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Was Henry VIII a star or a monster?

Henry closed the monasteries and kept all the gold for himself and his friends

Henry argued with the Pope and made himself the Head of the Church of England

Henry beheaded his wives Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard

Henry stopped foreigners interfering with English problems

Henry founded Christ Church College – one of the most famous Universities

Henry united England and Wales

Henry was a clever student

Henry made England a strong and powerful country

Henry set up the English Navy which helped keep England safe

Henry executed men who disagreed with him, such as Sir Thomas Moore

Use the information in the chart below to help you decide if Henry VIII was a star or a monster – or a bit of both! You will be given a level for this piece of writing. Firstly – you should indicate on the chart which statements you think a positive (star) or negative (monster). You will then use this information to write an essay answering the question ‘Was Henry VIII a star or a monster? ‘ Explain who he was….. Give examples of good stuff Give examples of bad stuff Conclusion – overall I think that Henry was a ______________ I think this because_________________________

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Level 6

What do I have to do to achieve target? Using factual knowledge and understanding to:  Examine and explain the reasons for and results of events and changes.  Describe and begin to analyse, why there are different historical interpretations of events, people and changes.  Select, organise and arrange relevant information to produce structured written work. Use Knowledge and understanding to:  Describe features or make links of past societies, periods, events, people and changes.  Describe and explain how and why different interpretations of the past came about.  Select and organise information to produce structured written work  Point out changes within and across periods of time,  Give some reasons for and results of main events and changes.  Begin to produce structured written work.  Show knowledge and understanding of main events, people and changes studied.  Give a few reasons for and results of important changes and events.  Find answers using sources of information.

Assessmentwas henry viii a star or a monster  
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