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Name__________________________________________________ Connection Last Week – Why do people commit crime?

Today; What is meant by “ATONEMENT”? Understand the purpose of laws and reasons for obeying them Understand the concepts of justice and injustice Awareness of Christian teaching about judgement, forgiveness and punishment

Understand different theories of punishment Consideration of the treatment of convicted prisoners

Connection (2) Discussion – What is the difference between “Justice and Punishment”


What would you do?

A four year old child keeps on hitting his younger brother A twelve year old is caught shop lifting A school student is late four days in a row, without good excuse on each occasion A teenager ‘borrows without asking’ an iPod – they return it later on in the day A teenager accidentally smashes a neighbour’s garage window with a ball A speeding driver knocks down and seriously injures a pedestrian

Do you agree with him that the prisoners are innocent once they have been executed? This is called “ATONEMENT” for sin.

Now we will watch Albert given the job of killing Nazi’s after War Two. What surprises you about Albert’s attitude to these criminals?

Review; Christians believe that God is able to forgive because someone else takes the punishment. Christians believe Jesus is a substitute, an innocent person taking the place of a guilty person. Jesus’ execution shows God punishing Jesus in the place of others. They believe that this allows God to maintain his requirement of justice for wrong-doing, while also showing mercy to imperfect people. To summarise – Is Albert being a “good Christian”?