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July 2010 – January 2011


2010 marks the beginning of a new creative era for Watkins as we combine our illustrated and non-illustrated spiritual publishing for the first time under this famous imprint, dating back to 1894. Watkins Publishing now has an active backlist of over 300 titles and in Fall 2010 we publish some 30 new titles in our core categories of Spiritual Wisdom, Self-help, Inspiration, and Health & Well-being, as well as continuing Watkins’ long tradition of publishing key esoteric and faith titles to help change people’s lives. Leading us towards the future are two dramatic and original prediction titles: The Mayan Prophecies 2012 – the Message and the Vision and bestselling author Mario Reading’s Nostradamus’ Top 100 Prophecies. For the spirit, we have a visually stunning edition of the Taoist classic Inner Chapters, as well as Sri Chinmoy’s transforming Jewels of Happiness. And I know 100 Journeys for the Spirit will help you find your way to many of the world’s most spiritually uplifting sites, in the company of some of the very best writers, including Jan Morris, Alexander McCall Smith and Mark Tully. Crystal Healing is a key title for us in the health category, with experts Simon and Sue Lilly skilfully leading us through guided visualisations and meditations into the world of crystal therapy. And to mark the important moments of the heart in our lives there is Claire Nahmad’s thoughtful and original Make Your Own Angel Blessing Scrolls. Practical and self-reliant lovers of the outdoors will find Joe O’Leary’s Wilderness Survival Guide indispensable, and we are delighted to publish organic experts Alan and Jackie Gear’s Organic Vegetable & Fruit Growing & Preserving Month by Month – a must-have book for all gardeners. For Valentine’s Day we are publishing the sensual and beautiful Art of the Kama Sutra in our acclaimed silk-bound collection.

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And do read Countdown to Coherence – leading health and metaphysical writer Hazel Courteney’s fast-paced journey of inner discovery to meet with scientists and spiritual masters and explore what can be revealed in terms of our finding both transcendence and meaning in the lives we lead. This is a selection of the range, variety and purpose of our new Watkins publishing list. Enjoy the catalogue, and have a wonderful season with us!

July 2010 to January 2011 Duncan Baird and everyone at Watkins Publishing



The Mayan Prophecies 2012


The Missing Family of Jesus


The Art of the Kama Sutra


The Shining Ones


The Inner Chapters


Civilization One


The Maya


The Hiram Key Revisited


Understanding Religions series


The Secret Founding of America


M I N D , B O D Y, S P I R I T


Nostradamus: The Top 100 Prophecies


Organic Vegetable & Fruit Growing & Preserving

Crystal Healing


Mind Body & Spirit Diaries 2011


The Jewels of Happiness


So You Want to Be Psychic?


Life Alignment


Chakra Meditations



Happiness is Living in the Moment


Learn to Sleep Well


Hello from Heaven!


Learn to Find Inner Peace


Make Your Own Angel Blessing Scrolls


Healthy Living: Massage


Countdown to Coherence


The Alcoholism & Addiction Cure


1001 Dreams


1001 Ways to Relax




Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies for the Future


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Month by Month The Wilderness Survival Guide

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100 Journeys for the Spirit


The Mayan Prophecies 2012 -the Message and the Vision Gerald Benedict NEW ISBN: 978-1-907486-25-8 PUBLICATION: October 2010 248 × 215mm / 176 pages /

Is the world going to end on 21 December 2012 or will a new golden age dawn for humankind? – here are compelling insights into the Mayans’ world-view and their end-time prophecies for 2012

4-colour throughout Hardback / £16.99 AUS $35.00 NZ $40.00

For centuries wise men of the Mayan civilisation of Central America devoted themselves to predicting the movements of celestial bodies and amassing a body of revelations about the future. At the winter solstice in 2012 their prophecies will come to fruition: this is when the current epoch of time will come to an end. The Mayan Prophecies presents twenty-one predictions based on original Mayan texts, each fully explained and beautifully illustrated. From the prophecy of energy release at the 26,000-year galactic synchronisation climax to the possibility that humankind itself may be the living prophecy of which all the prophecies speak, the urgent message is not of cataclysm but of challenge. Beginning with an overview of Mayan science, belief and ritual, we discover how the Mayans saw their own time and the time to come. This book takes us to the heart of the Mayan world-view and demonstrates its potential to transform our thinking about the planet, our survival and our well-being. GERALD BENEDICT is an expert in comparative religious philosophy and the author of The Maya (see page 9).



The Art of the Kama Sutra Mallanaga Vatsyayana, Translated by Robert Burton (modernised) NEW ISBN: 978-1-907486-30-2 PUBLICATION: January 2011

The ultimate guide to courtship and sexual pleasure presented in an elegant illustrated modern format – an ideal gift for modern lovers

234 × 153mm / 272 pages / 4-colour throughout Hardback / £19.99 AUS $49.99 NZ $55.00

Written by the Vedic sage Mallanaga Vatsyayana, the Kama Sutra is the world’s oldest text dealing with courtship, eroticism and sensual pleasure. The Art of the Kama Sutra fits in perfectly with the current trend of eroticism epitomised by burlesque icon Dita von Teese and lingerie label Agent Provocateur. Its sensual appeal is complemented by the superb design and luxurious finish. Topics covered include love-making positions and techniques for maximising pleasure; how to attract the opposite sex; what to look for in a spouse; the wiles used by courtesans; and recipes for achieving enhanced virility. Vatsyayana believed that contentment in marriage would only be strengthened by mastering love-making techniques, which would in turn make people more virtuous. The sensual enjoyment attained through good sex could only add to the sum of happiness in the world. Though social manners and customs may have changed over the centuries, the arts of love remain timeless. MALLANAGA VATSYAYANA was a celebrated sage who lived in India some 1,500 years ago and wrote with scientific accuracy, amazing perception and shrewd common sense on all aspects of sex and married life.



The Inner Chapters

The Maya

Chuang Tzu

Gerald Benedict

Translated by Solala Towler NEW ISBN: 978-1-906787-99-8

A beautiful new edition of the most famous Taoist text after the Tao Te Ching

PUBLICATION: October 2010 275 × 195mm / 192 pages / Black & silver photographs Paperback / £14.99 AUS $32.99 NZ $39.00

Chuang Tzu stands alongside Lao Tzu (author of the Tao Te Ching) as a founding father of Taoism, and The Inner Chapters are the only sustained section of this text widely believed to be the work of Chuang Tzu himself, dating to the 4th century BC. The book is full of fantastic tales: of a gigantic fish that becomes a bird; a cook who never sharpens his blade though he butchers numberless oxen; a magical being who lives in the mountains and rides on cloud carts pulled by dragons; a student of Confucius who attains the great learning of ‘sitting and forgetting’; and many more. Interspersed with these stories you’ll find advice and guidance on every aspect of life. While Lao Tzu’s writings are short, pithy statements, Chuang Tzu’s are voluminous and full of puns, riddles and outright jokes. He challenges the status quo at all times and champions our right to live our own lives in a simple, straightforward fashion, uncorrupted by society’s strictures or by desperate attempts at fame and fortune. This is a clear-cut primer for peace of mind and a balanced lifestyle. SOLALA TOWLER was the Editor of the only Englishlanguage Taoist magazine, The Empty Vessel, for fifteen years. He is a dedicated student of Taoism, an instructor of qigong, and has also led tours to the sacred mountains of Taoism in China.



Will 2012 be the end of the world or the dawn of enlightenment? – a radical and thought-provoking account of the meaning of the Mayan end-time prophecies

NEW ISBN: 978-1-906787-98-1 PUBLICATION: September 2010 185 × 123mm / 240 pages

Every Mayan epoch to date has ended in catastrophe, and as the Fifth Mayan World Age draws to its close, things may be no different! However, Gerald Benedict uncovers the real meaning behind the Mayan Prophecies for 2012, and shows us that rather than signalling a disastrous change from humankind, they mark the dawn of a new age.

Hardback / £10.99 AUS $24.99 NZ $29.00

Gerald Benedict’s in-depth exploration of the prophecies, demonstrates how the themes of Time, Synchronicity and Prophecy relate to our lives today. Crucially, his examination of the ‘end of time’ calendars and the Winter equinox of 2012 reveal that the underlining urgency of the Maya’s message: if we are to solve our ecological and demographic problems, ensure the survival of our civilisation, and achieve a true understanding of our place in the universe, we must make an evolutionary development away from materialism and cynicism towards a more spiritual and ethical position. GERALD BENEDICT is an expert in comparative religions and philosophy . He is the author of The Watkins Dictionary of Religions and Secular Faiths and The Mayan Prophecies – 2012: the Message and the Vision (see page 4).



ISBN: 978-1-907486-14-2 PUBLICATION: July 2010 197 × 130mm / 112 pages /

Understanding Buddhism

Understanding Judaism

Malcolm David Eckel

Carl S. Ehrlich

One of the world’s great religious traditions, Buddhism has become an increasingly potent spiritual force in the West, having attracted thousands of followers. This concise introduction provides an accessible and lavishly illustrated account of the key themes of the Buddhist faith – the life of the Buddha, spiritual and ethical teachings, ritual and ceremony, art and architecture, sacred writings, karma, meditation and enlightenment, death and the afterlife.

Understanding Judaism is a concise, illustrated introduction to this ancient religion. All the major aspects of Judaism are featured, including the Pharisees and other early sects, the importance of Moses, the Hebrew Bible, messianism, the Talmud, synagogues, Hasidism, Zionism, the kabbalistic tradition, rites of passage, the sabbath, festivals, the cultural contribution of the diaspora, and relations with Christianity and Islam.

MALCOLM DAVID ECKEL is Associate Professor of Religion and Director of the Core Curriculum at Boston University.

CARL S. EHRLICH is Professor of Humanities at York University, Toronto.

Understanding Christianity

Understanding Islam

Rosemary Drage Hale

Matthew S. Gordon

Measured by the number of adherents, Christianity is the most influential of all the major religions, with as many as two billion followers of its many denominations, in every corner of the globe. This book explores and explains the development of Christian diversity, examining the fundamental religious principles of the faith and showing how these have evolved over two millennia.

Islam, the last of the major monotheistic traditions to emerge, dates back to the early seventh century. This enlightening book outlines Islam’s essential practices and beliefs, including its origins and historical development, sacred texts, beliefs on death and the afterlife, as well as themes such as society and religion. Topical issues including Political Islam, Islam and Israel, and Fundamentalism are addressed with intelligence, skill and sensitivity.

4-colour throughout Paperback / £6.99 AUS $14.99 NZ $16.99

ISBN: 978-1-907486-15-9 PUBLICATION: July 2010

Paperback / £6.99

ROSEMARY DRAGE HALE is Professor of History and Dean of Humanities at Brock University, St Catharine’s, Ontario.

AUS $14.99 NZ $16.99


PUBLICATION: July 2010 197 × 130mm / 112 pages / 4-colour throughout

197 × 130mm / 112 pages / 4-colour throughout

ISBN: 978-1-907486-17-3


Paperback / £6.99 AUS $14.99 NZ $16.99

ISBN: 978-1-907486-16-6 PUBLICATION: July 2010 197 × 130mm / 112 pages / 4-colour throughout

MATTHEW S. GORDON is Associate Professor of History at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.


Paperback / £6.99 AUS $14.99 NZ $16.99


Nostradamus: The Top 100 Prophecies Mario Reading NEW ISBN: 978-1-906787-88-2 PUBLICATION: October 2010

An illustrated collection of the top 100 prophecies from the greatest, most famous visionary in history, translated and interpreted by the world’s foremost scholar on Nostradamus

234 × 153mm / 192 pages / 4-colour throughout Slipcased hardback / £16.99 AUS $35.00 NZ $40.00

Among people gifted with the power of foresight, the name that stands out above all others is that of the 16th-century French apothecary, Nostradamus (1503–1566). A prolific writer of occult almanacs, his most famous work remains his Centuries – 942 gnomic verses, known as quatrains, that have intrigued us for nearly half a millennium. Nostradamus: The Top 100 Prophecies is a beautifully illustrated selection of Nostradamus’ greatest quatrains. From the Great Plague of London in 1665–1666 to the Fall of the Third Reich in 1945, from the Gulf War in 1990 and the World Financial Crisis of 2008, this compelling collection is an amazing checklist of some of history’s greatest moments – each foretold by the greatest oracle of all time – as well as events that have not yet happened. MARIO READING has established a reputation as an original and important expert on Nostradamus. He is author of the bestselling Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies for the Future (see page 30) and Nostradamus: The Good News; and he has translated and written the ultimate collection of Nostradamus’ prophecies in The Complete Nostradamus. His first novel, The Nostradamus Prophecies, was an international bestseller.


M I N D , B O D Y, S P I R I T


Crystal Healing Simon & Sue Lilly NEW ISBN: 978-1-907486-26-5 PUBLICATION: October 2010 235 × 162mm / 160 pages /

The ultimate handbook on the use of crystals for healing, with expert guidance on how to achieve results – a great addition to every crystal enthusiast’s library and a musthave book for beginners

4-colour throughout Paperback / £12.99 AUS $24.99 NZ $29.00

Crystal Healing provides an exciting window into the world of crystal therapy. Guided visualisations and meditations help to deepen the experience of balancing body and mind, and appear alongside clear advice on which healing crystals are the most important for each situation, as well as practical tips on how to get the best from them. Essential reference information is given on a basic repertoire of 20 core crystals; in addition, a useful quick-reference crystal directory at the back of the book succinctly covers 100 crystals. From insomnia to migraines, from depression to the upheaval of moving house, this book helps you find a way to tackle issues you feel need targeting in your life, and shows you how to bring general improvements to your physical and emotional well-being through the power of crystals. SIMON & SUE LILLY are senior tutors at the Institute of Crystal and Gem Therapists (ICGT) and have published more than 30 books on crystal healing, colour healing, astrology, runes, essences and working with trees and tree spirits. They are the authors of the bestselling The Essential Crystal Handbook (DBP, 2006).


M I N D , B O D Y, S P I R I T

Mind Body & Spirit Book of Days 2011 MIND BODY & SPIRIT BOOK OF DAYS 2011 ISBN: 978-1-907486-18-0

Helping to make 2011 your best year ever, with guidance on enhancing your spiritual, mental and physical well-being, these diaries really can change your life

PUBLICATION: August 2010 254 × 185mm / 144 pages Hardback with spiral £12.99 inc. VAT AUS $29.99 NZ $35.00

This bestselling illustrated holistic diary series offers advice on physical, mental and spiritual well-being all through the year. Designed as a resource for enriching daily life, it will guide you on a journey of inner nurturing, growth and fulfilment. Each month starts off with positive intentions and suggested practices and projects to encourage personal and spiritual development. The double-page spread for each week features a colourful illustration on which to reflect and an exercise to further your well-being, as well as an inspiring quotation.

‘It’s more than just a journal, it’s ring-bound therapy’ Health & Fitness

MIND BODY & SPIRIT POCKET BOOK OF DAYS 2011 ISBN: 978-1-907486-19-7 PUBLICATION: August 2010 148 × 110mm / 144 pages / Hardback / £6.99 inc. VAT AUS $16.99 NZ $19.99


M I N D , B O D Y, S P I R I T

NEW ISBN: 978-1-906787-97-4 PUBLICATION: September 2010

The Jewels of Happiness

So You Want to Be Psychic?

Sri Chinmoy

Billy Roberts

A distillation of previously unpublished works which reflect the joy and illumination Sri Chinmoy embodied – a profound inspiration for humankind

Stage and TV psychic Billy Roberts offers a practical stepby-step guide to tapping into your latent psychic powers – using a method proven to deliver extraordinary results

The Jewels of Happiness is a treasure chest of wisdom and joy – a compilation of succinct and insightful pieces of prose, practical exercises, and uplifting aphorisms and verse. Addressing themes such as happiness, peace, enthusiasm and love, the self-contained chapters combine to create a wonderful tapestry of inspiration.

We all have it in us to be psychic. Although some are more sensitive than others, we can all learn how to release our potential with the help of the simple techniques that Billy Roberts has created, developed and refined in extensive workshops. Many of his methods are based on Eastern and metaphysical traditions, adapted to appeal to those with a secular outlook, as well as to the more spiritual student.

197 × 125mm / 224 pages Paperback / £8.99 AUS $19.99 NZ $25.00

ISBN: 978-1-906787-96-7 PUBLICATION: August 2010 216 × 135mm / 224 pages /

Sri Chinmoy writes with beautiful simplicity and concentrated wisdom that immediately soothes the heart and inspires the spirit. His easy-to-follow exercises, based on perennial ancient wisdom, are perfectly suited to our fast-paced lifestyles. Sri Chinmoy has an amazing ability to speak to each reader as if the words were written just for them and to offer positive help and insight. SRI CHINMOY was a renowned spiritual leader and advocate of world peace. Born in East Bengal in 1931, from the age of twelve he lived in a spiritual community in southern India where he became a champion sprinter and decathlete. Following an inner command, he came to America in 1964, living in New York until his passing in 2007. He created a number of powerful peace initiatives including Peace Concerts and the World Harmony Run. His work has been extolled by numerous world leaders and spiritual masters.



M I N D , B O D Y, S P I R I T

Line drawings Paperback / £ 10.99 AUS $27.99 NZ $32.00

Psychic powers are those abilities for which contemporary science has no explanation – notably, clairvoyance, healing, precognition telepathy and mediumship. These are skills that helped our prehistoric forebears communicate before the advent of speech. Psychic development is, therefore, not so much a case of receiving knowledge as of remembering what we have long since forgotten. BILLY ROBERTS, gifted since his childhood, went on to become one of the UK’s leading stage psychics. He founded ‘The Thought Workshop’, one of the first centres for psychic and spiritual studies and alternative therapies in the UK, and is regarded as a leading authority on metaphysical and esoteric sciences. Today he continues to conduct workshops and seminars all around the world.

M I N D , B O D Y, S P I R I T


F R O M T H E M I N D B O D Y & S P I R I T B O O K O F D AY S 2 0 1 1 ( S E E PA G E 1 6 )

Life Alignment Philippa Lubbock NEW ISBN: 978-1-906787-95-0 PUBLICATION: August 2010

The extraordinary story of how Dr Jeff Levin was shown a ‘new generation’ of vibrational medicine that can offer us all swift and lasting healing – even from serious conditions

234 × 153mm / 256 pages Paperback / £12.99 AUS $29.99 NZ $35.00

This is an in-depth look into the discovery and application of Jeff Levin’s ground-breaking vibrational healing system, Life Alignment. In this extraordinary book Philippa Lubbock explains how the revelation of this system came to Jeff, how the healing system works and how the system can benefit everyone. The foundation of Life Alignement is that the mind controls the body – revealing self-limiting beliefs and repressed feelings to be the root-cause of illness. The corollary of this is that everything we need to heal is actually within us. This vibrational healing works with the individual’s higher consciousness – accessed through muscle testing and dowsing – to ascertain the real causes of the disease. Then, with the help of Levin’s powerful Life Alignment Vortex Cards, the healing process happens – rapidly and with incredible ease Life Alignment will genuinely change your life. PHILIPPA LUBBOCK is a Life Alignment teacher and practitioner. Her years as a Gestalt psychotherapist provided first-hand evidence of the mind as the source of disease, and fuelled her passion to search for a practical healing method that dissolved the boundaries between mind, body and spirit.


M I N D , B O D Y, S P I R I T

M I N D , B O D Y, S P I R I T

NEW ISBN: 978-1-907486-27-2 PUBLICATION: November 2010 142 × 105mm / 52 cards plus folding leaflet / 4-colour cards, monochrome leaflet Boxed card pack with built-in easel / £12.99 inc. VAT AUS $24.99 NZ $29.00

Chakra Meditations

Happiness is Living in the Moment

Swami Saradananda

Barbara Ann Kipfer

An exquisitely illustrated card deck focusing on the ancient Indian art of chakra meditation – by following the meditations here you can retune your chakras to restore body and mind

Bring a little happiness your way with this superb card deck, packed with wisdom and inspiration that’s guaranteed to help you find the power of now and fill your day with smiles

This unique, beautifully designed deck of 52 chakra meditation cards offers practical wisdom and inspiring spiritual guidance to bring your life into balance. Illustrated with evocative artwork, the cards are divided into seven main sections – one for each of the seven chakras. Each section includes visualisations, meditations, exercises, techniques and inspiring quotations appropriate to its chakra. One card in each section features a vivid image of the corresponding yantra (chakra symbol), designed as a meditation aid. The deck box itself forms a folding easel: this offers an ingenious way to display the cards, enabling you to focus fully on each one. You can choose which card to focus on according to your needs – for example, to open up your imagination prior to starting a creative project or to help you feel confident before an important meeting.

As we face up to our responsibilities and try to solve our problems day by day, it’s all too easy to forget how privileged we are to be alive. This beautiful deck of inspirations serves as a reminder. Full of mature guidance and insights, it will help you to savour every minute and really get the best out of life. Embellished with superb artwork, each card features a powerful affirmation, inspiring quotation or practical suggestion to help you overcome the stresses of modern life and live fully in the moment. Organised into four thematic ‘suits’ (The Awakened Self, A Map of Love, The Living World and Paths of the Spirit), the cards will help you to explore your relationship with yourself, with others and with your environment – and find inner calm and balance.

This exquisite deck is an essential companion for those seeking enhanced energy, creativity, focus, calm and well-being. SWAMI SARADANANDA is the author of Chakra Meditation and The Power of Breath (both DBP).


M I N D , B O D Y, S P I R I T

NEW ISBN: 978-1-907486-28-9 PUBLICATION: November 2010 142 × 105mm / 52 cards plus folding leaflet / 4-colour cards, monochrome leaflet Boxed card pack with built-in easel / £12.99 inc. VAT AUS $24.99 NZ $29.00

Now is the time to open your eyes, find new appreciation of the world around you and attain true awareness and inner peace. BARBARA ANN KIPFER is the author of the bestselling book, 14,000 Things to Be Happy About, and of 1001 Ways to Live in the Moment (DBP).

M I N D , B O D Y, S P I R I T


F R O M T H E M I N D B O D Y & S P I R I T B O O K O F D AY S 2 0 1 1 ( S E E PA G E 1 6 )

Hello from Heaven! Bill Guggenheim & Judy Guggenheim The first book to detail the study of After-Death Communication — with over 350 first-hand stories that offer hope, love and comfort for the bereaved

NEW ISBN: 978-1-906787-90-5 PUBLICATION: November 2010 197 × 125mm / 416 pages

After-Death Communication is the phenomenon of messages received directly without the use of mediums, psychics or devices. Follow Bill Guggenheim and Judy Guggenheim as their research brings them into contact with people whose encounters have provided them with comfort, hope and courage, and have sometimes even saved their lives.

Paperback / £7.99 AUS $24.99 NZ $29.00

This uplifting collection of over 350 personal stories will help you find inspiration, strength and encouragement in even the darkest of times – helping you to discover how to cope in your grief, offering hope that you will meet a loved one again, and giving strength to those facing life-threatening illnesses. These joyous and inspirational accounts offer genuine evidence of life after death. BILL GUGGENHEIM & JUDY GUGGENHEIM have been conducting intensive After-Death Communication research since 1988. Bill serves on the Board of Advisors of the International Association for Near-Death Studies. He and Judy are members of the Association for Death Education and Counseling and other organisations that minister to the terminally ill and the bereaved.

M I N D , B O D Y, S P I R I T


NEW ISBN: 978-1-906787-94-3 PUBLICATION: September 2010 216 × 135mm / 192 pages /

Make Your Own Angel Blessing Scrolls

Countdown to Coherence

Claire Nahmad

Hazel Courteney

Create thoughtful gifts full of hope and joy to mark special occasions in the lives of your friends and family – and harness the mystical power of the ancient Celts and the healing power of the angels

Hazel Courteney weaves cutting-edge science, and facts and theories from many of today’s most exciting thinkers, into the riveting story of her journey to discover where humankind is headed

10 illustrations Paperback / £10.99 AUS $24.99 NZ $29.00

ISBN: 978-1-906787-83-7 PUBLICATION: September 2010 216 × 135mm / 272 pages / 8pp colour plates

In this book Claire Nahmad shows how to create beautiful Angel Blessing Scrolls for any occasion. As well as explaining different methods of construction for each gift, she suggests sympathetic wording and describes how to invoke the blessing of the appropriate angel. The scrolls can be drawn in attractive calligraphy or typed in unusual and striking fonts on beautiful paper or parchment. They can be decorated with aromatic oils or with herbs or crystals. Although the original blessing scrolls were hidden, these beautiful artefacts can be displayed for all to admire ... and they will still create a powerful conduit for angelic benefaction towards the place and/or person for whom it was created in angelic protection, healing and blessing. CLAIRE NAHMAD is a successful author who specialises in healing and herbalism, the study of magic, and local folklore. She has written a number of bestselling books including Summoning Angels, Your Guardian Angel, Angel Healing, Angel Messages and The Secret Teachings of Mary Magdalene (all Watkins).



M I N D , B O D Y, S P I R I T

After a near-death experience in 1998 that set off an incredible series of paranormal events, Hazel Courteney felt compelled to seek out spiritual masters and leading scientists to help her uncover what was really going on. Here is the adventure that ensued – a fast-paced spiritual journey to meet distinguished yet controversial thinkers who share findings that lead Hazel to some staggering conclusions.

Paperback / £10.99 AUS $24.99 NZ $29.00

Psychologist Gary Schwartz examines the possibility that we are biological computers operating inside a pre-programmed simulator; shaman-scientist Alberto Villoldo offers insights into what happens after we leave the physical body; the enlightened community of Damanhur offers evidence that other realities exist alongside ours; and renowned physicist William Tiller reveals what he believes happened before the Big Bang and how our universe is moving towards a state of perfect oneness on the ultimate journey ‘home’. HAZEL COURTENEY was the UK’s first alternative health Agony Aunt with her Daily Mail column, ‘What’s the Alternative?’ She has written a number of books, including 500 of the Most Important Health Tips You’ll Ever Need.

M I N D , B O D Y, S P I R I T


NEW EDITION ISBN: 978-1-907486-22-7 PUBLICATION: October 2010

1001 Dreams

1001 Ways to Relax

Jack Altman

Mike George

Explore the secrets of your subconscious with this beautifully illustrated book packed with 1,001 symbols that will instantly reveal the hidden messages in your dreams

Discover new ways to ease life’s pressures with this unique, illustrated collection of 1,001 brilliant relaxation tips and techniques

1001 Dreams is a fun and revealing guide to the insights to be gleaned from the workings of your unconscious mind, as expressed in your dreamlife. Do you often dream about flying, falling, or sitting for an exam without having done any revision? How does this relate to your deepest ambitions or fears, or to issues in your home, work and relationships? 1001 Dreams explains the basics of Jungian and Freudian dream analysis, and offers interpretations of a wide range of dream subjects and scenarios.

How often these days do we hear talk of stress? Indeed, many people seem to have accepted stress as an inescapable aspect of modern life, like mobile phones and the internet. Even on vacation we can find ourselves stressed – not least because the holiday may have failed to live up to expectations!

185 × 123mm / 384 pages / 4-colour throughout Paperback / £9.99 AUS $19.99 NZ $25.00

ISBN: 978-1-907486-23-4 PUBLICATION: October 2010 185 × 123mm / 384 pages /

1001 Dreams is organised theme by theme, and this userfriendly structure is supplemented by a comprehensive index and by carefully compiled cross-reference boxes, which direct the reader to other, relevant dreams. This pocket oracle is designed to enlighten and entertain, and to awaken you to the hidden wisdom of your dreamworld. JACK ALTMAN is a professional journalist living in Paris, with first-hand experience of dream analysis. He has worked for Time and Esquire magazines.



M I N D , B O D Y, S P I R I T

4-colour throughout Paperback / £9.99 AUS $19.99 NZ $25.00

This inspiring book provides enough tips and techniques for a whole lifetime’s quota of pressures, tensions, gripes, disappointments and burdens. Among the answers offered are: small things that make a difference; self-help programs; quick fixes; attitude acrobatics; lessons of philosophy; lessons of the East; ways to deal with chance and uncertainty; and much else. This book is an open sesame to a whole world of self-assurance, acceptance, tranquillity and optimism. Open it at random and try out one of these methods – you’ll soon find out what a difference it makes! MIKE GEORGE is a bestselling author, spiritual teacher and management consultant. Based in England, he facilitates the personal and spiritual development of people in communities and organisations in more than thirty countires. He is the author of the bestselling Learn to Relax (DBP) and Learn to Find Inner Peace (Watkins; see page 43).

M I N D , B O D Y, S P I R I T


T H E G R E A T B L U E H O L E , L I G H T H O U S E R E E F, B E L I Z E F R O M 1 0 0 J O U R N E Y S F O R T H E S P I R I T ( S E E PA G E 4 0 )

Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies for the Future Mario Reading NEW EDITION ISBN: 978-1-906787-77-6 PUBLICATION: July 2010 197 × 125mm / 368 pages

A revised edition of this bestselling selection of Nostradamus most relevant prophecies, with brandnew author commentaries on the prophecies that have come to pass since first publication in 2006

Paperback / £8.99 AUS $19.99 NZ $25.00

In this extraordinary collection Mario Reading presents Nostradamus in an entirely new light – through groundbreaking new translations of all Nostradamus’ quatrains that deal specifically with the future, each with a sharp and knowledgeable commentary. Mario Reading’s startling discovery of Nostradamus’ dating system allows him to date the prophecies, and his translation and insightful interpretation reveal extraordinary and sometimes shocking predictions for the future. These predictions include the demise of the British monarchy, the break-up of the European Union and Global War. Nostradamus, the greatest diviner and scryer who ever lived, was born on 13th December 1503, in Provence, France. His prophecies have been continuously in print since his death on 1st July 1566, an event that he accurately foretold on the night before it happened. MARIO READING is an original and esteemed expert on Nostradamus. He has appeared in several TV programmes on Nostradamus for the Discovery Channel and The History Channel. (See also page 12.)


M I N D , B O D Y, S P I R I T

B R Y C E C A N Y O N , U TA H , U S A F R O M 1 0 0 J O U R N E Y S F O R T H E S P I R I T ( S E E PA G E 4 0 )

The Missing Family of Jesus Tobias Churton The first systematic, historical investigation into the questions, ‘Who were Jesus’ family?’, ‘What do we know about their relations with each other?’ and ‘Who were Jesus’ descendants and what happened to them?’

NEW ISBN: 978-1-907486-02-9 PUBLICATION: October 2010 234 × 153mm / 272 pages Hardback / £16.99

The Holy Family of Jesus as commonly depicted in religious art, is a myth fabricated by the early Christian church. Explaining this assertion, Tobias Churton leads the reader on a fascinating quest to discover through historical sources all that is to be found about Jesus’ family background, parentage and siblings and the possibility of his having descendants. When Romanised Christianity decided to bend the historical facts about early Christianity, Jesus became the only son of God and the product of a virgin birth, to avoid the taint of original sin. Any inconvenient siblings had to be written out of history to prevent them from muddying the theological waters.

AUS $39.99 NZ $45.00

Tobias’s investigation is based on a range of sources: the canonical evidence (Gospels and Epistles); apocryphal evidence, including the Gnostic gospels; and myths and legends about ‘heirs’, known as the Desposynoi, who either travelled to France or remained in Palestine centuries after Jesus. TOBIAS CHURTON is a writer, composer and filmmaker. He has a Master’s degree in Theology from Oxford, and is an Honorary Fellow of Exeter University.



NEW EDITION ISBN: 978-1-907486-10-4 PUBLICATION: July 2010

The Shining Ones

Civilization One

Philip Gardiner & Gary Osborn

Christopher Knight & Alan Butler

The story of the mysterious, ancient priesthood with a mission to preserve their secret knowledge to help humanity – but also control the development of the world

Astounding revelations about a hitherto unknown civilisation which predates the ancient Egyptians – with far-reaching implications, both historical and theological

‘The Shining Ones’ were members of an advanced culture that was almost lost – but their wisdom and their power survived. They preserved the secrets of their advanced knowledge in mythology and legend; and they embedded their secret codes in symbolism in art, architecture, the mystery traditions and literary works – including the Bible.

This is the amazing story of how a quest to try to crack the mystery of the Megalithic Yard led to the discovery of an unknown, highly advanced culture which was the precursor to the earliest known civilisations.

197 × 125mm / 352 pages 16pp colour plates Paperback / £8.99 AUS $24.99 NZ $29.00

ISBN: 978-1-907486-09-8 PUBLICATION: July 2010 197 × 125mm / 272 pages /

The authors have found traces of ‘The Shining Ones’ in all the major religions with roots in the ancient world. Gardiner and Osborn have discovered that their secrets and rituals have been hidden and preserved through the centuries, by the Knights Templar, the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons. This is an extraordinary story of intrigue and power play at a very human and political level. But it is also the revelation that ‘The Shining Ones’ had knowledge of deep spiritual truths. PHILIP GARDINER has spent the last sixteen years researching the history of science, religion and philosophy. GARY OSBORN has written widely on mysticism, esoteric traditions and human consciousness. Together with Philip Gardiner, he co-authored The Serpent Grail.




8pp colour plates Paperback / £8.99 AUS $19.99 NZ $25.00

Knight and Butler reveal the secrets of an extraordinary integrated measuring system which might have been lost to the world forever. Far more advanced than anything used today, it forms the basis of both the Imperial and Metric systems! These revelations go far beyond the discovery of a ‘super-science’ of prehistory: they indicate a grand plan with far-reaching theological ramifications! CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT invested seven years conducting research into the origins of Freemasonic rituals. His first book, The Hiram Key (1996), co-authored with Robert Lomas, has sold over a million copies worldwide. ALAN BUTLER, an engineer fascinated by history, also became an expert in astrology and astronomy. He has researched ancient cultures, pagan beliefs and comparative religion and has published four successful books on the Knights Templar and the Grail legend. (See also page 36.)



NEW ISBN: 978-1-907486-13-5 PUBLICATION: July 2010 197 × 125mm / 320 pages /

The Hiram Key Revisited

The Secret Founding of America

Christopher Knight & Alan Butler

Nicholas Hagger

The long-awaited sequel to international bestseller The Hiram Key delves into the origins of Freemasonry, the building of the modern world and a grand plan for a ‘new world order’

Dan Brown touches on this theme in The Lost Symbol – now you can discover the true story of the founding of America, its historical ties to Freemasonry and the battle for the New World

16pp colour plates Paperback / £8.99 AUS $19.99 NZ $25.00

ISBN: 978-1-906787-34-9 PUBLICATION: July 2010 216 × 135mm / 352 pages / 16pp colour plates

Dan Brown cast an intriguing light on the freemasons and their history in America in his bestselling novel The Lost Symbol. Can we continue to view Freemasonry as a benign and charitable men’s social club or do they have a deeper and perhaps darker purpose? Could these men be part of the ‘Illuminati’ – a group of intellectuals with an extremely grand plan for the development of civilisation? And if so, what is the grand plan that these men were so determined to bring about, and why should there have been such opposition to it? This dazzling story reveals that the building of the modern world was no haphazard process. There was a grand plan – and it has succeeded. The ‘New World Order’ is already here. CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT is the co-author of the international bestseller The Hiram Key (1996), co-authored with Robert Lomas. ALAN BUTLER, has published several successful books including The Knights Templar Revealed and The Goddess, the Grail and the Lodge. Together with Christopher Knight, he co-authored the bestselling Civilization One (see page 35).




The widely accepted story of the founding of America is that ‘The Mayflower’ delivered the first settlers from Plymouth to the New World in 1620. Yet thirteen years earlier, in 1607, the Jamestown settlers became the first English-speaking outpost to survive. The Secret Founding of America introduces these two groups of founders – the Planting Fathers, who established the earliest settlements along essentially Christian lines; and the Founding Fathers, who unified the colonies with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution – and argues that the new nation, conceived in liberty, was the Freemasons’ first step towards a new world order.

Paperback / £9.99 AUS $24.99 NZ $29.00

NICHOLAS HAGGER has lectured at universities in Baghdad, Tokyo and Tripoli (Libya). He has written for the London Times and published more than 20 books of history, literature and philosophy, including a study of the founding, rise and fall of civilisations. He has appeared frequently on TV and radio and in newspapers, speaking on the founding of America. For seven years he owned the house in Suffolk where the Jamestown settlement is thought to have been planned.



NEW ISBN: 978-1-906787-92-9 PUBLICATION: January 2011

Organic Vegetable & Fruit Growing & Preserving Month by Month

The Wilderness Survival Guide

Alan & Jackie Gear

Joe O’Leary

Simply the best book you can read on growing, storing and preserving organic fruit and vegetables – from the country’s leading experts in organic gardening

A top survival skills teacher explains the techniques required in a genuine ‘wilderness survival situation’ – while at the same time showing you how to enhance any out-of-doors experience, from a walk in the country to an ambitious camping expedition

234 × 153mm / 288 pages / Line drawings & charts Paperback / £12.99 AUS $29.99 NZ $35.00

This organic kitchen garden manual enables first-time gardeners or green-fingered old hands to grow and eat wonderful fresh organic produce all year round. Information is presented in a clear, concise and logical way, including useful nutritional data that shows which fruit and vegetables contain the highest levels of disease-fighting phytochemicals. The book is packed with general advice on organic gardening practice, including choosing tools, planning the plot, selecting the best varieties, preparing the soil, combating pests and diseases, harvesting, and more. The book then goes ‘month by month’ to advise on what jobs to do when, along with a range of special features and insights, hints and tips. To help you with your planting selections there is an alphabetic ‘crop by crop’ section, listing 70 individual vegetables, fruits and herbs, each with information on sowing, planting, harvesting, pest control and the most reliable varieties. ALAN & JACKIE GEAR have been behind many significant national campaigns and events promoting organic gardening. With over 30 years’ experience behind them, they are directors of ‘Garden Organic’, Britain’s largest organic gardening organisation.



NEW ISBN: 978-1-907486-04-3 PUBLICATION: October 2010 197 × 130mm / 304 pages / 110 line illustrations Paperback / £12.99

Showing how most types of shelter, animal trap and firelighting technique are variations on a theme, Joe O’Leary keeps it simple and describes in straightforward steps what to do to make yourself safe and comfortable. Learn how to build a shelter that will really keep you warm, set a trap that will catch food, identify plants that will feed and nourish you, and build a fire that will light in all weathers.

AUS $29.99 NZ $35.00

Wilderness survival and bushcraft are thoroughly aspirational – even to incurable stay-at-homes. This book encourages the values of improvisation and self-reliance in extreme situations – a form of escapism enjoyed by most viewers of survival TV programmes. JOE O’LEARY has had a passion for spending time in wild places since he was a child. Eight years of military service developed these early experiences into useful skills, and after leaving the army, Joe continued learning the art of survival from some of the best bushcraft instructors in the UK. He now runs his own company, ‘Wilderness Survival Skills’, which teaches bushcraft at every level, from basic to advanced.



100 Journeys for the Spirit Travel to some of the most spiritual places on the planet with a collection of star authors including Michael Ondaatje, Alexander McCall Smith and Andrew Motion NEW ISBN: 978-1-907486-24-1 PUBLICATION: October 2010 248 × 215mm / 240 pages / 4-colour throughout Hardback / £18.99 AUS $45.00 NZ $50.00

From prehistoric Carnac in Brittany to Buddhist Borobodur in Java, from the giant medicine wheel at Bighorn, Wyoming, to the Confucian Temple of Heaven in Beijing, this book guides us around a hand-picked selection of 100 spiritually uplifting sites. Accompanying the superb photographs are evocative descriptions of each place, many from esteemed writers who share with us their personal responses in their own inimitable style. By immersing ourselves in those special places where landscape, art and spirit meet at a radiant intersection, we enlarge our perspective on life. FOREWORD BY: PICO IYER is a travel writer of whom The New Yorker said: ‘As a guide to far-flung places, Pico Iyer can hardly be surpassed.’ CONTRIBUTORS INCLUDE: Jan Morris is one of the world’s most celebrated and respected travel writers. She has written more than 30 books. Mark Tully is an esteemed journalist for the BBC and CNN, based in India. He is the author of several bestselling books. Alexander McCall Smith is a bestselling author of more than 60 books including The No 1. Ladies’ Detective Agency series. Andrew Motion is a celebrated poet, novelist and biographer. He was Poet Laureate of the UK from 1999 to 2009. Michael Ondaatje is the bestselling author of The English Patient, In the Skin of a Lion and Anil’s Ghost. Joseph Marshall III is a much-admired Native American historian, writer, teacher and actor.



NEW EDITION ISBN: 978-1-907486-20-3 PUBLICATION: August 2010

Learn to Sleep Well

Learn to Find Inner Peace

Chris Idzikowski

Mike George

Media sleep expert Chris Idzikowski offers an inspiring guide to improving the quality of your rest using proven strategies for getting to sleep and staying asleep

Achieve peace and tranquillity with a blend of philosophical reflection, intuitive spiritual wisdom and practical selfdevelopment, conveyed through clear, down-to-earth advice

Learn to Sleep Well is the indispensable ‘open sesame’ to the secrets of sleep. By showing us how to combat tiredness, insomnia, nightmares, snoring and children’s sleeping difficulties, and by using a wealth of practical exercises and techniques, including aromatherapy, meditation, massage and feng shui, renowned expert Chris Idzikowski sets us on a sure path to a good night’s sleep – leading to greater energy at home, at work and at play.

It is all too easy for us to become vulnerable to stress and frustration in our daily lives. This book shows that by paying attention to our spirit we can attain greater clarity and depth of thinking, greater self-understanding, self-esteem and self-confidence, and greater peace of mind. At the same time, we can begin to enjoy life more. With the help of insights, meditative exercises and visualisations adapted from various traditions around the world, the author presents a wealth of ways for us to shake off the burden of the ego, clear the anxieties that cloud our perceptions, and break free to a higher plane of personal fulfilment.

199 × 138mm / 160 pages / 4-colour throughout Paperback / £8.99 AUS $19.99 NZ $25.00

ISBN: 978-1-907486-21-0 PUBLICATION: August 2010 199 × 138mm / 160 pages /

PROFESSOR CHRIS IDZIKOWSKI is a leading expert on sleep-related disorders. Drawing on his 20 years’ experience, he has served as Chairman of the British Sleep Society and The Royal Society of Medicine Forum on sleep and its disorders. He has also sat on the boards of the Sleep Medicine Research Foundation, The European Sleep Research Society and the US Sleep Research Foundation.




4-colour throughout Paperback / £8.99 AUS $19.99 NZ $25.00

MIKE GEORGE is a bestselling author, spiritual teacher and management consultant. Using a unique blend of insight, wisdom and humour, he brings together three key strands of the 21st century – spiritual intelligence, leadership development and continuous ‘unlearning’. He makes frequent TV and radio appearances and his publications include the bestselling Learn to Relax (DBP) and 1001 Ways to Relax (Watkins; see page 29).



NEW EDITION ISBN: 978-1-907486-29-6

Healthy Living:


The Alcoholism & Addiction Cure

Karen Smith

Chris Prentiss

The ultimate practical, fully illustrated guide to giving an effective and enjoyable massage with confidence

The breakthrough 3-step program that helped to form the basis for the success of ‘Passages’, the world-renowned Addiction Cure Center founded by Chris Prentiss

PUBLICATION: January 2011 235 × 191mm / 144 pages / 4-colour throughout Paperback / £12.99 AUS $24.99 NZ $29.00

Massage is one of the oldest and most pleasurable relaxation techniques. By helping to increase circulation, dispel toxins, banish muscular tension and relieve stress, it plays an essential role in the holistic approach to health and well-being. Drawing upon Karen Smith’s extensive practical experience as masseuse, aromatherapist and reflexologist, each chapter covers a different theme. Learn how to use essential oils to rebalance emotional tension and create the right ambience; embark upon a voyage of discovery around the body; explore ways to conquer stress and alleviate mental tiredness; enjoy the sensual pleasures of water therapy; and understand the influence of the ‘sensual calendar’ on your emotional and physical well-being. With easy-to-follow step-bystep instructions and photo-sequences explaining the full repertoire of strokes and techniques, Massage is an accessible introduction to the language of the senses. KAREN SMITH is a qualified masseuse, aromatherapist and reflexologist who runs her own Pilates studio in London. Her books include Quick & Easy Pilates, The Easy Stretching Workbook and Live Better: Pilates (all for DBP).



NEW ISBN: 978-1-906787-82-0 PUBLICATION: September 2010 197 × 125mm / 352 pages

‘It isn’t true that once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic. We believe in a cure. How would you like to be treated by someone who thinks you are incurable? It’s not a disease. It’s a question of identifying the underlying problems.’ Chris Prentiss

Paperback / £9.99 AUS $24.99 NZ $29.00

For decades we’ve been hearing that alcoholism and addiction are incurable diseases, but Chris Prentiss demonstrates that the label of alcoholic or addict destroys the promise of full recovery. Thousands are being freed from the old, limiting paradigms by using the ground-breaking method spelled out in this revolutionary book. Here you will learn the three steps to permanent sobriety, the four causes of dependency, how your thoughts, emotions and beliefs are key factors in your recovery, how to stimulate your body’s self-healing potential and how to create a personalised, holistic treatment program to completely cure your dependency. CHRIS PRENTISS co-founded the ‘Passages Addiction Cure Center’ in Malibu, California; he is also the author of a dozen books on personal growth and has led personal empowerment workshops. The successful principles that evolved from his seminars are the foundations of his revolutionary program at Passages.




Pbk–128pp–£9.99 (AUS $24.95) 978-1-84483-655-0


Pbk–288pp–£10.99 (AUS $24.99) 978-1-84483-879-0

Pbk–288pp–£8.99 (AUS $19.99) 978-1-84483-788-5

Pbk–464pp–£9.99 (AUS $24.95) 978-1-84293-145-5

Pbk–320pp–£10.99 (AUS $29.95) 978-1-905857-20-3

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Pbk–160pp–£9.99 (AUS $19.99) 978-1-84483-885-1

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Pbk–720pp–£12.99 (AUS $34.95) 978-1-905857-40-1

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Pbk–240pp–£10.99 (AUS $29.99) 978-1-905857-99-9

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Pbk–384pp–£7.99 (AUS $24.95) 978-1-84483-376-4

Pbk–384pp–£7.99 (AUS $24.95) 978-1-84483-471-6

Pbk–256pp–£10.99 (AUS $19.95) 978-1-84293-133-2

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Hbk–256pp–£10.99 (AUS $29.95) 978-1-905857-38-8

Hbk–256pp–£12.99 (AUS $29.99) 978-1-906787-23-3

Pbk–160pp–£10.99 (AUS $29.95) 978-1-84483-014-5

Pbk–384pp–£7.99 (AUS $24.95) 978-1-84483-591-1

Pbk–160pp–£10.99 (AUS $29.95) 978-1-84483-003-9

• Pbk–160pp–£10.99 (AUS $29.95) 978-1-900131-21-6

Pbk–160pp–£7.99 (AUS $14.99) 978-1-84483-887-5

Hbk–160pp–£12.00 (AUS $24.99) 978-1-84483-831-8

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Hbk–160pp–£9.99 (AUS $24.95) 978-1-84483-296-5

Hbk–240pp–£12.00 (AUS $24.95) 978-1-84483-687-1

Pbk–384pp–£7.99 (AUS $24.95) 978-1-84483-298-9

• Pbk–160pp–£10.99 (AUS $29.95) 978-1-903296-46-2

Pbk–160pp–£8.99 (AUS $19.99) 978-1-84483-790-8

• Hbk–160pp–£9.99 (AUS $24.95) 978-1-84483-095-4

• Pbk–160pp–£10.99 (AUS $29.95) 978-1-84483-231-6

Pbk–160pp–£8.99 (AUS $19.99) 978-1-84483-791-5

Hbk–160pp–£9.99 (AUS $24.95) 978-1-84483-160-9

Hbk–256pp–£10.99 (AUS $24.95) 978-1-84483-184-5

Pbk–384pp–£7.99 (AUS $24.95) 978-1-84483-472-3

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Pbk–160pp–£7.99 (AUS $14.99) 978-1-84483-886-8

• Hbk–160pp–£9.99 (AUS $24.95) 978-1-84483-049-7


Pbk–160pp–£10.99 (AUS $24.95) 978-1-84483-248-4

Pbk–224pp–£10.99 (AUS $29.95) 978-1-905857-97-5


Hbk–160pp–£16.99 (AUS $39.95) 978-1-84483-229-3

Pbk–224pp–£10.99 (AUS $24.99) 978-1-906787-67-7

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• Pbk–184pp–£9.99 (AUS $24.95) 978-1-84483-018-3

Hbk–192pp–£6.99 (AUS $16.99) 978-1-84293-098-4

Hbk–192pp–£6.99 (AUS $16.99) 978-1-906787-03-5

Hbk–192pp–£6.99 (AUS $16.99) 978-1-905857-73-9

Hbk–192pp–£7.99 (AUS $16.99) 978-1-906787-26-4

Hbk–280pp–£6.99 (AUS $16.99) 978-1-84293-099-1

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Hbk–224pp–£7.99 (AUS $16.99) 978-1-906787-27-1

Hbk–224pp–£6.99 (AUS $16.99) 978-1-905857-74-6

Hbk–192pp–£6.99 (AUS $16.99) 978-1-84293-187-5

Hbk–224pp–£6.99 (AUS $16.99) 978-1-84293-096-0

Hbk–192pp–192pp–£7.99 (AUS $16.99) 978-1-906787-70-7

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Hbk–192pp–£6.99 (AUS $16.99) 978-1-905857-04-3

Hbk–192pp–£7.99 (AUS $16.99) 978-1-905857-03-6

Hbk–432pp–£6.99 (AUS $16.99) 978-1-84293-199-8

Hbk–232pp–£6.99 (AUS $16.99) 978-1-84293-189-9



Hbk–272pp–£19.99 (AUS $49.99) 978-1-84483-773-1

Hbk–272pp–£19.99 (AUS $49.99) 978-1-84483-455-6

Hbk–272pp–£19.99 (AUS $49.99) 978-1-84483-594-2

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Kit–£16.99 (AUS $39.99) 978-1-906787-69-1

Kit–£14.99 inc. VAT (AUS $39.95) 978-1-84293-194-3



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‘All things come out of the One and the One out of all things.’ H e r a c l i t u s ( c . 5 4 0 – c . 4 8 0 BC) Happiness is Living in the Moment – B a r b a r a A n n K i p f e r. Watkins November 2010

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