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Introduction to Islam Target: To introduce the religion of Islam L/O You will know some facts about the religion of Islam

All – You will be able to give some facts about the religion of Islam. Many – You will be able to explain why Muhammad is such an important person Some – You will have a good understanding of religious key words such as mosque, submission, Qur’an and eternal.

Islam is a religion that begun in the part of the world we call the Middle East.

Reading ď Ž

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Students are going to read the information to you. The teacher will stop the readings and show some pictures on the board. Listen carefully to what you are told.

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Islam – “Submission” – Muslim – A follower of Islam A Muslim is someone who “submits” to God.

“Allah” 

Allah is the name that Muslims give to God. Allah is eternal.

Prophets A prophet is a messenger from God – Muslims Believe that Allah sent the Angel Jibril to talk to Muhammad.


The Muslim calendar follows the changing of the moon

The Mosque

Belief Structure Summary    

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There is one God. God is called “Allah”. Allah is all powerful and all knowing. Muhammad is their most important Prophet. He was the last Prophet sent by Allah. Their holy book is called the Qur’an. Muslims accept that Jesus was a prophet sent by God. There is no sin greater than that of murder.

Activities 

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Ensure you have written the title and target. Complete the Test Yourself Questions. Neatly copy the New Words into your book. Colour In the symbol of Islam and stick it into your book.