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Mark Scheme

Name ________________________ Total______/16__________ Grade____________ Check your grade and look below – Ensure you know what to do next time! Grade F 3-4 Marks  

I understand some key words and meanings I can explain the importance of events that affect Christian people.

Grade E-D – 6 – 9 Marks 

I can begin to describe the beliefs and teachings of a religion

Grade C-B10-13 Marks  

I can explain how key beliefs are expressed in practice I can explain how religion can influence the life of an individual.

Grade A – 13-16 Marks  

I am able to use teachings and key words like stewardship in my accounts and then back up what I have written I am able to write fluent and creative accounts and provide examples of issues that conflict/support religious belief

Genera Targets (T)________________________________________________________________________________ (T)________________________________________________________________________________ (T)_______________________________________________________________________________

Grade Definition  

Grade Definition

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