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Paul Buciu Violins. Reghin.Romania

Paul Buciu is a Romanian violin maker from Transylvania, from the well-known city of Reghin, the city of violins. With a 16 year experience in instrument making, having created violins, violas and cellos. The instruments he creates are harmonious in sound and well balanced in range, produce a deep, rich and focused sound with good carrying power, being easily played by professionals. One of the best features of Paul Buciu’s instruments is the excellent quality wood. All the instruments are hand-made with craftsmanship and passion. The relationship with the buyer goes beyond the purchase, Paul Buciu offering an extensive help to modify the violin in order to produce the optimal sound for the player.

A Stradivari model ! Professional violin! Front: spruce! Back: maple!

A golden brown beautiful instrument, with antique finish.

The instrument is easy to play with a strong sound.

A Stradivari model! Maestro violin! Oil varnish!

A Stradivari model ! Maestro violin! Oil varnish!

Details of the Maestro violin.

Maestro Cello ! Front: spruce! Back: maple! Oil varnish! Larsen strings!

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Paul Buciu Violins  

A set of instruments handcrafted in Transylvania,