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paula roush/ maria lusitano

Split- index: a time/space dislocation, 2011. Video, photography and social actions, duration and sizes variable Conceptual art follows the structuralist split between language and the optical, going sometimes as far as suggesting that the visual unconscious is structured like a text. To test these ideas in a contemporary social situation we engaged the people of Ljubljana in an art research experiment. Using a 1980s Portuguese literacy kit found in the private library of L. Santos, in Lisbon, we asked our collaborators to reindex the photographs into Slovenian concepts. This reenactment resulted in some moments of transcultural recoding, and in others of untranslability, a hibridity that reflects everyday life. part of classop (varied papers) for Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E., Ljubljana.

split-index: a time/space dislocation  

paula roush/ maria lusitanoSplit-index: a time/space dislocation, 2011.Video, photography and social actions, duration and sizes variableCon...