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Memorial Hospital has been serving the diverse healthcare needs of Mt. Washington Valley residents for 100 years. We pride ourselves on providing a full spectrum of healthcare services, through a team of highly skilled providers and staff who have access to the latest technology.

Hospital Services • 24-Hour Physician-Staffed Emergency Department • Walk-In Care—Open 7 days a week, no appointment needed • Clinical Laboratory Services • Cardiac Health & Wellness Program • Cardiac Rehabilitation • DeMark Fitness Trail - 3/4 mile in length • Family Birthing Center • Health & Social Service Network • Health Screenings, Community Education Programs, Support Groups • Hospitalist Program • Merriman House • Nutrition Counseling • Occupational Health

Hospital Practices • Oncology / Infusion • Pulmonary Rehabilitation • Radiology / Imaging Department • Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy • Surgical Services • Urology Services

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Primary Care (Family Practice) Women’s Health Surgical Services Orthopedics Specialty Care –including Cardiology, Oncology, Neurology, ENT

• Diabetes Center

For more detailed information on our services and programs, please visit

603-356-5461 3073 White Mountain Highway North Conway, NH 03860

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10/15/10 10:11 AM

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Welcome to A GRANITE STATE of MIND Agenda




AGENDA REGISTRATION: 4:15 – 6:15 Lobby


SUMMIT BALLROOM 4:30 Welcome – Nancy Clark, President MWVEC Financial Report - Karen Milford, Treasurer Board Nominations – Nancy Clark Business Report – Jac Cuddy, Executive Director SUMMIT BALLROOM 5:05 Welcome – Ben Wilcox, President, President MWVCC Financial Report, Kim Tibbetts, Treasurer Call for Nominations from the Floor and Confirmation of Board Approved Incoming Directors Nominating Report, Brenda Leavitt, Nominating Committee Chair Dick Schwalbenberg, Lodging, Retail, Bartlett Rob Peterson, Dining, Jackson Jack Dunbar, Distribution, Conway Doug Holmes, Recreation, North Conway Donna Woodward, Fryeburg Business Association Business Report – Janice Crawford, Executive Director


GRAND BALLROOM 5:30 Adjourn for Social Hour and Silent Auction in the Grand Ballroom 6:30 Dinner 7:15 Award Presentations MWVEC Volunteer of the Year MWVEC Board Member of the Year MWVEC Bob Morrell Award – Dr. Miles Waltz presented by Chuck Henderson MWVCC Board Recognition MWVCC White Mountain Treasures Award Executive Councilor Raymond S. Burton presented by Cindy Woodward, Woodlands Credit Union, Rep. Tom Buco, Rep. Ed Butler, Rep. Karen Umberger and Rep. Gene Chandler Tom Eastman presented by Cindy Woodward, Woodlands Credit Union and Ben Wilcox, President


Our thanks to two people who have made a difference: Ray Burton & Tom Eastman They truly are White Mountain Treasures. There’s no harder-working public servant than Ray Burton, who’s served on the Executive Council continuously since 1981, as well as on countless boards and committees. If you’ve attended a community event in the Mt. Washington Valley, Ray was likely there, talking to his constituents— while Tom Eastman reported on the event. An award-winning journalist and freelance writer, Tom has eloquently told countless stories of life in the White Mountains and has time after time shone a light on causes and people who need our community’s support. Thank you, Ray and Tom—and congratulations to all the White Mountain Treasures from the Mt. Washington Valley Economic Council.

53 Technology Lane, Suite 100, Conway, NH 03818 T 603-447-6622 W

Mt. Washington Valley Economic Council


Tuesday, October 26, 2010 • Attitash Grand Summit, Bartlett NH MWVEC Business Meeting:

• Welcome and Call to Order – President Nancy Clark

• Approval of Annual Minutes of 10/2009

• Financial Report – Karen Milford

• Nominating Committee Report – Nancy Clark

• Executive Director Report-Jac Cuddy

• Adjourn-President Nancy Clark

Mt. Washington Valley Economic Council


Thursday, October 22, 2009 at 4:00 p.m. at the Red Jacket Meeting was called to order by Nancy Clark, President at 4:40 p.m. Minutes J. Rose motioned to accept the minutes from the 2008 Annual Meeting as presented, G. Paine seconded all were in favor so voted. Financial Report –Karen Milford Karen reported that the Council has $3M in net equity at this time. We applied and received an additional $500K in IRP funds for lending to businesses in the community. The past year has been spent selling tax credits, which has been very successful and development of the property. The value of our loan fund totals $1.4M. Karen stated if anyone had any questions about the Economic Councils financial that they could contact her at any time. J. Rose motioned to accept the financials as presented, T. Kramer seconded, all were in favor so voted. Board Nominations-Nancy Clark The following Board Members are renewing for a three year term: Paul Chant, Dan Kennedy, Pat Jones, Pat Kittle and Linda Fox Phillips, Scott McKinnon and Eric Derby. G. Paine motioned to accept the Board Member renewals for 2010, seconded by J. Rose, all were in favor so voted. The officers for 2010 will be Nancy Clark-President, Anthony Ruddy-President Elect, Ted Kramer-Vice President, Karen Milford-Treasurer and Pat Jones-Secretary. J. Bruni motioned to accept the officers for 2010, seconded by L. Phillips all were in favor so voted. Executive Director’s Report-Jac Cuddy Jac welcomed everyone the 19th Annual Meeting. Jac recognized the Board Members for all their hard work and dedication. Without our Board Members and Committee Members we wouldn’t be successful.

Dan Kennedy has been the chair of the Education Committee for the last three years and has done a tremendous job h together the Boot Camp Seminars. We have had over 950 attendees to date. The Revolving Loan Fund has funded six new loans this year. At this time we have $375K available to loan out. We have raised $1.0M in tax credits over the last 6 years. The tax credit program allows money that is paid to the state through business enterprise taxes and business profit taxes to stay in that businesses community. At this time we have $95K left to sell. The Council has submitted a Crop Zone application, if approved, would allow the business in the Tech Village to pay a discounted BET and BFT payment to the state. T. Kramer motioned to adjourn the meeting, K. Milford seconded, all were in favor so voted.

Respectfully submitted, Ronda Boivin

Mt. Washington Valley Economic Council


Mt. Washington Valley Economic Council

STATEMENTS OF ACTIVITIES For the years ended December 31, 2009 and 2008

Mt. Washington Valley Economic Council

STATEMENTS OF EXPENDITURES For the years ended December 31, 2009 and 2008

Mt. Washington Valley Economic Council

STATEMENTS OF CASH FLOWS For the years ended December 31, 2009 and 2008

Mt. Washington Valley Economic Council

COMMITTEE MEMBERS 2010 Finance Committee

Revolving Loan Fund

John Sinkus, Chair Tom Deans Paul Chant Tom Roberts Nancy Clark, MWVEC President Anthony Ruddy, MWVEC Pres. Elect

Nancy Clark, Chair Bruce Campbell Craig Newcombe Don Nicoletta Donna Sargent Ed Tobin Scott Badger Dot Seybold Faye Melendy Allen Gould

Education Committee Dan Kennedy, Chair Besty Gemmecke Ed Stevens Ed Tobin Gail Paine Jenn Andrews Kim McKinnon Leo Sullivan Linda Fox Phillips Neal Moylan Pat Kittle Tara Thomas Vince Pelote Wayne Sylvanowicz

Tech Village Board Conrad Eastman Dan Kennedy Dave Mason John Bruni Anthony Ruddy Tom Deans Ted Kramer Jac Cuddy, President

Mt. Washington Valley Economic Council


Nancy Clark President

Anthony Ruddy President Elect

Pat Jones Secretary

John Bruni Past President

Officers Not Pictured: Ted Kramer - Vice President, John Sinkus - Treasurer


Rob Nadler Albany

Gail Paine Bartlett

Chuck Kyle Chatham

Jeff Hayes Jackson

Bob Abraham Tamworth

Town Representatives Not Pictured: Les Babb - Freedom, Conrad Eastman - Fryeburg, Ted Kramer - Madison Donna Sargent - Ossipee and Vacant Positions in Brownfield and Eaton

Mt. Washington Valley Economic Council


Carl Nelson

Linda Fox-Phillips

Dan Kennedy

Pat Kittle

Dan Osetek

Karen Milford

Scott McKinnon

Eric Derby

Paul Chant

Janice Crawford Advisory Member-MWVCC

Private Sector Not Pictured: Terry Miller, Tom Deans, Kirk Saunders, Earl Sires STAFF:

Jac Cuddy Executive Director

Roger Kimball Ronda Boivin Administrative Assistant National Able Volunteer

Staff Not Pictured: Kelli MacDonald, Administrative Assistant

Mt. Washington Valley Economic Council

EXECUTIVE OFFICERS 1991 President - Ray Leavitt Vice President Secretary - Randall Cooper Treasurer – Bob Johnson 1992 President – Ray Leavitt Vice President Secretary – Randall Cooper Treasurer – Bob Johnson 1993 President – Doug Lord Vice President Secretary – Randall Cooper Treasurer – Mike Kirk 1994 President - Cynthia Hall Vice President Secretary – Randall Cooper Treasurer – Tom Swinton 1995 President – Cynthia Hall Vice President – Tom Deans Secretary – Randall Cooper Treasurer – Tom Swinton 1996 President – David Sorensen Vice President – Steve Knox Secretary – Beth Beyerle Treasurer – Dick Brunelle 1997 President – David Sorensen Vice President – Steve Knox Secretary – Beth Beyerle Treasurer – Dick Brunelle

1998 President – David Sorensen President Elect – George Howard Vice President – Chuck Henderson Secretary – Sheryl Kovalik Treasurer – Roger Grenier 1999 President – Steve Knox President Elect – Jac Cuddy Vice President – Conrad Eastman Secretary – Judy McGinty Treasurer – Roger Grenier 2000 President – Steve Knox President Elect – Jac Cuddy Vice President – Gary Poquette Secretary – Sheryl Kovalik Treasurer – Roger Grenier 2001 President – Jac Cuddy Interim President – Steve Knox President Elect – Gary Poquette Vice President – Ted Kramer Secretary – Dee McClave Treasurer – Lynne Cummings 2002 President – Gary Poquette Past President – Steve Knox President Elect – Stephen Cote Vice President – Ted Kramer Secretary – Pat Jones Treasurer – Jerry Schimmoeller

Mt. Washington Valley Economic Council

EXECUTIVE OFFICERS 2003 President – Gary Poquette Past President – Steve Knox President Elect – Stephen Cote Vice President – Ted Kramer Secretary – Pat Jones Treasurer – Jerry Schimmoeller

2007 President - John Bruni Past President – Steve Cote President Elect – Nancy Clark Vice President – Ted Kramer Secretary – Pat Jones Treasurer - Karen Milford

2004 President – Gary Poquette Past President – Steve Knox President Elect – Stephen Cote Vice President – Ted Kramer Secretary – Pat Jones Treasurer – Jerry Schimmoeller

2008 President – John Bruni Past President – Steve Cote President Elect – Nancy Clark Vice President-Ted Kramer Secretary – Pat Jones Treasurer – Karen Milford

2005 President - Steve Cote Past President – Gary Poquette President Elect – John Bruni Vice President – Ted Kramer Secretary – Pat Jones Treasurer – Jerry Schimmoeller

2009 President-Nancy Clark Past President- John Bruni President Elect-Anthony Ruddy Vice President - Ted Kramer Secretary-Pat Jones Treasurer-Karen Milford

2006 President - Steve Cote Past President – Gary Poquette President Elect – John Bruni Vice President – Ted Kramer Secretary – Pat Jones Treasurer – Jerry Schimmoeller

2010 President-Nancy Clark Past President-John Bruni President Elect-Anthony Ruddy Vice President-Ted Kramer Secretary-Pat Jones Treasurer-Karen Milford/John Sinkus

Mt. Washington Valley Economic Council



Board Member of the Year Sheryl Kovalik

Third Annual Bob Morrell Award Skip and Joan Sherman – WBNC/WMWV

Volunteer of the Year Roger Grenier Russ Lanoie



Board Member of the Year Conrad Eastman Roger Grenier

Board Member of the Year Chuck Henderson

Volunteer of the Year Anne Getchell

Volunteer of the Year Conrad Eastman

Fourth Annual Bob Morrell Award George Epstein

First Annual Bob Morrell Award Betty Whitney & Kay Reed



Board Member of the Year John Bruni

Board Member of the Year Phil Gravink

Volunteer of the Year Todd Miller

Volunteer of the Year Jim Cataldo

Fifth Annual Bob Morrell Award Kennett High School Key Club

Second Annual Bob Morrell Award The Gibson Center for Senior Services Glenna Mori, founder, and the Board, Staff and Volunteers


2000 Board Member of the Year Sheryl Kovalik Volunteer of the Year SCORE

Board Member of the Year Jerry Schimmoeller Volunteer of the Year Bob Murphy Sixth Annual Bob Morrell Award Bob Porter


Mt. Washington Valley Economic Council



Board Member of the Year Dan Kennedy

Board Member of the Year Dan Kennedy

Volunteer of the Year Bayard Kennett

Rookie Board Member of the Year Karen Milford

Seventh Annual Bob Morrell Award Gail Paine

Volunteer of the Year Bayard Kennett


Tenth Annual Bob Morrell Award Bob Murphy

Board Member of the Year Linda Fox Phillips


Volunteer of the Year David Urey

Board Member of the Year Karen Milford

Eighth Annual Bob Morrell Award Steve Eastman

Volunteer of the Year Elaine Millen


Eleventh Annual Bob Morrell Award Visiting Nurse and Hospice Care Services of Northern Carroll County

Board Member of the Year George Epstein Volunteer of the Year Frank Clulow Ninth Annual Bob Morrell Award Jackie Sparks

2009 Board Member of the Year Paul Chant Volunteer of the Year Tom Roberts Twelfth Annual Bob Morrell Award Terry O’Brien

Enjoying Our 41st Year!

Custom and Estate Jewelry Jewelers and Goldsmiths In-House

Congratulations 2010 White Mountains Treasures Tom Eastman and Councilor Ray Burton 2448 South Main Street North Conway, NH 603-356-5819

VOTE to re-elect


carroll county attorney Prosecuting Crime in Carroll County Since 1999 paid for by the committee to re-elect robin j. gordon

Paid for by Committee to re-elect Jack Widmer

Raymond S. Burton

for Executive Council District #1 and Grafton County Commissioner.

Burton for Certain!

Vote on November 2nd!


Mary Carey Seavey Tel: 603-447-2424 | Cell: 978-314-3456

Ceremonies with warmth & dignity

“The Public Servant” Oil portrait of Ray Burton by Craig Pursley • This ad paid for by the Burton for Commissioner Committee

Personalized Marriage Ceremonies Non-Denominational Ceremonies Contemporary Ceremonies Religious / Non-Religious Interfaith Ceremonies Commitment Ceremonies Vow Renewals

Certified Public Accountants 10 Duprey Road, North Conway, NH 03860 (603) 356-6358 

Congratulations 2010 White Mountains Treasures Tom Eastman and Executive Councilor Ray Burton Congratulations Bob Morrell Recipient Dr. Miles Waltz

MWV Chamber Ski Pass on Sale!

CUPCAKES, COFFEE & COMMUNICATION A Marketing Membership Orientation Session FREE for all Chamber members with sponsorship support from

EE Computers Fairpoint Communications Granite State College White Mountain Cupcakery Wednesdays from 10 am to noon Nov. 10, Jan. 12, Feb. 9, April 6 & May 18 Granite State College at the Tech Center in Conway • Review of Chamber benefits • Presentation of current marketing opportunities and tips • On-site marketing consulting • Access to computers and help updating your web listing • Opportunity to brainstorm new program ideas with your Chamber • Opportunity to collaborate with other members in attendance RSVP to Melody Nester 603-356-5701, x302

Get Noticed through Sponsorship!

Chilly Chili Cook-Off Stroll

5 passes each to Attitash, Wildcat, King Pine, Cranmore, Bretton Woods, Shawnee Peak and Black Mountain.

Saturday, March 5, 2011 Village of North Conway 5 trail passes each to Jackson This annual event has outgrown the venue Ski Touring, Bretton Woods, used in years past so we are in negotiaPurity Spring X-C and Snowshoe tions to create a “Chilly Chili Cook-Off Reserve, MWV Ski Touring, Bear Stroll” through the Village of North ConNotch Ski Touring and Great Glen way. The date has been set for Saturday, Trails Outdoor Center. March 5, 2011. Enter the competition and see if your batch of chili can win a prize or become the “People’s Choice”.

MWVCC 10th Annual Golf Tournament

Sunday, June 5, 2011 Omni Mount Washington Resort Mark Your Calendar… great events on an incredible course! Play will follow a best ball scramble format, so golfers of all abilities can be accommodated.

Business Expo 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011 Omni Mount Washington Hotel Get your space NOW for the 2011 Business Expo. The premier business trade show in Northern New Hampshire, featuring more than 90 of the region’s top companies. The perfect opportunity to showcase your business, service or products.

UPCOMING SCHEDULE CHAMBER AFTER HOURS TUESDAYS FROM 5-7 p.m. 11/16/10 • Hampton Inn & Suites 12/21/10 Mountain Center Physical Therapy 1/18/11 • Cranmore

Mary Seavey 603-356-5701, x305

2/15/11 • Atlantic Pool & Spa 3/15/11 • Poland Springs 4/19/11 • Eastern Inns

www.mtwashingtonvalley. org

6/21/11 • Gold Leaf Frame & Gallery

for full details on all these great events! THANK YOU MWVCC PLATINUM SPONSORS

7/19/11 • The Wentworth 8/16/11 • Stonehurst Manor 9/20/11 • Local Grocer

Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce

LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT October 26, 2010 Dear Chamber Members: The Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce has proudly served alongside the Economic Council as the leading force of the Mt. Washington Valley business community. With over 800 members, the Chamber is dedicated to establishing and maintaining the organization as the one responsible for positioning the valley as a Premier Tourism Destination. Kudos to Mary Seavey, Karen Cole, Melody Nester and Sarah Verney for a job well done in presenting the 98th Annual Meeting. I would like to thank the Chamber volunteers, staff, Board of Directors and all the members who continue to participate by serving on one of our committees, sponsoring events and activities, and providing goods and services free of charge or for very reasonable prices. Also, I would like to thank Janice Crawford for her continued leadership and inspiration. Last, but not least, I thank all you, our members, for the confidence your continued support of the Chamber indicates. As always, the Chamber is constantly looking for input from our members on what you would like to see the Chamber do, get involved in, and thoughts about your experiences. Please feel free to share your ideas with our staff or any Director of the Board. It has been a pleasure to serve as your President for the past two years. I leave you in the very capable hands of Bob Carper. We wish you continued success in the coming year. Best Wishes, Ben Wilcox, President

Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce

STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES for the Years Ended Julyof31, 2010 and 2009 Mt. Washington Valley Chamber Commerce Statement of Activities for the Years Ended July 31, 2010 & 2009                                   


Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce

STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION Mt. Washington Mt. Valley Washington Chamber Valley of Commerce Chamber of Commerce Statement ofStatement Financial Position of Financial Position July 31, 2010July & 2009 31, 2010 & 2009

July 31, 2010 and 2009 


 



                                  

   

     

 

   

 

   

             

                    

               

   

 

   

2010 - 2011 Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce




Ben Wilcox, President Cranmore Ski Resort 603.356.5543

Staci Blair and David Rudewick MWV Young Professionals 603.662.9989

Jason Stretch Governance 603.447.3873

Bob Carper, Vice President NH Log and Timber Homes 603.822.2253

Dan Dineen Lakes Region Coca-Cola 603.267.8834

Dan Dineen Membership 603.267.8834

Steve Sousa Lazy Dog Inn 603.323.8350

Bob Carper Events 603.383.9647


Gary Lemay Public Service of NH 603.286.8374 ext. 5440

Staci Blair MWYYP 603.662.9989

Ben Wilcox Cranmore Ski Resort 603.356.5543

Andrew Mahoney King Pine Ski Area 603.367.8896

David Rudewick MWYYP 603.662.9989

Kim Tibbetts, CPA Debit One 603.356.6231

Brenda Leavitt Badger Realty 603.356.5757

Ed Bergeron Eastern Slope Airport Authority 603.356.6936

Janice Crawford MWVCC 603.356.5701

Jackie Goodhart OMNI -Mt. Washington Resort 603.278.1000

Tom Spaulding Lodging 603.356.7736

Terry O’Brien Red Parka Pub 603.383.4344

John Stratton Northway Bank 603.356.8010


Bob Carper NH Log and Timber Homes 603.822-2253

Donald Ekberg Ekberg & Associates 603.356.5421

Greg Frizzell Mt Washington Radio 603.356.8870

John Weston Weston’s Farm 207.935.2567

Kim Tibbetts, Treasurer Debit One 603.356.6231

Dr. Michelle Capozolli Colonial Motel & Granite State College 603.356.5178

Jac Cuddy MWVEC 603.447.6622 Peter Edwards NCVA 603.356.9294 Janice Crawford MWVCC 603.356.5701

2010 Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce


Janice Crawford Executive Director 603.356.5701 ext 2

Melody Nester Membership 603.356.5701 ext 6

Sarah Verney Visitor Services 603-356-5701 ext.300

Karen Cole Lodging Liaison and Marketing 603.356.5701 ext 301

Mary Seavey Events 603.356.5701 ext 305

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Thomas E. Dewhurst III, fiscal agent, PO Box 518, Conway, NH

Thomas E. Dewhurst III, fiscal agent, PO Box 518, Conway, NH NH SBDC is a partnership program with the US SBA, the State of NH (DRED), the University of NH, and the private sector.

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Miles Waltz, Waltz, MD Miles MD

Paid for and authorized by the Candidate

Thomas E. Dewhurst III, fiscal agent, PO Box 518, Conway, NH

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10/7/10 10:49:51 PM


Tom Eastm

PUBLIC RELATIONS REPORT FROM MARTI MAYNE Twenty one annual meetings and this is the first one I’ve had to miss. My apologies for not being with you to celebrate another year of Mt Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce successes. However, I wanted to share some of the highlights of the Chamber’s PR campaigns with you and I thank Janice for reading this in my absence. While throughout 2009 and part of 2010, the PR role was in the capable hands of Siiri Grubb, Mt Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce’s former Director of Communications, I worked alongside her until she went on as a partner in Sally’s Handbags. Throughout last year and once again in 2011, I will write and edit the E-Traveler, and with the help of Jesse Mosston of Mosston Media, we will format it and distribute it to tens of thousands of potential Mt Washington Valley guests. We thank you for your input and encourage you to continue making coupon offers and posting events which can be highlighted via links in the newsletter. We invited and hosted more writers to Mt Washington Valley than any other year. Through bloggers and social networking queens, newspaper, Internet, magazines, sports writers, meteorologists and broadcast journalists, we introduced a growing audience to Mt Washington Valley through the media. From family travel websites to Yankee’s list of top foliage towns to ESPN and the NFL films, hundreds of million impressions were or will be made as stories about Mt Washington Valley unfold. While each year, we measure the value of the publicity campaign with the number and retail cost of impressions, this measure is increasingly becoming less important and more difficult to measure. Blogs and social media are crucial communication tools in today’s world, yet there is no way to accurately measure their impressions or value. So what were some of the highlights of Mt Washington Valley’s PR campaign this year? Yankee Magazine named both North Conway and Jackson in their top 12 foliage destination choices. Austin (TX) Statesman named Presidentials among New England’s top 5 hiking spots. An Associated Press story sent news about the successful Memorial Day weekend in Mt Washington Valley throughout the country. A Boston WBZ story about “thrillcations” included ideas from Mt Washington Valley A story focused on camping in Mt Washington Valley Virtually every TV station in New England featured photos and news highlighting both winter snow conditions and fall foliage in Mt Washington Valley, and we were grateful for coverage from NH Magazine, NHtoDo Magazine,, all the New Hampshire newspapers, and many of the Valley’s radio and cable TV stations for spreading the word locally about vacationing in Mt Washington Valley. I’d like to commend a number of chamber members for helping to promote the Valley’s ski season and fall foliage through photos including Thomas Prindle at Wildcat, Dan Houde at Purity Spring Resort, Kathy Bennett and Becca Descharmes at Cranmore, Doug Tulin and Laura Tuveson at Attitash, Greg Bowen and the marketing team at Bretton Woods, Thom Perkins at Jackson Ski Touring, Ryan Triffet at Great Glen Trails, Jerry Jacobson from Eagle Mountain House, Lori Pecor and Don Bilger at Black Mountain, not to mention Jesse Mosston too. I was lucky enough to receive many photos each week from a talented team of photographers here in the Valley which were in turn sent in daily updates to meteorologists. Images of Mt Washington Valley’s ski resorts and XC center appeared consistently to remind the Boston, Portland, Providence and Manchester markets about the great snow conditions in the Valley. More recently, gorgeous fall foliage appeared on every TV station’s weather forecast multiple times, from Tim Kelly and Matt Noyes at New England Cable News to Terry Eliasen at WBZ in Boston to Tony Petarca at WPRI TV in Providence and also Portland and Manchester stations, gorgeous photos from Mt Washington Valley were included in more than 35 weather forecasts, foliage maps and weather blogs contributing to one of the most successful Columbus Day weekends in Mt Washington Valley. There’s no question that Mt Washington Valley’s snow conditions and fall foliage was highly acclaimed by the meteorology departments of every New England TV station. Knowing that the chamber is always encouraging travel in one’s own backyard, I’ve worked closely to provide event and story information for our own Valley newspapers and TV and radio stations including Valley Fun, Conway Daily Sun, RSN, WMWV, Mountain Ear and more. I thank all of you who’ve responded to my requests for information to provide business wrap ups for the media. I want to encourage you to continue sending your news and especially your images, photos and videos to me throughout the upcoming winter season. They will be added to the Chamber’s new Flickr gallery, distributed to the media, sent via Facebook and Twitter, plus used in the E-Traveler when possible. In this day of social networking, images and news can easily travel worldwide, and it is our mission to insure that Mt Washington Valley’s story reaches every corner of the world. Meteorologist’s Project We all know what happens when the Meteorologists in Boston, Manchester, Providence and Portland say it’s going to rain on a January or February weekend. An audible groan can be heard among ski resorts, XC centers and lodging properties in the Valley. Three years ago, the Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce launched a concerted campaign to address meteorologists in New England with a campaign designed exclusively to provide information about winter ski and travel conditions in the Valley. The program was tremendously well accepted by the New England meteorologists. The enthusiastic feedback from weather men and women was exceeded only by the great coverage for skiing in Mt Washington Valley over the past three years. This winter, with the help of a JPP grant matched with funds from the ski resorts, the chamber and ski resorts will once again work with meteorologists to provide up-to-date information, forecasts, video footage and ongoing communication offering an upbeat and accurate view of the weather in Mt. Washington Valley on a consistent basis. Jesse Mosston and I will send ongoing communication offering information and photos about snowmaking conditions, road conditions and accurate snowfall totals throughout the Valley, so meteorologists will have all the material needed to report that “while it may be raining in Boston, the ski conditions at Mt. Washington Valley’s ski resorts are excellent, and don’t cancel your plans.” Golf and Cycling campaigns This year the cycling and golf communities launched two new PR campaigns to create excitement among media and consumers interested in golf and cycling in Mt Washington Valley. We created detailed web pages with information about these sports, created a detailed calendar of events and focused newsletters called E-Scapes to update media and consumers on everything from events and tournaments to great rides and featured golf courses. We highlighted the most scenic golf holes and the most challenging biking loops. Through this program we recruited 10 members of the U.S. and Canadian media to write stories for blogs, websites and magazines about golf and biking in Mt Washington Valley. Hats off to all the lodging properties, golf courses, cycling shops, attractions and restaurants who helped to host media throughout the year. From the Red Parka Pub and Red Jersey Cyclery to the Red Jacket Mountain View Resort, Whitney’s Inn, Shovel Handle Pub, Café Noche, Merrill Farm Resort, Bernerhof Inn, Wildcat, Story Land, Monkey Trunks, Mount Washington Auto Road and many, many more members of our tourism community, thank you for your willingness to host the media and help spread the story that Mt Washington Valley is New England’s premier four-season destination.

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The Bob Morrell AWARD The Mt. Washington Valley Economic Council is very pleased to honor Dr. Miles E. Waltz as the 2010 recipient of the Bob Morrell Award. The Bob Morrell Award recognizes the qualities and values which Morrell (1920-1998), the founder of Story Land and Heritage-New Hampshire, exemplified as a business and community leader. Dr. Waltz was chosen as this year’s Morrell Award recipient, as he has exemplified community service throughout his medical career and in his private life.


Dr. Miles Waltz started his medical practice in 1967 after graduating from Bowdoin College and the University of Vermont Medical School. He continued his practice in the Mt. Washington Valley his retirement in the year 2000. Upon his retirement from Memorial Hospital Dr. Waltz was presented with a plaque for service to his patients, the community and the Memorial Hospital. The plaque reads as follows: “To his patients, Dr. Waltz was the only doctor they needed to see; he delivered babies and ministered to the grieving. He supported families through difficult crises and shared the joy of new generations, giving his time and medical expertise, frequently in the middle of the night, and often in the patient’s home. He gave to his community in countless other ways, from co-founding the C & Y Project (Children’s Health Center) to helping establish an ongoing health professional scholarship for local youth. Dr. Waltz left as his legacy a community that is a much better place because he took the time to care for us, our families and generations to come.”Dr. Waltz is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Practice and a former member of Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees and officer of the medical staff at the hospital. Since his retirement in 2000, Dr. Waltz has dedicated endless hours as a volunteer to non-profit organizations in the Mt. Washington Valley. Through his volunteer service he has helped to improve the lives of many individuals and families, attained personal achievements, made new discoveries about himself and others, formed social bonds and strengthened our communities. He certainly exemplifies the tradition of civic engagement that makes New Hampshire so special. In 2005 Dr. Waltz was the recipient of Governor John Lynch’s Volunteer Award, recognizing outstanding individuals in the New Hampshire community for their dedication to service. Dr. Waltz devotes time helping seniors in the Mt. Washington Valley with personal health and insurance issues, both at the Gibson Senior Center and at Memorial Hospital. As Ombudsman for Mineral Springs Nursing Home he checks on patients’ needs and complaints and also enjoys visiting some of his former patients at the home. Dr. Waltz serves on the Board of Directors for the New Hampshire Cooperative Extension, the Pequawket Foundation, and on the Advisory Board for Vaughan Community Service of The First Church of Christ, Congregational of North Conway. He is a proud veteran of the United States Air Force and Historian of Legion Post 95. He is also the Assistant Moderator of the North Conway Water Precinct.

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The White Mountains TREASURE AWARD The Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce is very pleased to honor two individuals for the tremendous contributions they have made to the Mt. Washington Valley. These two individuals have demonstrated outstanding and consistent caring for the improvement of the Valley and the quality of life for the residents of our many communities without the expectation of reward or commendation. Their bios in the program read like a national Who’s Who. Without them we would not have the very important social services, business support, and entrepreneurism that have gone into making our valley a quality place to live, raise a family and work. We appreciate Woodlands Credit Union’s enthusiastic sponsorship of this award and look forward to recognizing two individuals each year. It is with great pleasure that I offer a hearty congratulations from the Mt Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, staff and volunteers to this year’s recipients of the White Mountains Treasure Award.

With great respect, Ben Wilcox, President, MWVCC

Congratulations Ray and Tom! Congratulations to Ray Burton and Tom Eastman who have been recognized as White Mountain Treasures. The Mt. Washington Valley and White Mountains region

Congrats and thanks guys!

has been significantly ntly and positively impacted by Ray’s efforts as a dedicated public servant on the Governor’s Council and Tom’s work as a thoughtful journalist, nalist, commentator and community activist. vist. On behalf of the staff ff and members of Woodlands ands Credit Union, thank you and congratulations, s, Ray and Tom! You make this area a better place. com

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He and his late brother (and 2007 White Mountain Treasure) Steve Eastman (1949-2008) worked together at The Mountain Ear for nearly 30 years. Their brother David Eastman also contributed to the paper. David’s Country Ecology column appears in the Conway Daily Sun and is heard on WMWV/Magic 104.

Councilor Burton attended Plymouth State College (now Plymouth State University) where he earned his B.Ed. in 1962. After a short tenure in the Andover and Warren New Hampshire School Districts as a teaching principal, Ray began to pursue a career in politics. He served as Sergeant at Arms for the New Hampshire House of Representatives and the State Senate from 1967-1968. During this time his interest in politics was transformed from a mere aspiration, to the beginning of a lifelong dedication to service through government.

Tom Eastman, 53, is a longtime journalist in Mount Washington Valley, having worked for The Mountain Ear, local radio stations WMWV/Magic 104, and The Conway Daily Sun, where he currently serves as a reporter and as managing editor of the paper’s Valley Fun publication.

Eastman won an Excellence in Newspaper Features Writing Award for 2009-2010 from the North American Snowsports Journalists Association. He is a two-time runnerup for that award. He was named Ski NH’s Media Person of the Year in 2001. He received Berwick Academy’s Distinguished Alumni Award for his writing in 2002. A graduate of the University of New Hampshire where he studied writing under esteemed late writing professor Donald Murray, Eastman’s work has appeared in several magazines, and he frequently lectures on local ski history both abroad and in this country. In 1989, he authored ia book, “Flight Without Wings: The story of Cranmore and skimeister Hannes Schneider.“ He has been active in publicizing community non-profit organizations over the years, including the Mud Bowl and Friends of Tuckerman Ravine. He is an avid skier and hiker and loves calling the valley home.

Executive Councilor Raymond S. Burton is a native of New Hampshire and has lived his entire life in the northern region of this state. He deeply understands the lifestyle and character of Northern New Hampshire residents and has given many years of “time, talent and dedication” to the area.

His first elected position came in 1977 when he was elected to the Executive Council for a twoyear term. After a brief hiatus during 1980, he was re-elected to the Executive Council and has served each term since 1981. With his usual enthusiasm and wit, his representation of the North Country was summed up when he said, “We cannot let anybody in Concord forget that there’s life north of Concord. We have to tell them to start looking out their north windows.” The State of New Hampshire is grateful for Councilor Burton’s service to the YMCA Youth in Government Program, initiation of a student intern program, Operation Life Saver, North Country Council Transportation Committee, North Country Arts Advisory Council, NH Safety Council, Governor’s Highway Advisory Council, Northern Community Investment Corporation, and North Country Council and NH Farm Bureau.

Dear Tom, Dear Tom,

Thanks for always keeping the history Thanks the history of skiingfor in always the Mt.keeping Washington Valley of skiing in the Mt Washington Valley alive and true. All the Carroll Reed alive and true. All Reed family is thankful for the youCarroll and your family is thankful for you on and your friendship. Congratulations being Congratulations on being afriendship. Valley Treasure. You’ve always a Valley Treasure. You’ve always been one of ours. been one of ours.

With love, Damon “Pokey” Reed, With love, DamonStefan “Pokey” Reed, Stefi Reed Hastings, Karnopp, StefiDean ReedKarnopp Hastings, Stefan Karnopp and and families. & Dean Karnopp and families.

COMMITMENT: As Sheriff, I will serve and protect the citizens and Courts of Carroll County, as well as provide the necessary assistance and support for all law enforcement agencies. I will work to promote the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office as a leader in professionalism and services. I will work with the County Commissioners and Delegation by being fiscally responsible and transparent, while providing safety, services, and resources needed by the citizens of Carroll County.

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“dedication is not what others expect of you, it is what you can give to others”. unknown

CONGRATULATIONS 2010 WHITE MOUNTAINS TREASURES tom eastman and ray burton and thank you mt. washington valley chamber of commerce and mt. washington valley economic council for all you do. this ad paid for by friends of ed butler for state rep


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Executive Councilor Raymond S. Burton for thirty-two years of stellar service to the people of new hampshire

“... up in the Mountains of New Hampshire, God Almighty has hung out a sign to show that there He makes men.� Daniel Webster

Memorial Hospital congratulates this year’s award winners: MWV Chamber of Commerce White Mountains Treasure Award: Tom Eastman and Councilor Ray Burton MWV Economic Council Bob Morrell Award Dr. Miles Waltz Thank you for all you do for our community! 603-356-5461

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Driving Tourism Mount Washington Observatory regularly secures national and international publicity for Mount Washington, featured recently in National Geographic, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Discovery Network television and countless other national media outlets.

PromoTing EDucaTion Through our Weather Discovery Center museum, classroom outreach and distance learning programs, Mount Washington Observatory presents Mount Washington to the world as a preeminent location to learn about climate and weather.

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