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Name ______________________________________________ Mass Production “To produce items on a massive scale for public consumption” Page 58 1) Who founded the Model T Company? 2) Look at H – What happened to the price of a Model T? What impact would this have on the America people? 3) Read page 58 and 59 – Write about the impact that mass production had on;

Jobs________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Industrial Production of the USA________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Synthetic Industries___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________

The Construction Industry and New York ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ 4) What happened to the Advertising Industry?

5) What were the big businesses doing by the end of the twenties?

Page 60 1) What was meant by Hire Purchase?

2) What did people need in order to pay back these loans?

3) Explain the benefits and dangers of the stock market.

4) Read page 61 and summarise the key developments in Jazz and radio.

5) Read page 62. Why do you think cinema became so popular in the 1920’s?

Source Work Challenge

For each of the following sources, write two sentences explaining what they tell us about life in the 1920’s.

Source G

Source I

Source J

Source K

mass production  

mass production

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