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Interior Design Trends 2018 BedfordBrooks Design Inc.

1 de febrero de 2018, 18:31

As a new calendar year begins we take a look at how the world of design will play a role in our lives this coming year. Inspired by fashion, industrial design, and the many factors influencing our daily lives, interior design trends are a culmination and by-product of these influences combined with the reality and function of how we live and work in our personal spaces. For the coming year we see some of the most loved trends continuing such as using mixed metals in all interior spaces - the shiny, stark look of highly polished metals are lending way to the patina of softer, warmer metals that age beautifully over time. Think copper, aged brass, bronze and black metal. A well curated fusion of these finishes is what we are seeing time and time again with great success. Bringing the outdoors in and indoors out continues to have great staying power in all aspects of design. Although the over-scaled floral prints are making less of an appearance, the more organic, fluid and scattered patterns of nature inspired botanicals are here in a very big way for both outdoor and indoor spaces. Layering of fabrics, materials and textures especially with area rugs continues to be a very strong and comforting trend, as is the use of pattern and mixing of patterns in rugs, wall treatments, and dĂŠcor items - geometric, vintage, botanical, ethnic, nature - they all work and look fantastic when done properly. Bolder, stronger colours are definitely dominating for 2018 with all things green, vibrant blues, majestic teal, earthy and rich mustard yellow, violet and pink, all taking centre stage. We are loving the softer and more organic shapes in furnishings this year as we

give way to curves, bends and shapely silhouettes in sofas, tables, bedframes, and related accessories. Overall, there are some very beautiful trends in the forecast for 2018 and we encourage everyone to experiment and have fun while remembering to design and plan your spaces for function and comfort with what you love and with what makes you happy! Embrace your exceptional life!

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