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End of unit assessment

Sentence Starter


Persecution means……….

Match up the correct statements.

Prejudice is……………………. Discrimination is…………………….

When you judge someone before you meet them When you pick on someone for being different When you make a decision against someone based on their colour, race or religion Grade F Achieved?________________

The Nazi’s persecuted the Jews. Here are some examples of the laws they passed against them.

Write about some of the laws that were passed against the Jews.

Grade E – Achieved? ____________________ These laws would have had an impact on Jewish lives.

Describe how Jewish lives would have been affected by the passing of such laws. Grade D Achieved? ___________________

Pastor Niemoller wrote a poem about persecution.

Try to remember what Pastor wrote in his poem and what he was encouraging people to do. Thin about how people would use this message in today’s world. Maybe you could think of some local examples? Grade C Achieved? _____________________

Despite their persecution the Jews did not fight back

Try to think about why the Jews did not use violence when confronted by it. Refer to any teachings if you know them. Grade B Achieved?____________________

Some people did resist the Nazi attempt to persecute the Jews.

Write about people who decided to risk their lives helping victims of the Nazi’s. Explain how a religious believer would support these actions. You will get a higher mark if you refer to more than one religious teaching. Grade A Achieved? _____________________

ed Target Sheet

I achieved an_____________________ Last time I got a__________________ I have Improved___________________ Stayed the same______________ Slipped back _________________

Next time I need to……….

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Persecution Assessment  

Persecution Assessment