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1) The Treaty of Versailles (1919) contributed to World War Two because; - It took away land from Germany, such as the Rhineland, the Sudetenland, and East Prussia - It forbade Germany and Austria from uniting. - It blamed Germany for World War One and made them pay a fine of 6,600 million. - Germany wanted revenge. - Germany lost her air force and her army was reduced to 100,000 men. However, during the 1930’s, Britain and France were willing to re-negotiate the Treaty and hand back territory to Germany (The Rhineland-1936/unification with Austria (1938) the Sudetenland (1938). So blaming the Treaty wholly for the War is inaccurate. Yes, it made Germany angry and they had cause to be upset. But it was the invasion of Czechoslovakia and Poland in 1939 (non German speaking countries) that led to the War. Hitler wanted more land that was rightfully German. 2) Hitler’s aims and ambitions led to the War because….. - Hitler wanted revenge for the Treaty of Versailles. - Hitler wanted a greater Germany "lebensraum" in the East. (Mein Kampf) - Hitler despised Russian communism and wanted to defeat it. He saw Russians as "inferior". - By invading Poland, non-German land, it brought Germany, Britain and France to war. The Germans were actually given 48 hours to leave Poland and refused.

However, Hitler was a gambler. He only got away with marching into the Rhineland because Britain and France refused to intervene. The more Hitler gained, the more confident he became. WE allowed Hitler to become confident by not stepping in early enough. He admitted that when he marched into the Rhineland, it was the most “nervous” 48 hours in his life.

3) Britain failed to support the League - Britain failed to support disarmament - It made a naval agreement with Germany in 1935 and broke the Versailles Treaty. This was our fault. - Britain failed to back the League in Manchuria (1933) and Abyssinia (1935) by refusing to stand up to aggression. We could have closed the "Suez Canal" and stopped Italy from receiving oil. Britain’s softness, led to war.

However, to be fair, Britain was desperate to avoid War and realised that the Treaty of Versailles was unfair. Britain tried its best to make up for the appalling Treaty and please Germany and try to AVOID war.

Left – Chamberlain at Munich (1938) 4) Chamberlain (Britain’s PM) and Appeasement caused World War Two - By appeasing Hitler, Chamberlain made Hitler greedy. - Chamberlain failed to act in the Rhineland; Hitler believed that we wouldn't act in Poland. Hitler had admitted that had we intervened in the Rhineland he would have backed down. Appeasement encouraged Hitler. However, Chamberlain was welcomed back to Britain as a hero. He had no choice but to give Germany the Sudetenland at the Munich conference. Britain was not ready for War in 1938. Thanks to Chamberlain holding off War over the Sudetenland, Britain was much more ready a year later to fight. We must not forget the horrors of World War One and how desperately the people of Britain wanted to avoid another War.