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--------Rude?-------You've heard everyone else's opinion about the French ... rude, obnoxious, disdainful, look down their nose at you as though you're a speck of dust. [Well ok, maybe not THAT bad :-) ] I've heard it over and over no matter which country I've been visiting or where I happened to be living at the time, and I have to tell you - the French are MISUNDERSTOOD. Yep, that's right. I said it out loud. I have lived in Paris and have French friends, and once I started to understand the culture I started to understand the French. What we perceive as rude behaviour in cafes and restaurants, shops etc, is simply this - the French are a fiercely proud race. And aren't we all? In our own countries, don't we have pride too? So - what's the difference? How can we overcome this misconception? I've got 5 tips to help you understand how to learn to embrace the French and their culture, rather than be narrow-minded and have preconceived ideas about a whole nation without taking the time to get to know them or their customs. ---------1--------Learn a few words in FRENCH

There. I've said it. The simplest thing in the world. Learn a few words and phrases and make a tiny effort, and you'll be amazed at the response. Start off with Hello, Goodbye, Thank you, You're welcome, See you soon ... get the idea? Bonjour! Au revoir. Merci De rien! A bientot! Bonjour, je m'appelle ... Hello, my name is ... ---------2--------Monkey see, monkey do Watch how the French behave when they enter a store - any store - and when they leave. They say BONJOUR to the men and women already in the store, which shows politesse, is appreciated by all, and is customary. Customary, you say? Yes! When in another country, follow some basic customs and show respect, and you'll receive the same in return. The French people also say goodbye to everyone as they leave a store. It's expected, and if you follow suit, even stumbling over what to say, at least you will have made an effort. Trust me - it will be noticed AND appreciated. For easy to understand steps on how and what to say, please visit my website ---------3--------If I YELL, will you understand English??? Oh boy - this is a biggie. In all my years of travelling, I'm constantly amazed when I see foreigners who speak loud enough to be yelling, trying to get a local person to UNDERSTAND what they're saying. HELLOOOOOO!!! Yelling doesn't mean you're a language translator. I know that's a shock, but it's true. :-)

I don't know where or how or why this ever started, but it continues worldwide. Don't yell in English to a foreigner who doesn't seem to understand what you're saying. Pull out your phrase book instead and have a go at speaking French. You might be pleasantly surprised when the other person tries to communicate more willingly. ---------4--------Thank you! THANK YOU! Merci! Merci beaucoup! Saying PLEASE and THANK YOU is important in all languages, no matter where you are. It's no different in France. "Please ..." = "S'il vous plait ..." [pronounce as Seel voo play] "Thank you." = "Merci." [pronounce as Mare-see] "Thank you very much!" = "Merci beaucoup!" Even if this is ALL you say, say it a LOT. ---------5--------Smiling, scowling or indifferent? I'm a happy person - I talk to strangers EVERYwhere, I do, because I like to. Not everyone is the same, and just because you're bubbling with enthusiasm when you're in Paris, don't expect everyone else to be as happy or gushy as you. In my experience French people are more reserved than in the USA or Australiia, and do not necessarily want to smile at beaming strangers. Use your judgement here ... if you learn a few words of French and can say it's a beautiful day, you'll have more chance of getting a smile or a response than just beaming a great big smile. Please don't be offended if people do not always smile back at you - think about your own town or city or village ... not everyone's exactly the same, with the same personality, are they? If you treat people with respect and courtesy, you'll receive it in return.

Need more help? I've written more on my website - do pop over and have a read at Make your stay in Paris be one of adventure and wide-eyed excitement, try to learn about France and the French, immerse yourself in the culture a little bit, and the smallest effort will be rewarded. Honest. Enjoy your trip! Post a comment on my website if you'd like to. Ciao for now - I'm heading out to buy a baguette and some camembert cheese ... au revoir! Teena --------end--------

2007 Š Teena Hughes is an Australian who has lived in Paris and loves all things French. Teena's friends roll their eyes when she speaks in a fake French accent like Pepe le Pew. Teena's website is a warm and entertaining place to visit, seen through the eyes of someone who loves Paris.

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==== ==== Do you need to learn French , but just keep putting it off? All types of people learn French every day. To find out how EASY it really is to learn the French language CLICK the link below. ==== ====

French Culture - Rude Or Just Misunderstood  

Do you need to learn French, but just keep putting it off? All types of people learn French every day. Find out how EASY it really is to le...

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