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What are the causes of crime? Objectives •To know environmental, social and psychological reasons for crime

Starter To look at newspaper articles and write down possible causes of the crime involved. Others views • search.shtml?scope=videonationarchive &q=crime • BBC - Video Nation - CRIME by Colin O'Dell-Athill

Activation Environmental, psychological, social causes of crime

Causes of Crime

Key Causes • Most persistent offenders – hard drugs, unemployed, no qualifications, been in care and are young (under 21). • Truancy at school can lead people of all backgrounds to getting few qualifications and lead them to crime. • Psych factors – some reports say 90% of young people on prison suffer with mental illness, also much crime is linked to drug use which can be caused by having an addictive personality and also can in turn cause mental illness.

Plenary “Why do young men under the age of 25 cause most crime.” Discuss

Causes of Crime  

causes of crime