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How did coverage of the Vietnam War in the USA lead to demands for peace? L/O – To assess the importance of the Tet Offensive in changing public opinion of the War To assess the role that the media played in The Vietnam War.

1965-1968 • Connection • By 1968, there were 500,000 US soldiers based in South Vietnam, hunting for VC and NVA soldiers in the South. • Lyndon Johnson announced that the American strategy was working and America was winning the war of attrition. • A number of incidents between 1968 and 1970 led to the Americans seeking for peace. • How did this happen?

Activation - 1968 The Tet Offensive • A massive offensive by the NVA and VC in the South take American troops by surprise during the Tet New Year(30 Jan 1968) • The US embassy in Saigon is over run by suicide squads. • The ancient city of Hue in over run • Khe Sanh, the American base in the North stands by to be over run. • Some American generals see this as an opportunity to destroy the NVA and VC in the field – they are coming out to fight! • Refer to the map on page 175.

Media Coverage • r Play from 2.00 minutes • ated

Demonstration 1) 2)


What does source A suggest was the reason for the turning of public opinion against the Vietnam War? What does source B suggest was the reason for the turning of public opinion against the Vietnam War? In your own words, summarise the impact of the Tet Offensive on the American people using the work sheet and the documentary you have just been shown.

Review/Evaluate • • Johnson announces his resignation – March 1968

Homework • What impact did the media have on the War in Vietnam? Use todays lessons and notes to answer the question and esnure you make reference to the sources you have used. • (5 Marks)

Tet Offensive and media  


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