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Year 7 Revision Sheet Key Words Prejudice -

Persecution -

When you judge someone before you meet them

When you pick on someone for being different

Discrimination - When you make a decision against someone based on their colour, race or religion Scapegoat

– When you are made to take the blame for someone else.

Name some laws that the Nazi’s passed against the Jews _______________________________/Why_________________________________________ _______________________________/Why_________________________________________ _______________________________/Why_________________________________________ _______________________________/Why_________________________________________

Why didn’t the Jews fight back? Jews did fight back. For example, when the Nazi’s came to collect them from the Warsaw (Poland) Ghetto, they resisted and fought back. However, Jews believe in the 10 commandments.

Religious Teachings In order to get a high mark in your end of unit assessment, you must be able to explain WHY people risked their lives to help others. If you use the above quotes and use them to explain WHY Jews and non- Jews helped one another you will get a very good grade. Try to remember them for your assessment. You shall not stand idly by the blood of your neighbour (TORAH) The Story of the Good Samaritan (The Bible)