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Cloning Activity Sheet

The aim of the lesson is to examine religious and non-religious views on: Section A. What is cloning? What are the arguments for and against cloning? Section B. What does it mean to be human?

A: What cloning? SECTION B: WhatSECTION does it mean to be is human? See a bullet point and fill 1. Describe cloning in your own words. Look at the 9 pictures on this link, then answer question 5. in the gap  Cloning is… (1) (Worth 1 mark) 27.stm

2. Explain two arguments for and against cloning embryo’s. (4) 5. What are the good ideas (2) For about cloning pets?Against       Vote on the link below. Would you like a cloned pet? 71.stm 3. Explain why do you think religious people are uncomfortable about the Look this linkhuman then answer 6. idea ofatcloning beings?question (2)  47.stm  6.. Why doagree you think it is against the as lawcloned to clone human beings? (2) a spirit 4. "I don't with human cloning humans will not have to contact God.” Do you agree with this view? Give reasons. (3)     Total 16 marks Total 10 marks

1. “There is no difference between cloning animals and cloning humans.” Do you agree? Show both sides of the argument. (5)

2. “We have to clone to humans, to produce enough organs for people in the future.” Do you agree? Show both sides of the argument. (5)

Total 10 marks



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