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Target: How does the Church view the position of women in society?

All Christians believe that men and women are equal. We are made in God’s image. But some Christians believe that men and women have unique characteristics that make they suitable for different roles.

Expectations • Out of every 100 babies born in the UK, 52 will be girls. • Many people have different expectations of the sexes. Boys may be described in certain ways, and so may girls. • These expectations remain when boys and girls grow up. Women are meant to be caring and kind, whilst boys powerful and aggressive.

Facts • • •

• • • • •

Women are more likely to do housework. Parents treat boys and girls differently. Women are more likely to e victims of domestic violence. Women are more likely to gain custody of their children. Girls outperform boys in education. Women are more likely to have less paid or part time jobs. The poorest group in society is single mothers. There are approx 1.2 million of them in the UK. There are far fewer women involved in politics.

Write the title above in your book. Produce a table and write down the characteristics of men and women. Characteristics of men.


Characteristics of women.

Which gender, which job?





Denying a person equal opportunity based on their gender.

•Believe in a marriage, the husband is to be obeyed. •In Genesis, the story of Adam and Eve, states that man was made first and woman second. Eve also gave in to temptation, which makes women weaker. "You wives will submit to your husbands as you do to the Lord. For a husband is the head of his wife as Christ is the head of his body, the church."

Ephesians chapter 5 verses 22 - 23 •Some Christians believe that women should have traditional home roles.

•Believe that in marriage men and women should be equal.

•They believe that both are made in God’s image, and God chose to make woman from man, therefore symbolising that they are made of the same material and should be equal. •Therefore some Christians believe in equal status within a marriage, they share the responsibilities of home and children equality.

• Believe that women should not be priests. • Roman Catholics believe that a priest represents Jesus, and Jesus was a man. • They also believe that Jesus only chose men as disciples.

• Other Christians disagree with this.

‘There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male or female. For you are all Christians--you are one in Christ Jesus.

• The Church of England allows women priests, because God made us all equal in his image.

Galatians 3:28

Women are equal to men. •I forgave women and men. •After my resurrection the first people I spoke to were women. •Women here also my followers.

•I healed women and men.

Jesus • All his disciples were men. yet • Many of his closes followers were women. • Deep friendship with Mary and Martha. He stayed with them on numerous occasions. • Women were the earliest witnesses to the resurrection.

Why? • Men and women are biologically different. Women naturally stay at home with the children because they are programmed to do so. OR • We have been taught to be different from an early age.

The Law • • • •

1882 – Women could own property. 1918 – Allowed to Vote (over 30) 1928 – Voting age reduced to 18 1970 – Illegal for women to be paid less.

Christianity and the sexes • “I do not allow women to teach or have authority over men” St Paul • “The man is head of the woman” St Paul Both these views relate to the Church’s view of the downfall of man.

Today • Methodist Church – Has female ministers. • Salvation Army – There have been female officers for many years. • Church of England – Allowed women to become priests in 1994. • Guess the CATHOLIC CHURCH……

Catholic Church • Forbids women from becoming priests. • “The ordination of women is not possible” 1994 Disillusioned Church Of England Worshippers Prepare For Lent Defection To Roman Catholicism | UK News | Sky News

Demonstration – Formative Assessment • 1) Give three examples of how Jesus truly showed that women were his equal.(3) • 2) Give two reasons why some in the Church believe that women are inferior to men.(2) • 3) What two things did Paul say about women?(2) • 4) What happened in 1994 which caused some women to leave the Catholic Church?(1) • 5) “Women are the same, but are also different”. Do you think this quote is an accurate description of the relationship between men and women? (4) • Total Marks (12)

Plenary • Explain why the Church has two views on the position of women.



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