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1) Look at the above source. Explain what Low is saying about: Ordinary people Ordinary people are represented as sheep. Sheep are “passive” and will follow. The people are displayed as peaceful, looking up to their leaders in hope of a better world. They are wanting peace desperately and do not want another War. Political Leaders The political leaders are displayed as warrior like and aggressive. They are vicious animals. They are saying that the people want war, and that is why the talks have failed.

2) Explain how the following were to blame for the break- up of the disarmament conference. Britain Britain broke the Versailles Treaty of 1919 and made a private deal with Germany in 1935 – The Anglo-German Naval agreement. How can countries be expected to disarm, when they are making their own deals and arrangements and allowing a dangerous nation like Germany to rearm. They are not leading by example.


Germany walked out of the Disarmament Conference. Under Hitler, they also began to rearm in secret. You can defend Germany be saying that the Treaty of Versailles, which banned them from a Navy and having only a small Army was very harsh on them. However, they are secretly preparing for War and making deals with Britain. The League The League did not back up its own resolutions at the Peace Conference. They made a law banning the bombing of civilians, but did not ban the building bomber planes. They banned chemical weapons, but not the building of them. However, the League is only as strong as the Nation’s representing it. Britain for example did not lead by example and support the League by demanding disarmament.