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Summative Assessment Question 6 – Religious Knowledge Name two types of euthanasia.


Active Passive

Ensure you remember key terms of this unit;

Question 7- Religious Knowledge/Teachings Explain the attitudes of religious believers to euthanasia


Plan of God “I chose you before you were born” – Every life has a purpose “Thou shalt not kill” – Euthanasia is murder “Love Thy Neighbour” – Can be considered an act of love

Revise your religious teachings regarding sanctity of life Revise attitudes towards euthanasia

Question 8 – Opinion Religion provides comfort for the dying.’ What do you think? Explain your opinion.


Agree - Dependent on strength of faith – Belief in Always balance your answers – Support and heaven and hell. Can be comforting – Idea of attack the quote reward Disagree – Atheists feel comfort in going back to “nothing”

Always put your own view and justify

Question 9 Opinion and relation to religious sources/different points of view Give three reasons why some religious people support the work of a hospice.


Provide faith/happiness for those scared of dying

To be aware of how Christians treat the poor and sick

Act of love “Love thy neighbour” – You could make reference to the Good Samaritan

Refer to Christian teachings about the sick

Jesus was a healer of the sick – He cared for those in need – “When you help the sick, you help me” (Sheep and Goats)

Question 10 Opinion – Awareness of different points of view Senior citizens are the most important members of society.’


Yes – They have put into the services that provide us opportunities. Education/Welfare State. They have paid their taxes and now they should reap the benefit. Yes – Sacrifice – Many lived through times of War and lost loved ones. Yes – “When you help me, you help the sick”. We should help all those who require our help. Act of Christian Love Yes – The elderly are vulnerable – We should help those who need it

Balance your views equally – Consider both sides of the argument

No – God cares for all – We are “all one in union” with Christ – We are all equally important

Always give an opinion and justify it Refer to examples of Christian teachings.

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