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 Key Words    

Dictatorship Democracy Republic Communist

 Target:

 You will be able to distinguish between dictatorships and democracies  You will know what a dictator is.

 Connection  Look at these photographs of famous leaders.

 What do you know about each of them?  What countries do they represent?  They are all “Dictators”. Write down your own definition of what you think a “Dictator” is.

 Demonstration

 SHP Twentieth Century World – Page 26/27  Write out the table and complete it using 1-11.  If you have any ones you cannot do, leave them out for now.

Activation Your teacher will read through with you page 27 and explain key points. Tasks 2

Explain what kind of problems Italy were facing in 1922 and how Mussolini dealt with them. Hitler dealt with enemies in much the same way as Mussolini. Why might people think that dictatorships can solve problems like violence, unemployment, strikes and food shortages better than democracies? What kind of country would you sooner live in – A dictatorship or a democracy? Give reasons for your answer. Plenary Look at the map. Using your own knowledge and the key, what do you think was happening by 1940? Which countries were the only ones still left democratic?



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