Center) First Intentional Communion (Grades 2-5) (Pelletier Room)

Shower & Food Bags We still have quite a few shower and food bags to be filled for the Farmworkers. Please stop by the table in the reception area and take one or two. Filled bags need to be returned to the same area by Sunday April 6, 2014.

Christ Church at New Beginnings #49

Alex Norwood and Dequan Williams are serving on team for New Beginnings, a retreat for middle schoolers. Alex Linton is a participant. Alex Norwood is the lead youth for the weekend, a role known as Shepherd. Dequan gave a talk on Saturday about family. The Rev. Paul Canady is the Spiritual Director for the weekend.

Sunday, April 6th 12:15pm For all current and prospective acolytes. For more information, contact Judi Dorn or The Rev. Paul Canady. 252-633-2109

Rothermel Foundation Lecture Series

The next free lecture will be on Sunday March 30, 2014, 2:00pm, at First Presbyterian Church, 400 New St., New Bern, NC 28560 Guest speaker: Sarah Gordon Constitutional Law and Professor of History, University of Pennsylvania Law School

Topic: Spirit of the Law: Religious Voices and the Constitution in Modern America.

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