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End of Unit Assessment Students can have 10 minutes to prepare for the assessment.

This assessment should take 40 minutes. It is to be completed under examination conditions, one to a table. It should be done on A4 paper.

1) 2) 3) 4)

Describe what is meant by a “War”. (1) Give two reasons why countries may go to war. (2) What is meant by the term “Holy War”? (2) What is meant by the term “Justified War”? You must refer to the terms which make a War justified. (5) 5) Give an example of a justified War. Give two reasons why some may argue that this War was justified and two reasons why it could be argued that it wasn’t. (5) 6) What is meant by “pacifism”? (1) 7) Describe the work of a Christian, who faced with hate, used pacifism to fight back. You must refer to the Christian teachings that inspired him/her. (6)

End unit assessment  


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