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Save Money by Purchasing Used Wheelchair Lifts Purchasing used wheelchair lifts is an ideal option for people with budget constraints. Leading dealers offer pre-owned wheelchair lifts that cost less than new, but work just as well. Wheelchair lifts are ideal for use in buildings which do not have space for the installation of elevators or ramps. These lifts allow wheelchair users to move safely and comfortably from level to level. As new equipment can be expensive, most of the people look to save money by purchasing used wheelchair lifts. These pre-owned lifts can be purchased at much lower prices than new and work just as well. Select used Wheelchair lifts from leading brands Leading dealers of accessibility devices offers various models of top quality used wheelchair lifts: •

Inclined Platform Lifts – As the name suggests, these systems are specifically meant for inclined stair cases. Customers can choose from various models based on building structure and individual needs. The ES-125 by industry leader Savaria is a quality inclined platform lift model.

Vertical Platform Lifts – The vertical platform lifts are designed to meet any specific architectural requirement comprising of both indoors and outdoors. Multilift, Prolift and V-1504 are some of the top models by Savaria.

Portable Lifts – These lifts are designed to operate for straight as well as curved stairways. The Roby Powered Stair Climber by Savaria and Mobilift CX by Adaptive Engineering are some of the top models in this category.

Established suppliers of accessibility equipment purchase pre-owned wheelchair lifts and put them through a refurbishment process before certifying them and offering them for sale. The device is first inspected to identify faulty parts or any issues related to operational efficiency or safety. The wheelchair lift is then repaired and refurbished by a factory-trained team to meet original manufacturer specifications. It is then offered for sale at a price that is much lower than that of a new lift. So buying used lifts from a right dealer is definitely a cost-effective option compared to buying new. Key Benefits of a used Wheelchair lift •

Saves Money – Buying a pre-owned wheelchair lift is an ideal solution for wheel chair users with budget constraints. They can obtain a quality pre-owned product which matches a new product in terms of functionality and performance – but at a much lower price.

Product Quality – Purchasing used wheelchair lifts from a reliable supplier will ensure that there is no compromise on quality. The used equipment would have undergone a proper refurbishment process before it is offered for sale. Faulty parts would have been replaced immediately. These certified wheelchair lifts would work as well as new.

Safety Features – When used lifts are refurbished, care is taken to see that they meet all safety requirements. Most used lifts, like new equipment, offer safety features such as safety belts, non–skid platform, audio visual alarm, cable safety device, remote control, electro mechanical braking system, emergency stop switch, grab rails, and more.

Installation Support – Purchasing pre-owned equipment from a certified and reliable dealer would ensure free site inspection and affordable installation. A smooth process of installation without any structural modification with purchase from a reliable supplier.

Product Warranty – Purchasing certified used lifts from a reputable dealer ensures parts warranty along with prompt and efficient after-sales and maintenance services.

Price and Model – Customers can conduct a thorough online research on the various brands and models of used lifts brands. The right dealer will offer guidance to help in choosing the right option as well as provide them with a used wheelchair lift at a competitive price that stays within their budget.

A pre-owned wheelchair lift from a reputable brand will ensure a safe and comfortable accessibility solution for your home or office.

Save money by purchasing used wheelchair lifts  

Purchasing used wheelchair lifts is an ideal option for people with budget constraints. Leading dealers offer pre-owned wheelchair lifts tha...

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