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The Sudetenland Crisis L/O – You will be aware of the Sudetenland Crisis of 1938 You will be able to explain how Britain and France appeased Hitler

Connection What was the “Anschluss”? Look at “How did the War Go” to remind yourselves of the events 19361938

The Sudetenland 1938 Watch the following propaganda clip - What do you think the plan behind the video was? YouTube - The German people persecuted at Sudetenland

Connection/Activation - 25 minutes • Read through Page 71 and 72 • Why were Czechoslovakia nervous in 1938? • What part of Czechoslovakia was Hitler interested in and why? • Why did Czechoslovakia not want to give up the Sudetenland? • What did Britain, France and the USSR promise? • Read Source 20 and 24. What is Hitler saying about his territorial ambitions?

On 29th September 1939, the Munich Agreement was reached. Page 72 – How did Hitler justify taking the whole of the Sudetenland? What were the results of the Munich Agreement? In your own words, explain whether you think this was fair. You must give reasons for your answer.

Plenary • YouTube - Neville Chamberlain - Peace in our Time • Homework Formal Assessment Question Why do you think Britain saw the Munich Agreement as a Success? (8)