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Revision Sheet Failures of the League – Part One Manchuria and Disarmament




What Could The League Do?

Why It Couldn’t Do It

Place Economic Sanctions on Japan

The Leagues strongest members, Britain and France, did not want another War.

Ban weapon sales to Japan

America was Japans biggest trading partner. But it was not a member of the League. It didn’t have to obey the League’s rules.

Declare War on Japan

This would make japan angry and it would invade more territory to seek resources to build their own.

It took about eight months for the League to report on the disaster in Manchuria. This was not a good start. Overall - League Response

Usefulness and meaning of cartoon above

Results of Manchurian Crisis

Disarmament 1932

If you remember, three of the Key Aims of the League were to:  Prevent War

Agreements Made

 Encourage free trade

Bombing of civilians was prohibited

 Promote disarmament

Artillery size limited Chemical warfare banned Tank tonnage limited

Key Events - Disarmament  1926 – Germany allowed to enter the League.  July 1932 – Germany requests that all countries disarm to her level.  December 1932 – Agrrement reached to treat Germany equally.  February 1933 – Hitler becomes leader of Germany. Begins to rearm in secret  March 1933 – Japan withdraws from the League and the disarmament conference  May 1933 – Hitler promises not to rearm if all other nations have destroyed their weapons within 5 years.  June1933 – Britain produces a disarmament plan.  October 1933 – Hitler withdraws from the Conference and the League.  1934 – Conference ends in complete failure

Why did the league fail to disarm countries?  Britain and France disagreed over disarmament. The British felt that Germany was being too harshly punished. In 1935, they made a Naval agreement with Germany.  Britain “broke” the Versailles Treaty by allowing Germany to construct a Navy, as long as it remained at only 35% of Britain’s strength.

Manchuria Disarmament  

Manchuria Disarmament

Manchuria Disarmament  

Manchuria Disarmament