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Why do people have different views on eating meat? Monday, 24 October 2011 Learning Objectives: A. Why are some people vegetarian or vegans? B. What are different religious views on vegetarianism?

• vegan - A person who will not use any animal product. • vegetarianism - The belief held by people that do not eat meat.

Starter: In pairs name 3+ famous vegetarians? Whilst the clip is playing ‌ Give 4 + reasons why people do not eat meat.

Starter: What are the reasons for people not eating meat?

Lisa Simpson & Vegetarianism 1. Why does Lisa choose to be a vegetarian? 2. Why do think some religious people might be vegetarian? Clip from ‘Raiders of the Lost Fridge’ 5 mins into the episode Start time: 1:09:58 End time: 1:14:50

What are different religious views on vegetarianism? For 

For 

Most Hindus, Sikhs are Buddhist are vegetarian. Why do you think this might be? (Clue = belief in reincarnation)

One Christian group called the Quakers believe strongly in stewardship. Some Quakers are vegetarian and absolute about animals rights.

Against 

Another Christian group called Catholics are more relative about animals rights and most tend to eat meat.

Plenary – Exam Question Explain why some religious believers are vegetarians. (4 marks) Tip. You work will be marked by someone else in class today. Aim to get 4 out of 4. Choose at least one religion and explain why they are vegetarian using the key words and quotes to help you.

Key words: Stewardship Absolute Animals rights Creation Reincarnation

Quotes “The earth and everything in it belongs to God” The Bible “Humans are created in the image of God” The Bible

AFL - Mark your partners work 1 mark

2 marks

3 marks

4 marks

Something relevant or worthy of credit, e.g., one sentence.

A basic knowledge and understanding, e.g., two simple points.

Sound knowledge and understanding, e.g,. Three sentences, with key words explained.

Clear knowledge and understanding with some development and / or analysis, e.g., a short paragraph with a quote and key words explained well.

Explain why some religious believers are vegetarians. (4 marks)

If your partner has not got 4 out of 4, add one of the ideas below:  Christians believe God created the earth so we could be stewards of creation which some Christians believe involves not eating meat.  Killing animals is cruel/personal choice.  Health reasons; fear of disease like BSE  Parents are vegetarians.  Method of farming, transporting and slaughtering animals are cruel

Plenary: How do you know if a web site is biased? Does it show both sides of an argument?  Is the information reliable?  Is the web site authentic?  Does it exaggerate the facts? 

You will be examining web sites from different pressure groups and animal rights organisations in future lessons.

Clip - Jesus was a vegetarian.

Research for homework

Research the web site 1. Is this web site biased? If so in what way? 2. Why should Christians be vegetarian? 3. How and why is the Pope concerned for animals?

Religious Views On Vegetarianism  

Religious Views On Vegetarianism