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The Origins of the Cold War L/O – Why did the USA and the USSR become rivals between 1945-1949?

Peacemaking Quiz • Who were the ‘Big Three’ at the Paris Peace Conference? • • • • • • • •

What were Hitler’s main aims in foreign policy? What does BRAT stand for? Name two areas of land lost by Germany to other countries The union of Austria and Germany was forbidden. What was this called? Which 3 major countries were not members of the League] Where did Japan seek to expand? Manchuria was not considered a major blow to the League, but what did it do? Why did Mussolini want to take over Abyssinia?

Hitler/Origins • • • • • •

What were Hitler’s main aims in foreign policy? What was the Anglo-German Naval agreement of 1935? What happened on March 7, 1936? Give 3 argument for appeasement Give 3 arguments against appeasement By March 1939 most of Czech under Hitler’s control under the claim that he was restoring order. So, why did British foreign policy begin to change? • Why did the Nazi-Soviet Pact happen Aug 23rd 1939?

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Type of Government

Democratic – Elected by the people who have a choice of candidates from different parties

One Party dictatorship – People could only vote for Communists

Economic System

Capitalist – Private owned industries keep the profits

Communist – Everything owned by the State

Individual Rights

Freedom and rights of each person considered important. Americans believed the Governmentt should not interfere with peoples lives

Individual rights controlled by the state – The most important thing is was the good of society

Why did the allies fall out? • America had a fear that communism would spread. • Russia felt that they needed a buffer zone in eastern Europe to protect them from another German attack. • This only made the Americans more suspicious of Russia. They believed that Russia wanted to STAY in Eastern Europe and set up their own communist governments, run by them.

Review/Evaluate • Russia and America had different ideological differences. America believed in capitalism. They feared that the spread of communism would remove their markets across the world, and possibly spread to their shores. They called this the “domino theory”. • However, the meeting at Yalta went well. If Russia kept theor promise of free elections, and left Eastern Europe, American suspicions would go away. At this point in February 1945, there was a feeling that maybe America and Russia could work together. Churchill however, remained susipcious of Stalin and feared he wanted to spread communism across Europe. • What would happen next?

The origins of the cold war  
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